Saturday, February 19, 2011

Caturday Saturday!

Cheddar has gained about 14 grams each day since Thursday and now weighs in at 128 grams, so in the 10 days since he was born, he finally doubled his birth weight...a little slow but he did it! Beefy Colby now weighs 207 grams!

And while we watch the kitten gain weight, Disco is still dieting and has lost 4 ounces in the past month and is looking good at 14# 11 oz...2# to go and at an average of 4 oz a month he will be ready for 'bathing suit weather' this summer, hahameow!

And here's some pix of Disco and Brighton sporting their new baseball caps! They will be stylin' at Blog Paws in August!

We are excited about
Blog Paws being in the DC area this year! The conference is inspiring, the hotel sumptuous and the camaraderie uplifting! Teri thought about just running back and forth each day as it's only an hour away, but then decided to kind of make it a mini-vacation and stay at the hotel, The Tysons Sheraton Premiere, and live it up a little!

Truth be told, it was because Disco and Brighton are attending, too, and she wanted them to have a nice place to 'chill' while she was in a seminar (though they attended all of them last year) or out to lunch and dinner! And that way, their adoring fans can see more of them, too! Here's a couple of pix from last years Blog Paws...

In fact, Teri reserved a room with 2 double beds, and if anyone is attending that might want to share a room and split the cost, Teri would be open to that (and you'd get to sleep with 'The Boys', hahameow!)

It's a bee-u-tiful Caturday here, windy but blue skies and 60 degrees. We had visitors come over this afternoon to visit the kittens (Cary and Russ are adopting one of the Banditos) and Teri did a little yard work and tomorrow--3 hours on the basement!!

Here's the latest photos of the babies and a little video, too...

Colby ^

Cheddar ^

Cary and Cheddar ^

and the Cheeto brothers chowing down!


  1. Colby and Cheddar are looking great! And yay on weight gain!!!

    YAY Disco for the weight loss! you can do it!

    I keep thinking how fun it would be to go to Blog Paws but I don't think I'll be able to afford it. I'm going to a convention in June in Nashville and I think I'll have blown all my money and be too poor to do it.

    Your photos make me want to go though lol

    Melissa mom to Gabriel and Darcy at Awaiting Angel

  2. Oh My mY MY my MY! Mr. D you are looking maaaahhhvellous dahling! I prefer you sans hat so I can gaze into those beautiful eyes and that lovely face!!!

    Awesome that the bandito boyz is growin right along!

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan

  3. thaaaat is the cutiest movie ever. Mommie Coco is such a purring sweetflower.

    We hope you had a nice birthday Missie CurlieTeri. This is the last year you will be 5 so next year you will be 6 and I heard that is the best ever!! --even if you get alzheimers -- you won't know and that will be happy anyway.

    We are sending extra gentlesqueezyhugs to you. this is a difficult time for you, we know that sorrow. It is good to surround yourself with true friends, they can hold you up even when you don't think you need it.

    bonks and bronkies from both of us wrestling trampling tigers on the Clover Meadow


  4. ps: our word verification was


    just thought you might like to know

  5. How exciting that your person gets to go to blogpaws!

  6. My mom person is going to BlogPaws too! I don't think I get to go though! Not fair at all.

    My boys Jack is going with her or she'd be interested in sharing a room.

    My mom person will try to find you there!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  7. The kittens are adorable! It'll be fun to see them grow!

  8. Yay, things are going in the right direction, weight-wise for both kitten AND Disco! My human says that, from experience, unless the hotel is 20 minutes away or less DURING RUSH HOUR, it is better to stay at the hotel where a conference is being held, otherwise you risk burning yourself out. So you are smart to book a room there.

  9. Coco, your babies are just adorable! Disco, congratulations on the weight loss! Blog Paws sounds like so much fun. Our mommy wishes she could go.

  10. i hope Teri and the boys enjoy their stay at the hotel. :) must be cool for cats and humans to stay at a hotel together!

    congrats to Disco on the weight loss and to Cheddar on the weight gain. :)

    the kittens are so cute! :'(

  11. Oh my stars!! Awwwwwwwwwwww!!! Cheddar and Colby are just the best!! They are just gorgeous!! Yay for Cheddar - what a little fighter!! Awwww good for mum too!!

    LOL!!! Are those caps specially made for gorgeously slim Disco and adorable Brighton?!?! They're so sweeet!! Awwwww!!

    Me and Charlie hope you have a fantastic conference!! Looks great!! Take care

  12. Hurrah for Cheddar! The video of the tots at the milk bar is adorable.
    Mommy is hoping for Blogpaws to come to VEGAS!

  13. We are glad Cheddar is putting on weight now and Disco is still losing it.
    The video is the picture of contentment.

  14. Own! Your babies are so cute!!!!
    Lovely video. Thanks for share it.
    Kisses and hugs from Brazil

  15. Disco, U R lookin' FABULOUS! We are so proud of you!

  16. those babies. Tell Disco that maybe he could work out a system to "donate" some weight to the new kids. MOL

  17. hheee; That Woman here; had to come for my Cheetoh fix. The wee purrs from Coco are simply devine. :)

  18. Oh my gosh those little Cheetos are so sweet and what a devoted mama you are.
    I also want to wish you a nice and well deserved vacation at the Sheraton which looks Grand!!

  19. I'm pretty impressed with the basement upgrade. Having lived with rooms like that (still do sometimes) I know the feeling of accomplishment when whip the place into shape.
    The hardest part? What to do with the minutia :D


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