Monday, August 16, 2010

Mancat (and Girlkitten) Monday...

Spottie and Dottie have reached the 1 month milestone, and are learning there is more to the world than a 5’ x 4’ x 4’ tent! They moved into their new ‘studio apartment’…my master bathroom. They are still not venturing too far, but are learning to us their kitten sized litter boxes and perfecting their pounce and play moves! Now their personalities will start to shine and the family that is adopting them will have two bonded siblings to love and enjoy.

There is something so cute about sisters and adopting littermates! Each adoptive family I pick is unique, of course, and I try and personalize each family to the right kitten. The family waiting for Spottie and Dottie had littermates before and liked that bonded relationship.

Most of the time, especially with someone adopting their first Cornish Rex, I suggest getting one, and then if they fall head over heels, get a second one 4-6 months later. Typically, when adopting 2 littermates together, they are bonded to each other first, and then to humans second, or it takes longer for them to depend on you instead of each other.

For some families, that is great as they might have busy lives, travel for business frequently or have kids or parent obligations that take a lot of their time. I know I feel less ‘guilty’ when I am gone from home, knowing the cats have each other to keep each other company.

Brighton spent most of the weekend schmoozing with cat show visitors and trying to explain why he was in a PINK stroller that looked more like something that should belong to a cat named Strawberry Shortcake!

But as I explained to him, until he earns about 180 green papers…the blue All Terrain stroller he has his eye on will just be something he dreams about, hahameow!

Teri did do a little shopping at the cat show..she needed some new cat socks (she wears cute Mary Jane Crocs with cat patterned socks at work---and her therapist told her she thinks part of why people bring their cats to the vet she works for is because of her socks and shoes! Really, but it has to do with enthusiasm for what one does, doesn’t it?!

(you might notice in this next 'close up' shot of the Crocs...that they are also 'customized' courtesy of Brighton, who has a thing for gnawing on them if Teri forgets to put them away at night!)

She also had to buy a batch of new tinsel puffballs for Brighton, and also saw a nice cat bed that can double as a pillow on the black leather couch in our living room, and the pattern caught her eye, as it blends with the ‘African’ theme of the room.

Mama-to-be Kiki went in to work with Teri today to be xrayed so we know how many buns-in-the-oven are waiting to be born. She is not very ‘round, so Teri thought there might be just 1, like her vet felt, or 2…hoping for 2, as she has 4 people waiting for a Cornish Rex of their own! But the xray showed...One Bun! Oh, there are going to be some disappointed families on our waiting list, and Teri has a tough job ahead of her deciding who will be the best home for this little's hard not to count 'chicks' before they hatch, though!

We got the pathology report back on Coco’s two stillborn kittens. They both had pneumonia and they isolated Pasteurella bacteria from the one placenta we submitted, but not from the kittens themselves. My vet said that the amniotic fluid may have contained that bacteria, too. No way to know for sure, and why Spottie and Dottie weren’t affected. But anxious mama that I am, we decided to put Kiki on Amoxicillin as a precaution, in case the normal pasteurella that colonizes cats mouths could be a reason for this.

After not seeing TomTom or Mama Katz for over a week, they both have been here tonight, along with the ever growing family of raccoons that showed up later! Teri wondered how her birdfeeder on their metal 'shepherd's crooks were getting bent...well, when 3 raccoons are hanging from the feeder snitching seeds...the 'bough' will break, or at least bend! TomTom's ear looks all healed, which is good since she can't seem to be able to trap anything but 'coons! She'll keep trying, though!

Well, to end up the post for today, how about a little video of Coco's little girls, on Mancat Monday!


  1. The kittens are so cute! Great post too - responsible breeding is a lot of work, and this is a great example of some of what goes into it, that a lot of humans may not consider.

  2. Those kittens look so tiny and cute - mum wanted to pick them up and give then a kiss!

  3. That's too much cute for two cats.

  4. The kittens are adorable. Love those big eyes and ears - they just look like they are trying to figure out what you are thinking!!

    Tell Brighton that the green papers don't just show up cause he is cute, so he may need to get a job to get his new stroller.

  5. These two girls are so precious. I love their coloring and they do look so very healthy. You do live a busy life with all the kitties around you.

  6. the kitteh's are sooo cute but after having just come home from the fair I'm reminded of the darling 'Holstein's calves' in their lovely black & white formal attire!' MOL! Little Coco's got her own mini herd! (bet they sound like it too when they play!)

    Newsy blogpost and great catch up!

  7. The babies are very cute. We think Brighton's pink stroller is great. It must be quite a talking point.

  8. Oh I am just in love all over agaon. They are adorable and look at those little tails straight up int he air. Love their pouncing and how I wish I was there to see it in person. Even better, to be pounced on.Ooops..this must be the Admiral's mom posting instead of the Admiral. I just get carried away. ♥

    Your blog was informative as it always is and your love for your babies and for the feral babies out there shines through like the sun. I truly admire you.

  9. Mommy wants to come and play with the babies!!! Darling!


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