Monday, August 16, 2010

Nulo...First Week Down (Up 2 oz!)

It's one week into Disco's diet and while he didn't look any thinner yet, when he stepped on the scale tonight (and off and on and off and on...just to be sure), Teri's brow furrowed a little when she saw that he had put on 2 oz! (maybe his bladder was full, since we know his tummy wasn't, hahameow!)

She wasn't too surprised though, because he isn't wanting to eat his 2.6 ounces of canned Nulo in the morning and the evening, but is eager about both dry formulas-the chicken and the salmon. She has never gotten him to lose weight eating dry food before, but she is going to stick with the program and see how it goes. She would really like him (and all the other cats in the house) to be on 95% canned food, with dry being fed essentially as a treat, but as with any change and most cats who are often reluctant to change foods, she has to be patient and work at the diet transition!

This week she is going to mix a little Fancy Feast in with the Nulo canned food (as Disco likes that just fine, sigh...) and see if gradually she can wean him off the FF. It's not that he won't eat the Nulo canned at all, but he laps at it and maybe eats a tablespoon before he just walks away.

If Teri was around him 24/7, she would just offer him small amounts, numerous times a day and see if he would finish off his daily amount that way. So, even though he is actually eating less than the amount calculated for his girth and weight...he is slightly heavier after a week.

If Disco hasn't made progress by next Monday, then she will give the folks at Nulo a call and see what they recommend for 'His Chubbiness". Oh, yeah, there's that exercise program...ummm, that could be part of the problem! Just like she tells people about herself...if it wasn't for the stairs in our 3 level house, she wouldn't get much exercise either!!

But, the exercise that Disco seems best at is sitting and watching others exercise, so Teri bought him some new cat toys at the cat show and she spent 10 minutes with him tonight, getting Disco 'fired up' and running circles around and over her as she laid on the floor and waved the cat toy wands round and round.

But the folks at Nulo say he needs that amount of exercise 3 to 4 times a day...and just like with people, the most obese you are, the less active you get! She does notice that the other svelte cats in the house do race around a lot more than Disco does now that he has put on the pounds!

She promises she will do better...maybe even walk him around the house on his leash and harness, just like she did at BlogPaws with him and Brighton! She kind of wishes she could walk him outside like a dog, and even though he is up to date on his vaccinations and on Revolution to protect him against heartworms and fleas, she is still a bit nervous he could come in contact with something infectious out she will have to make the 'indoor track' do for now!

She made him look to the left, look to the right, sit down, stand up...fight, fight, fight! Though she isn't sure this next move quite qualifies as a Leg Lift!


  1. How very frustrating to gain weight on a diet! The Woman knows how Disco feels...

  2. We are totally on Evo canned food with kibble as a rare treat. An we would like more of that. But it is good fer our health and weight. So we are stuck wif it.

  3. Sorry Disco isn't seeing any results from his diet yet=that must be kind of frustrating for you, Teri...I got my girls to lose some weight at the beginning of the year by cutting back on treats and they are all thin with different body typs, Calle and Sukki having lots of fluff...Hang in there and good luck next weigh in!...How is Kiki doing?...kisses to all your beautiful babies...xoxo...J, Calle, Halle, Sukki

  4. Oh Disco, I'm with you buddy. Strange foods, eating salad when what you really want is donuts...(oh, wait that's me). Losing that weight can be a pain, I know this. You are beautiful either way.

  5. MOL! Nevermind Disco. We're sure you'll get therein the end.

  6. Don't you get disappointed Mr. Stud Muffin! Muscle weighs more than fat and any Dr. will tell you when you first start your diet gig; and do excersize, you may start going up a bit before you get that metabolism goin' & then it starts going down. The best part is once that metabolism is running you can continue to lose even when you are napping! Course, you do need to get it going pretty good for a period of months first but Hey! It does work! I'm here for ya buddie! I knowz yer mom'll get that pink butt whipped into shape in no time!

    That Woman

  7. Diets really stink! We're all pretty finicky over here and for us to all be on one food, we get Nine Lives Daily Essentials and 3x a week we get some Fancy feast. We know that playing with all of your toys, the weight will melt right off! we think you look fantabulastic as you are!

  8. I am pretty sure it is because Disckers has a full bladder, a belly full of poops and did you clean out his ear wax? That makes a huge difference. I feel very confident that he probably lost weight.

    we missed yesterday's postie too.
    Cutie cute video of the girl kittens wowie soooo cute
    Blizzie was squeeling at those adorable splayed kitten paws.

    Well, we are thrilled that Kiki is doing well and we are excited about her kitten, it will certainly be a very special kitten. She looks so happy.

    bonks to all of you there at the curlieswirly house and missie curlieTeri the exercise coach and nurse midwife, .... maid _ uh, cleaner upper, and food distrubuter... and many other worthy titles yet to be named

  9. Diets are horrible aren't they Disco. Mum has changed us from dry food to all wet and I have lost 2 1/2 lbs since then, but I am being starved.

  10. Oh you darling sweet boy. MUAH! That is definitely a leg lift precious one.

  11. Love the last picture of that chubby tummy!

  12. I am sure that your bladder was just very VERY full, hehe!

    You sit on the scale so nicely, keep on truckin!

    ~Bear's Meowmy~

  13. Poor Disco! Stick with it, buddy. You will love the Nulo food after you get used to it. Pugs and I love ours!

    And did you take off your belt and shoes before got weighed?


  14. Dosco, you made me laugh. I needed that. This is not good, gaining when he should be losing. I wish my little B had that problem. Good luck this week! xoxo

  15. We are so so late commenting on this, but we hope Disco gets better results next week! (Our human says gaining weight on a diet happens to her too, but it's a water retention thing. Usually!)

    Sending Disco lots of purrs - the word "diet" scares us.

    XXX from Franklin, Dobby, and Tasha

  16. Disco, Mommy feels for you. She wouldn't get on that way!

  17. its SO HARD to keep one on a diet when the rest are not...our "Doc" has become OBESE to the point i have to hide the food (he is the cutie on my blog header)...its NOT healthy..and not going to be an easy road getting him buff again

  18. Love those pictures of almost indifference to the toy swinging about Disco's head!! I do that a lot, too!! I mean hey!, why should we entertain you and jump about if we don't feel like it or just because you want to have a giggle!! I know, I know...because we are sooo cute when we do jump around. hm. OK. Purrs, Lautrec (and Tiny)

  19. hello there! thank you for visiting the swamp. And Oy Vey! i have a very fat cat who needs to loose weight. if you have any luck, let me know!!

    ps ... Disco is a great name!

  20. yer right...mommy said one day I might have a sisfur..a Cornish baby.


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