Friday, February 18, 2011

Annual PurrFurMance Review 2011

Truth revealed...No lying! (Napping permitted)

You know that term, 'Herding Cats'? Well, trying to get five cats to attend a meeting and come to a consensus takes more than a last minute 'Hey, it's the 18th!' But it's not us that are purrcrastinors, it's the Purrson! So, without further delay, here's our Purr-Furr-mance Review of CurlySwirly Teri for 2011!

1.) Quantity of Output: Has your Purrson posted to your blog daily to give you maximum exposure worldwide and make you famous?


Teri doesn't post to our blog daily. We see there were 191 posts in 365 days. She tries to scoot by when she posts cute pix, but that doesn't cut the stinky goodness in our opinion!

2.) Quality of Output: Are you satisfied with your Purrsons photos, words: the creativity, imagination, truth, fun and general interest in your postings?


Teri does take good photos, and the videos while lacking in imagination, are fun, too (except when she catches us in compromising positions, ie: Disco's Lardiness shots). We get lots of compliments and comments on the photos and when she DOES take the time to compose newsy posts.

3.) Client Pawticipation: Does your Purrson provide sufficient ways for your fans to contact you and for you to contact them?


Our fans are the Best! They get 4 PAWS! We had 2,835 comments on our 191 posts in 2010! In spite of Teri's mediocre purrfurmance with newsy posts, they keep following us and leaving nice they haven't given up on her either! As to us being able to contact our fans?? Well, she is always behind, it takes her a month to roll down our blogroll and visit all our fans and she whines that it's her 2nd job! Well, Yes!! It is and her performance in this area is 'in the litterbox' as far as we're concerned and she gets 2 SWATS for that! We guess 2 SWATS and 4 PAWS = 2 PAWS...but we're kinda feeling sorry for her about now, aren't you?

4.) Pawticipation (Part II): Does your Purrson allow you to take part in fun blog world special events, parties, contests and more?

LOW, TWO SWATS (Only because there wasn't a THREE SWAT RATING!)

Just as in 2009, Teri still hasn't 'taken us out on the town' to get involved with special events, parties and contests! She was warned last year and showed no improvement whatsoever in 2010! And she wonders why we get bored? She talks about the importance of "Environmental Stimulation" for cats, but then we rarely get to get stimulated at House Wreckings, Birthday Parties or in Contests with Purrizes! That being mewed, we have had an excellent time with Auction fun!

5.) Client Satisfaction: Are your friends purringly contented with what they see and read on your blog?


We think our furrends are sweet and tactful when they mew satisfaction for our blog. BUT, we do hear they are disappointed when there isn't a new post every day, as we are! Teri says she is going to strive to improve in this area this year as she SAYS she'll have more time once the babies all leave home and we are all 'fixed'! That being said, all of us are MUCHO satisfied with the blogs we follow and visit and give FOUR PAWS to almost everyone!

Overall Rating: MEDIUM--TWO & 1/4 PAWS (that's 2 adult and 1 kitten paw)

Our Teri tries and that counts for something! She says she will do a better job when she retires, but we wonder if she will be too old then? She already has silver hair and wrinkles, so we hope she's not got cataracts by then and fingers stiff with Arthritis...then who knows, Alzheimers could set in!

She gives us a nice home, a wide array of napping spots, wonderful massages, and keeps trying to find new favorite foodies. We give her high ratings for the love and affection and care she gives us.

On the negative rating side, she needs to write mews on our blog more, and we don't get to go anywhere much, and she should let us go to more parties and festivals!


  1. HaHaHA! Two adult and one kitten paw! WE LOVE IT!!!! We think that Teri has done a great job in circumstances that have not always been easy, so we send her a few purrs in addition to the ones we always send you guys!

    The Chans

  2. We think your blog is pretty darn nice so we will add in 5 more paws from all of us!

  3. Well, we love coming and readin all the nice long posts that Teri writes for y'all to catch us up on the news...we say 4 paws up!

    Say, is cutting the stinky goodness as bad as cutting the cheese? ha ha meow!

  4. Yay, at least she passed!
    Miles and I know that Missie Curlie Teri has been very busy.
    have a perfectly bonkful week-end!!

  5. Well, from yer rating of 2 and 1/4 paws, it is clear that Teri could have done much better in 2010!

  6. Awwwww as relatively newcomers to your blog me and Charlie are very happy with the way mum Terri runs your blog!! You guys and gals did brilliantly with the form!! :-) Take care

  7. I am adding 2 paws! I can because I didn't give my mommy any at all.

  8. We think your mum does very well, but we wouldn't tell her that or she may start slacking.

  9. Yeah, what is it going to take to get your human to let you out to parties?! You guys are totally missing out!

  10. Well, we think your mom does a great job...I mean everytime we read the words hahameow! we think of your mom.

    4 paws up x 10

    Purrs, Cory and family

  11. Oh folks! I guess she didn't bribe you with Num-Nums in exchange for a good review,huh? Theese is what happened at my house...I totally agree that you should get out to all theese parties though! (But we really likes your blog and thinks Teri does a great job plus you folks are all really cute! So I'z gonna transfer some of our 4 PAWS ratings over to her...)

  12. We love you all and we love your blog so we think you should have all high points. Hugs and nose kisses

  13. Hmm....I wonder what would happen if purrsons rated kitty purrformance of cat-jobs....

  14. A little harsh but I'm sure you know best. Got to keep em striving for better purformance. We like you blog though.

  15. i think Teri does an especially great job. you guys really do need to go easier on her. :)


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