Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Trendy Tabby Tuesday...

While Teri says Disco is Sweet Potato color, he is really called Red. He has a few 'ghost' stripes on his legs, which sometimes just look like dirt, hahameow!

Coco is a Brown Patched Tabby, which is kind of like a Tortie with stripes...

Brighton is a Cream and White, but even his tail has a few stripey rings on it, too.

So there's the Tabby part of Tuesday...Here's the Trendy part!

For Coco...Her custom made 'Love Hurts' Harness Dress from FooFooFido

For Brighton, his custom made 'Surfer Dude' Harness from FooFooFido

All to coordinate on the Cat Walk with Disco's Vintage Tattoo Harness from FooFooFido!


  1. Those are sum cool harnesses! It is only fitting that Disco is a yummy food color since Mommy wants to eat him up!

  2. Cool harnesses! Our mom better not get any ideas!

  3. Call my human crazy ('cause she is), but sometimes when she sees Coco's wardrobe (like today), she wishes somebody made them in her size! She loves that dress/ harness. She would totally wear it with black tights and boots.

  4. Hahaha! I love the dresses and all photos!

  5. I love the "sweet potato" color and the harnesses! I have entertained the notion of a harness for Sissy to take little visits outside. Jenna is too nervous to go out.

  6. DOOD, your harnesses look VERY trendy! MOL, mama didn't knwo sweet potato is a color! We're so glad Disco's IBD is settling down and he has the zoomies again!

  7. These pretty kitties have a much better wardrobe than me!!


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