Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Caturday Saturday...a little late!

Awwww...kiddens! I know there are more than a few of you that depend on Curlz and Swirlz for kidden fixes, and we are just certain your weekend wasn't complete without a post from us...but our mewmmie was furry bizzie and...

barely had time to do a photo shoot before she headed to bed Sunday night...and you are saying 'Well, it's Tuesday now' and yes, she's sneaking this post in while at work...oh, the pressure, hahameow!

Spottie and Dottie are doing great and Coco's such an attentive momcat. They are gaining weight right on schedule and look like chubbie hamsters now. And now that their eyes and ears are open, they look at Teri when she talks to them...

They are crawling around well now, just starting to lift their bodies up off the ground, and you could almost say they were 'walking', but not yet strong enough to climb out of their kitten box. Another week and they will be bobbling around and ready to move into the master bathroom 'playroom'...that's their next step...

On Saturday, Hiro's new family came to pick him up. They live a couple of hours away and were so excited to finally meet him! They had an uneventful ride home and Hiro (now named Bodmin, after the place the first Cornish Rex was born) has a little boy to play with, a Devon Rex to wrestle with, two CRex girls to tell him he's a pest, and a naked, warm Sphynx to curl up next to.

We think he will be very happy there, and he's even going to try out being a show cat in November! He is very handsome and very muscular, so if he enjoys it, we think he will be a 'winner'!!

Our mewmmie had the friend we went to BlogPaws with come over on Saturday to help her, prod her, encourage her...to work on cleaning up the piles of stuff in our bird 'n squirrel watching suite (aka the basement) and wow, she made quite a bit of headway and hopes to finish it up before the 2 year 'anniversary' of the 'flood' at the end of this month!

Teri never gets anything done much during the week since she is out day hunting and lately she's been having to work an extra day and has been very tired, and didn't get to sleep in much last weekend because of all she had to fit into the weekend!

Then on Sunday, she drove to Baltimore to deliver Bebes back to her home, after her 3 month rehab at our house. She is hopeful she will be happy and contented, and to help ensure that, she took 2 litterboxes like the ones we use and the same litter, so her family could give her lots of options to use the ones she used 100% at our place.

She got to see the home she lives in now. It's really cute, airy and lots of windowsills to soak up the sun in and her family has set the place up to be very cat friendly (even in the basement where she was peeing before--Teri didn't see anything that would cause her anxiety there, either). She is still on Buspirone for anxiety and it may be something she stays on, even if she is using the box ok, as she is exhibits anxiety at being confined or away from humans for very long.

The not-so-good news is that Bebes UTI came back and so the vet wants to leave her on antibiotics one month this time instead of 10 days, and to add some of the meds that Brighton takes for his urinary tract issues. She isn't an easy cat to pill but Teri showed her owner how to do it quickly and so far, they have been able to administer all her meds.

Bright One, on the other paw, seems to be back to his old self with normal litterbox visits and feeling great again. In fact, he gets to be an 'Ambassador Cat' for a cat show in a couple of weeks and Teri is looking forward to going to the cat show, too, since it's been almost a year since the last one. And what's fun about being an 'Ambassador' is that one can skip the stress of showing and just schmooze with the visitors. Brighton's good as schmoozing, too!


  1. Oh now that is a cute kitten fix. I think I've had enough of kits though as there is a new one in my house... and I am not happy about it.

  2. Oh my gosh what cute kittens. I just love pictures of tiny kittens. I can't believe I was ever that small. MOL.

  3. Great update and video...Coco is such a great Mom; how is Kiki doing?...We're glad everything is going well except for Bebes UTI=we hope she feels better soon and does well with the family this time...Hang in there Teri, we hope you can take a break from the long hours soon...Have a great week friends...xo....J, Calle, Halle, Sukki

  4. Spottie and Dottie are just adorable! We don't mind getting the fix late, as long as get the fix!

  5. Cuuuute! All round and ever so slightly fuzzy.

  6. Such a cute movie of the two little babies. We hope Bebes is rid of her UTI soon and settles back with her adopted family.

  7. OMG - thanks for the kitten fix. They are adorable with those huge blue eyes! And so glad to hear Brighton is doing better!

  8. Allow me to say that mommy is in love. She is love with the babies and with Brighton and with Bebes. She's a hopeless devotee to any Rex. She also loves British Shorthairs..embarrassingly so but *I* am her No.1 star and love...Tortie me.

  9. Oh YAY! My Hiro has a real life hero! What an adorable picture!

    Oh ya that babies are cute too :) xoxo
    Ms Stella O'Houligan

  10. What two little cutie putties your have! They are soooooooo precious. I don't know if I was ever that little.

  11. Are you going to Hidden Peak? We were contemplating bringing the 2 LaPerm brothers there to show in HHP.

  12. Oh my gosh Spottie and Dottie are crazy cute...I loce it when kittens are so little that their ears are still on the sides of their heads! Squee!

    Doesn't that little boy look so gentle with Hiro? I hope he will be a loving big brother to Hiro :-)

    So much news, you certainly have your hands full!

  13. This is a wonderful update. The kittens are so wonderful.

  14. Oh the kitttttens are so cute so cute. Two little Holstein girls, they are MissieCoco's pride and joy I am sure... especially after 5 wild boys.

    I am so happy that beautiful lovely Bebe is back home and I am sure she is a happy girl to be in sunny Baltimore with her family and her mommmie too.

    bonks and bronks to you Missie Teri for the uppie date considering you had a very busy week-end. So glad that your friend came over to help you with the clutter. Perhaps she should come over here next hahaha

    <3 and bonks to all of the kittens and kitties

    and All the very best to Bodmin. we are so happy he is in the best forever home!


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