Saturday, July 24, 2010

Saturday Caturday!

OhMyCat, this posting once a week sure makes me think of the week in review! This time last Saturday, I was on baby watch, and 1 week later, I am happy to let everyone know that Spottie and Dottie are thriving and have more than doubled their birth weight, just as they are supposed to.

Spottie weighed 83 grams at birth (just under 3 oz) and today is 161 grams. And Dottie weighed 66 grams (just over 2 oz) at birth and she is 142 grams now (more than double and that's good as she was sooo small at birth). Kittens should weigh between 80-100 grams at birth though most CRex are between 80-90 grams. Here's a few more photos and a movie for your viewing pleasure (squees from the audience!)

Brighton is doing great, too! I've taken away the empty litterbox as he wasn't using it any longer, and he is being weaned off the valium now as he is exhibiting normal litterbox habits. Luckily he loves his 'treats--shh, they are really medicines--and he will stay on them for their anti-inflammatory effects.

He is on VetriScience Nu-Cat Soft Chews Vitamins, VetriScience UT Strength Everyday Soft Chews and VetriScience Glyco-Flex II Soft Chews , and of course, all canned food to increase his water intake. I am still anxious about a reoccurance of his urinary blockage, but I am doing everything I can to ward that off! Brighton loves these Chews, and we all know how picky cats can be about 'treats'.

Here's a link to info about these products CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO

You all remember Bebe? She continues to be a 'good girl' here with no 'out of box' occurances in the 3 months I have been 'rehabbing' her and I know many of you wrote to me asking me not to let her go back to the home she was in, as the husband didn't bond with her and her peeing began when they kept her out of their bedroom at night.

She was her lady's cat first, before she got married and then she had to share her affections. And the lady really misses her a lot, as does Keebles, the other Cornish Rex (actually, her mother) I am going to let her go back to her home there to see if she will be happy. I know she WILL let us know if she is not (in fact, Keebles recently peed by the closed bedroom door too and so I know she misses Bebes, too!).

I know the whole issue is not that they can't sleep with their owners, as some of my cats in their homes don't have access to their humans beds either and they aren't showing us their displeasure in 'inappropriate' ways.

I know cats who have been very 'bad' in one home, can be happy in anothr, so I have 2 homes lined up for Bebes (and Keebles if need be) if they continue to show us they are unhappy by peeing outside the litterbox. I will be sure to keep you all updated on how they are doing, OK.

I am still trying to trap TomTom, but he is very wise and wiley! I should contact a couple of groups that do TNR to see if they could come out with a drop trap, as we might be able to get him that way.

I did trap my first raccoon the other night but it looked like a youngster and didn't get too riled up at being trapped and I was able to get the trap door unlatched (wearing leather gloves as I didn't want to get bitten or scratched) and he/she figured out the rest and let itself out of the cage with me safe inside the house watching...

I see Mama Katz from time to time too and she looks fine. I'd love to see how her spay incision healed, but that ain't gonna happen so I just have to hope her good attitude shows that she is healed up and feeling fine! The other great news is that her kittens have all found furrever homes!

Yes! One of our favorite clients at the cat hospital where I work took over their 'fostering' and someone contacted a friend of hers from
CATS ARE TOPS, as they had adopted from them before and Lydia pointed them in Carol's direction and they came out for a visit to meet the kittens and took the little girl with the injured leg!

Then a friend of theirs contacted Carol and visited and they took the little boy with the wonky eye! And the other boy now lives with one of the staffs parents and so a very happy ending for the little kittens born in the wild in a pile of leaves...

Oh, and the little girls leg? With the help of homeopathy and physical therapy and tincture of time--she is using it normally now and has no signs it was ever injured. The holistic vet said she may have joint or back problems later in life due to the injury, but for now is romping and walking without symptoms or pain and that is amazing!

And the little boy with the eye problem--the holistic vet said he hadn't ever seen anything like the defect on his eye either, but the eye exam didn't show any problems that needed treatment for now, and his new owners were willing to take on possible special needs kitty who might need treatment for his eye later on, as he bonded right away with their son.

Thanks so much to Carol from KEVIN MEMORIAL FOUNDATION for her love and care of little Tiger Lily and her brothers. (oh, her name WAS Tilly but the animal communicator said that Tilly thought that name was silly and didn't like it and that she wanted to be called Tiger Lily! After all, she is stripy and orange like a tiger!).

Oh, and I almost forgot (see, in reviewing the week--it HAS been busy!)...remember Hiro, Coco's little black kitten--Mile's brother? Well, he never settled into his new home and that's only the second time that has happened in all the years I have been breeding Cornish Rex. He was constantly vocal, couldn't even settle to play with toys and after many conversations back and forth, watching videos of his anxious behavior and seeking the advice of a behaviorist at


we decided he needed the companionship of cats to satisfy his needs, so his sad new family brought him back to me.

He arrived back here at Furrydance on Tuesday and while he had left here over 6 weeks ago, he settled back in within a couple of days (oh, the hormonal ladycats of the house weren't too happy at first, but even they are ok with him now). Not once has he yowled or prowled, and he is playing with toys and with Brighton and Disco, too.

I have a family who have 2 cats from me, as well as a Sphynx and a Devon Rex and a young son too and he will be going to live with them next weekend. They couldn't be happier, as they were on my waiting list for a kitten and as you know, two of Coco's babies were stillborn and so their hopes were dashed when that this is a blessing in disguise for them.

Although Hiro's first family are very sad right now, as you can imagine, and they are trying to decide to adopt again, maybe next time trying a girl, as they are a bit more independant. Or maybe trying to adopt an adult Cornish Rex who is already mature and it's personality more settled? Or maybe going with a breed that isn't quite as intense and needy to fit their life best. I have been happy to help them in any way I can and appreciate the contacts and the knowledge I have gathered in my work as a vet tech, as it helps the cats in so many ways...

It's been fun watching Miles and Pierro together and see what great buddies they have become, making each others lives all the more meaningful with a friend to share it with! It's one of the highlights of my weekend to check in on them on Mon-Wed-Fri!

Pierro + Miles' Happy Place

And here's a cute photo of one of Miles brothers, Bosco...with his 'BFF', Bette Blu.

The vet I work for is away at the Cornell Feline Veterinary seminar so I got an extra day off work (a 4 day weekend!) and so I am catching up with visiting our bloggie friends and even though it's HOT! outside, laid some more stepping stones in the garden and planted some (dying) clover that needed to be put in the ground a few weeks ago when I bought the flat of red clover to hopefully have a 'mow-free' lawn but at least it was 50% off so if even 50% survive, I'll be happy!

Even with all the heat, the other new plantings have survived--a wisteria and a honeysuckle vine but I sure am wilted! I am going to make one more run through the local nurseries as everyone is having 50% off sales and might come home with a few more things--I'd love to have a hydrangea to replace the one lilac that isn't doing well in the shade and heck, I could use another cat statue or two...

Oh yeah, I gotta get back to working on that basement, too! My therapist says it's coloring every part of my life, and not in a good way! I have a friend coming over next weekend to help 'jump start' me again and I have cleaned off a spot on the couch for her to sit...that's a start!

(this is an old's worse now!)

And, last but not least...a friend sent me this good news this morning...
U.S. House Votes to Prohibit Sale and Distribution of Crush Videos's a step in the right direction!


  1. You are just my hero..and mommy's too. We both mean it.

    I loved reading about Brighton, and everyone else as well and I remember them does mommy. We read every word with interest, me 'n'her.

    A joy to read the blog and thank you again for all that you do.

  2. Oh look at those kits! It sounds like you are quite busy right now--WOW!

  3. We are glad the two kittens are doing well. It is good nes that Brighton is doing well too. It is sad that Hiro didn't settle in his new home. Hopefully he will get on better when he goes to the home that has other cats.

  4. That's a lot of news! Those kittens are so cute! We're so happy about Brighton! And we agree with Admiral, you are most certainly a hero for kitties!

  5. Lots going on there! We love those kitten pictures! Thank you for sharing!

  6. Teri, you have had a very busy week!...Great news about Coco's precious baby girls, but did you find out the reason for the stillbirths?...That was so sad; my Mommy Cat had a litter in my garage 9 years ago and her first (out of 4) was stillborn, it was breach and difficult for her, I had to help her get it out=I cried through the whole thing!...The video was sweet=Coco is an excellent Mommy!...So glad Brighton continues to improve and enjoys his "treats"; I know that makes life easier for both of you!...Best of luck to Bebe; I'm glad she will be reunited with her mother, Keebles...Good luck catching TomTom, glad Mama Katz is doing well and you still see her; it's great her kittens have found loving, forever homes!...Sorry to hear about Hiro, but wish him luck with his new family; it's funny how fate has a way of making things happen!...I adore Miles and Pierro=those gorgeous boys are awesome together, seem like they were made for each other!...Take care, Teri; all these kittens are so lucky to have you in their lives.

  7. Wow...your house sure is a busy place. The babies are adorable..sweet as can be. Glad Brighton is better too. Keep those baby pics coming.

  8. Oh my goodness, so much happening at your place! Coco is such a wonderful mommy. We will purr that Bebe has a successful reunion with her family.

  9. Wow. that's a lot of news! We were very sad to hear that 2 of the kits were stillborn, but very glad the Spottie and Dottier are doing well.

    We also love seeing Pierro and Miles together and marvel at how quickly they bonded!

  10. I just watched your video. The kittens are so cute. I miss having kittens. When we took Yaffa in, she was pregnant and gave birth to a litter of 4. Of which, we kept Sebastian. He's now handsomely full grown, but boy was he a cute kitten.
    Thanks for leaving a note about washing the C. Rex. I was curious. Do they like getting baths?

  11. Spottie and Dottie - perfect names! They are very sweet and Coco is a super Mommy.

    My Mom reads with interest what you have written about Brighton, because he son's male cat has had some past serious urinary issues that led to much expense and surgery and so on, and her sister's elderly cat seems to have many bouts with uti's and stones.

  12. TeriCurlyflower, your garden looks good even in the dark.
    The kittens are cute as can be and Coco looks happy.
    This was such a great uppiedate, It is fine that you only blog one time a week.
    All good news here!

    Your basement does not look terrible at all... come over sometime and have a look at ours... disasterrrr
    Mom would never let me or Miles go down there. It is unfinished and dirty and dusty and icky and full of stuff.

    I am so glad to hear all good news today. This makes my heart happy.
    Now we need to somehow keep tabs on Seuss and Taco or um whatshisname... Carlos! We do not want to lose track of them.

    One of the best news here is that Hiro is back home and ready for a new adventure. I think he will be very happy in his new home. Bosco looks BIG! He must be a big boy. Mom said Miles is 5 pounds!

    This was a blog full of good things and that is making all of us happy here!! Yippeee skippie that Brightertons is taking his meds and feeling well!
    bonkbonkbonk for a happy Sunday evening - enjoy the air conditioning CurlieSwirliefriends

  13. Good news about Brighton; we're crossing our paws for Hiro! Settling kitties is difficult, but it's a great feeling when you get it right.

  14. Hi Teri, thank you for visiting my blog yestereday and saying hello. Spottie and dottie are adorable little kittens and I'm glad to hear they are doing so well :-)

  15. Wow that was a big update. The babies are adorable!

  16. I have been away and you have been busy! Ah Bosco, my love, nice to see him happy. It seems like all good news and new babies! So happy about Brighton and Tiger Lily! Too bad about Hiro.
    (Let me know what you think of the book!)
    Love and hugs,

  17. We sure miss Hiro, and I hope we keep getting updates when he joins his new family.

  18. Wow - you have been busy. Gra to hear about everyone, even if some of the cats came back to you. It will all work out!

  19. We forgot to comment on Caturday! Mommy is a bad secretary.

    We loved the kitten pictures and we're happy they are gaining and doing well.

    Mommy says you are such a responsible breeder and all cat breeders should use you as a role model. We think it's great you follow your babies all their lives.

    Paws crossed for'll get him eventually...the reason he's alive is cuz he's a smart one.

    Have a great week...we love your weekly reports!

  20. The kits are so cute! We can hardly amember bein that small. You are a really good mom!

  21. wow, what an update! I am so happy to hear the kittens are doing great and gaining weight; I was definitely thinking about them this week! And you are so right about boy cats needing more attention! Mine sure demand it, but luckily we are able to give them all the attention and love they seek! Great job finding everyone homes and you are an amazing woman - keep it up!

  22. Those kittens are too cute! Great post

  23. it's exhausting just reading all this update! yikes! you always has SO much going on. you are doing a great job there wif the kitteh who need halps, verreh glad they has you to look out for them.

  24. We hope all the Furrydance kitties are happy & healthy and enjoying Summer and Mom time(when she is not being too busy) hahaha

    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  25. That's a VERY l o n g post or I could not find a comment place till I got HERE. LOL
    Mazol Tov/congrats on new baby kitties. So sweet. Have fun caring for them with their mama. Henry V says meow too.

  26. I just have an amazing soft spot for Hero. His totally precious little face just gives me chills. We hope that he finds the most appealing, happy home he could ever want waiting for him. Some cats know exactly what they want in a hame. It's up to us as humans to figure it out and give them whatever they wish. If the cats is happy, the home is happy.

  27. Such a great place to learn about cats and to see cats. Catching raccoons sounds a little dangerous.


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