Thursday, June 23, 2011

Who's Going to Blog Paws?

We are! Well, at least Disco and Brighton and Teri are! One knows how tempurrmental Girlcats can be, and Teri's not sure if they will be 'In the Mood' for schmoozing, so our furrends will have to make do with... Flat Coco and Flat Kiki.

And Sammy, well he has led a kind of quiet life as a former Daddycat and he might not care for all the crowds, so Flat Sammy will stand in for him...Guess what, there is even a Blog Paws seminar on How to Make a Flat Pet!

Teri is making up little 'Swag Bags' for the bloggers we know who will be there, just like she did when we went to BlogPaws in Ohio in April last year. But this year, we follow some bloggers we didn't know back then and Teri's having a hard time figuring out who's going to be there that we know.

She jots it down when she sees the 'I'm Going to BlogPaws' badge on blogs, and she was hopeful that the 'RSVP' list on the BlogPaws Community site would help her out too, but it looks like maybe people who are going haven't joined the Community or maybe don't know about this RSVP list, so here's a link to it:

So far, the names Teri has jotted down are:

Teri's outfits

Disco and Brighton's Outfits

The cats 'Swag'

Furrends & Flat Skeezix!

It was great being around people who truly cared about animals and wanted to 'Be the Change', just as it is to be a 'member' of the Cat Blogosphere and feel the Love, and being at BlogPaws only makes it better as we get to meet paw-to-paw and give real hugs and head bonks instead of virtual ones!

If any of our fellow bloggers are going, please let us know and we look forward to seeing you there!


  1. My human is going (I am staying home), so she will definitely see you there! This and the Cat Writer's Conference are the two conferences she is the most excited about attending this year!

  2. Disco and Brighton's outfits are just adorable!! Enjoy your conference! Take care

  3. Oh how cool! You are going to the Blog Paws! We can't go but would love to see the report!!
    Have a fun time!

  4. My Dad is going but I'm not sure if Flat Brian is going or not!

  5. You are lucky to be going. This was just a little out of our price range and although the Woman had hoped to be a speaker on WordPress she was not chosen so she decided she couldn't afford the trip. Oh well!

  6. Yeowza!
    Your Mommy looks like her and some of yous will have a great time. Me is not going...Not that me would not want to, but Mommy and Daddy is too busy in the summer to go.
    Me don't think that's fair and but me do like my TUNA!
    You can stike us off the list, but do remember, me will be celebrating my 200th blog and 1 year of blogging this summer and me is having a pawty with presents (More details later)!

  7. That sounds like it's going to be a lot of fun! Have a great time, everyone!

  8. Mom is sad that she won't be there this year. We let her leave us to go to BlogPaws in Denver last year...and she had a blast with flat little me. Sigh. She would love to see it come to the west coast!

  9. I'm thinking about it because it is close. But the purpose seems to be monetarizing the blog, and that isn't my thing.

    Are there just social meetings? I would LOVE to just meet some the of the bloggers I know...


  10. Mom and Dad are both going this year! We don't like crowds ourselves, so we will send photos in our place. Not sure if we can convince Mom to make a Flat Cat for each of the 7 of us though! We are looking forward to seeing you again!!

    Mom has been thinking that we should post a survey on the CB site to ask who is going so we can organize a get-together. Like maybe a dinner or breakfast gathering? After all, we gotta eat! Whattya think?

    Our grandpawrents live in Rockville MD, so Mom & Dad will be visiting with them after the conference is over.

    Padre, Panda Bear, Meerkat, Cookie, Caramel, Sunny, and Sky

  11. Blog Paws sounds like lots of fun meeting other bloggers. Mum wishes she could go. We told her to teleport but she doesn't think it works for Humans.

  12. hmmm, Blog Paws sounds really interesting. to be honest, i'm really surprised that such an event exists! wish i could go. :(

  13. I found your blog from BlogPaws Blog Hop. I just wanted to say hi!

  14. I'll be there!! I think all my pets would love to join me, but I thought I would take my oldest dog Ricochet. Can't wait to meet everyone!

  15. Terri- Thanks SO MUCH for doing this...I will leave comments on the sites of the folks you have listed. I have been pretty remiss in not being the BEST blog commenter in the blogosphere. I have LOTS going on PURRsonally as well as keepimg up with my activities as a Zoo Docent and a grandma- to human kitties... I bookmarked some of the sites you listed and I will comment and hopefully get to know more folks over the next 5 weeks!!! Thanks you are a GEM!

  16. I'll be there, and I'm looking forward to seeing you there! I can't believe it's only five weeks away.


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