Friday, February 25, 2011

Caterday (and Kitterday) Saturday!

It's been a week since we posted anything! But we are through the T's on our blogroll visiting...some things get done, some slide.

Teri worked for 3 hours in the basement last Sunday and made some headway! One corner went from this:

to this:

Tomorrow she is going to work on the bookshelves and maybe vacuum, so it doesn't feel so gritty down there, and gather up 3 more boxes of stuff to donate to

We know you are all awaiting a kitten update, and great news there, too! Little Cheddar (Teri loves calling him 'Cheddah', hahameow) is up to 206 grams today and gaining 10-14 grams a day now. Brawny Colby Jack is 297 grams now...They're the Cheesiest!

Their eyes are open and they are looking at Teri when she talks to them. They can now regulate their own body temperature, and so Teri took the flannel sheet off the tent so they can get more light and begin to interact a bit with the 'cats outside the tent'.

When Teri is up in the bedroom, on the laptop or watching TV, she pulls the kitten box out of the tent and puts it next to her so she can coo over them and we get to sniff 'em, too.

They might not look like they are growing much from their photos, but they are! Here are some pix taken last Saturday when Cary came to visit--they were 128 and 207 grams then:

and taken yesterday...

And, Disco has been clawing at Teri's pantleg the whole time she's been typing, saying something that sounds like without further chit-chat...

And not to be forgotten, the other 'macho mancat', TomTom, hissing at her outside his new feeding station. Teri cracked the first one she made when she was cutting the entrance hole and it bugged her.

So when she saw this box on sale at Staples yesterday, so got it. She decided not to put the mat inside as he never 'stays long' and it often smelled like pee, so now she can just rinse out the box if he marks it (it may have been raccoon musk, who knows what they smell like...)


  1. Wow! She certainly got a lot done at the house!

  2. Aww, such sweet baby faces. :-)

    Huge congrats to Teri for cleaning up in the basement. Doesn't it feel great? Well, the human says it does, we'll take her word for it.

    TomTom looks like he was giving Teri the "what for," with that hissing. The stray/semi-feral our human feeds now waits on her doorstep every morning and tells her in no uncertain terms--and at full volume--what he thinks of her tardiness. :-P

  3. ZOMC! those babies!!! That Woman is has all leaky eyes & she keeps making these weird mewling noises; I can't see the screen for her incessant ogling of babies!!! WOMAN! GET OUTTA HERE! MY TURN!!!

    Oh My My My My My.... *printer going like mad in the background* YEEEESssssss; these will make fine additions to my collection. Now I can make giant prints for over my bed! MMmmmHHhhMMMMmmmmmmm!!!

    aw jeez Woman, get over it!

    "Stella! MY turn!!! BEBEE KITTEH photos are the best you HARLOT!" *shoves Ms. Stella off the desk*

    (heard in the background growing fainter) 'whatever freak! I'm off to get my photos off the printer... ppphhhhbbbbtttt!!!'

    **Oh, sorry y'all had to witness our little struggle. We're fine. really, We can stop anytime. Anytime at all


  4. You sure have been busy! Those little ones are so cute!

  5. You really need to issue some sort of "Squee warning" when you post so many kitten pictures. Mommy nearly fainted from all the cuteness. The kittens (and all of the cats) are absolutely precious. We're so glad TomTom is using his feeding station. We put out similar shelters for our ferals and they really appreciate having a shelter to protect them from rain when they snack.

  6. Teri did a pawsome job on the basement! OUr mom says she can come over here any time! :-)

    MOL at Cheddah! Love the name Cheddar and the little ones are adorable! Purrs,

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie

  7. NICE update! Wow, so... where did your mom put all of the stuffs??? under the bed? oh yeah, the donation box. Yay!
    The basement sparkles and looks ready for a dance party!

    The kitten boys are soooo sooo cute. Oh my
    Uncle Diskers looks handsome as always

    bonks and hugs to the whole fuzzycurly family!

  8. Yer Mom has been BUSY! An doin good werk at the house.

    We LOVE the kitten pictures, they are so cute...

  9. They are so small to have so much cute in them!!

  10. It would take WAY more than 3 hours for my human to clear up the mess in her office! I am glad that both kittens are doing well now!

  11. omg the lil eyes and lil ears-- CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTE!! i can see they're getting bigger. :))

    congrats on getting so much done in the basement! it's really starting to look a LOT better. :)

  12. Yay for Teri!! That basement's transformation is amazing!! So good for her!!!

    Awwwwww mega AWWWWWWWWWWWW for sweet Cheddar and gorgeous Colby!! Awwww they are so so so so so super cute!!

    Great to see fantastic TomTom looking very mancatly - thanks for looking out for him!

    Take care

  13. Hi terri long time no see.I once in a while visit some favorite blogs on blogger.Those kitten are adorableeeeeee to cute!I hope you and the kitties have a lovely spring.becky

  14. If you feel at a loose end when you're all done with your tidying Teri mum says you could come and do some stuff for her!!!
    The babies look so cute - they are growing so much now - we can really notice it.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  15. Wow! You have worked hard in the basement. It looks really good now. The babies are growing well and can definitely see the difference now.

  16. The cleaning job is stupendous! I know you have to feel 10 feet tall getting all of that done.

    The babies are absolutely fallin' down adorable and precious. I have an awful case of kitten fever!Yer killing me.

    Stella and THAT WOMAN's discourse had me in stitches. Sounds like an all female home. :-) And it sounds like Stella O' Houligan too!!!

  17. Well this just MADE my Monday. Pictures of kitties, and a Marlon Brando imitation. Doesnt get any better.


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