Sunday, February 6, 2011

Still Sunday...Still waiting...

Uneventful night, yay! Teri slept in til 10am so even with waking up every couple of hours, she feels rested. We got some pix and news from our 'extended family' and thought you'd enjoy seeing Jasper and Clover, too!

Hi Teri,

I hope you're doing well. I've been checking your blog regularly and it's exciting that Coco is almost due! I love kitten pictures. Everyone here is good. Nothing exciting to report. Jasper has managed not to eat any foreign objects lately and Clover is staying (for the most part) out of trouble. I am inspired by your house cleaning this weekend. I desperately need to get mine done today. I wanted to share some photos with you of the boys.

1. Clover sits on the railing and it really freaks me out because it's quite a drop to his left. He's so cute when he sits up there though! I think he's figured out he gets a treat when he perches. Because I will do anything to coax him down.

2. A few months ago we realized the cats really enjoy watching tv. This is a shot of Clover sitting on the couch watching his favorite show, Antiques Roadshow. (Jasper prefers nature shows and What not to Wear.)

3. Jasper cuddles up with James in his arms, and this is confirmed to be his absolute most favorite position to sleep in.

4. Jasper also enjoys sitting on James' shoulders. We call him a pirate kitty when he does this. He's very silly.


  1. Your cats, all cats, are so funny...thanks for coming to my blog and catching up on several months worth of posts it seems! Very sweet of you to do and leave so many fun comments. Hugs from me and Henry V.

  2. Ooohhh Jasper! What a love! How could you not do anything but smother that gorgeous thing with slobbery kisses & treats! And Clover is a beauty too!


    Ms. Stella O'Houligan

  3. Clover and Jasper are two very nice boys. Jasper looks like Miles' cousin, no doubt about that.
    Clover is a very handsome tuxie. Mom loves tuxies because they are always dressed perfectly. That is probably why only Jasper needs to watch "what not to wear"....

    Mommie Coco, you are on our minds and we are purring for you and your babies. We hope they pop out soon, and hopefully at a convenient time for all important and necessary parties.

    Missie CurlyTeri, it is always good to get the latest news on the homefront, and other family members far and wide.

    Have a bonkful Sunday. Mom is helping us with our Monday blog right now!!

    stay warm kitties!

  4. Such fun cats. WE are waiting to hear too!

  5. Awww beautiful Jasper and Clover!!! Great to meet you!!!

    Hugs to Coco!!! Awwww she's looking ever so lovely! Take care

  6. Jasper and Clover are so cute with the dangerous perching and the sitting positions!

    The Big Thing

  7. Those are sweet pictures of the kitties. Kitty Yumbum used to sit on mum's shoulder and she called her 'Parrot Cat' when she did it. I sit on mum's shoulder too and she calls me 'Shoulder Cat'. Luckily Eric doesn't try too or she would end up lopsided.

  8. What handsome cats! Love to give them a cuddle.

    Thanks for your kind words. Au is eating a little several times a day so I'm crossing paws he's getting better.

  9. Oh my, how very cute! I think I would worry about that drop too!!!

  10. oOoOo, what a great update! :D wonderful photos! reminds me a little of Fae. :)

  11. Jasper and Clover look as though they are great fun to be around. Mum loved all their pictures and laughed at the shoulder picture and gasped with the stair rail one!!
    We hope Mommie Coco will be having her babies soon - she must be getting well ready to pop!!
    Thanks for your comment about our header - no mum didn't make it - she has absolutely no talent for anything artistic. Sammy and Andy's mom did it for her - she trawled through our blog pictures and chose this one from a day when we had decided to go to the supermarket with mom!!
    luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  12. Oh my goodness, is that really Jasper and Clover?!?!?! They have grown so big, and are absolutely GORGEOUS!!
    Soft purrs to Coco. What exciting days that are ahead :)

  13. What a great update. Our fosters have taken to sitting on mom like Jasper sits on his dad.

    Paws crossed for Coco.

  14. Oh I love seeing these precious pictures! What a joy.


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