Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Third Annual International Box Day...we almost missed it!

Box Day...what a great reason to celebrate and have a day off?...No, we think that's Boxing Day in England.

We especially like boxes that the guy in brown shorts brings...

Here's Disco...hoping for a case of Nulo, hahameow!

Kittens in a mini box fort and Brighton kinda bummed he won't fit inside!

Brinkley, one of Curlz & Swirlz extended family, thinking of a trip back to his birth home?

We kitties here at Curlz and Swirlz have been known to party in a box or two or four!

our 'condo' of Catty Stacks

But we think the very best box(s) belong to Pierro and Miles...check out what we mean! It's the third wonder of the world and certainly worthy of an International Box Day trophy!


  1. I love Pierro and Miles' box fort too - it is truly amazing!

  2. We are very jealous of that box fort of Pierro and Miles! They are so lucky.

  3. You all look so cute in your boxes. Pierro and Miles' box fort is amazing. Hugs and nose kisses

  4. You have fantastic boxes! We get boxes usually only at Christmas time...How deprived is that?

    You're right, though: Pierro and Miles have THE BEST BOXES EVER!

  5. Oh wow!!!!!! Happy International Box Day!! Yay for gorgeous kitties in boxes! Me and Charlie think today should be a holiday for everyone!!

    Pierro and Miles' box house/tree is a work of art! Take care

  6. Nice boxes! I like the Nulo box :) Happy Box Day! :)

  7. The catty stacks are pretty awesome - gonna have to send mom out to hunt for some. And we LOVE the box fort...don't think we are going to get one of those. :)

  8. Happy IBD everyone, y'all are looking might fine!

  9. Pierro and Miles box fort is great, but we like your boxes too.

  10. The fort boxes look amazing! But we think we like our boxes simple. :)

    Love, Cosmo and Ling

  11. We like yer stacked boxes! We like Pierro & Miles Box Fort too. We collected some boxes, but TBT hasnt put them together yet...

  12. i enjoyed the photos. :) and my jaw practically hit the floor when i saw Pierro & Miles' boxfort!


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