Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Wordless Wednesday?

I know, you are thinking...'It was a Wordless Weekend'!! No kitten pix, no mews, no fair! So for this Wednesday, we will be wordy, but not too much as it's past midnight already!

The kittens, Spottie and Dottie, are doing great and this past Sunday celebrated their 3 week birthday by growing up enough to move from a crib (their birthing box with 4 sides just tall enough to keep them from crawling out) to a kiddy bed (a birthing box with one end cut our so they can learn to crawl around their tent!)

That is a pretty big transition and it makes Mama Coco just a bit anxious that they aren't 'corralled' any more! The kittens get a bit anxious too, at first, and there is lots of mewing and 'where's mama' cries, but that is why I always make that transition on a weekend, so I can watch over them closely.

They are up to 377 and 352 grams now, about 12 ounces, with Spottie being the slightly larger one but Dottie has almost caught up with her sister, and she was a lot smaller at birth! This is the age where they realize they have paws--they start to groom themselves in a fashion and begin to put 'the bitey' on each other...the beginnings of play! Here's a cute video clip of them doing just that!

Another week and they will begin to drink water, start sampling real cat food (mostly by stepping in Coco's plate and licking their paws) and begin to pounce and play! Once they start eating solid food, Coco will stop her toileting duties and they will begin using the kitten sized litter boxes. In between the tough job of being a mommie, Coco does get out for some R & R, as the following video shows!

Update on Bebe--she has been back in her home about 10 days now and so far, so good. Her owner is keeping her separated from her companion cat (her mom actually) when she isn't home and at night, both so she can monitor litterbox use in case one or the other has a lapse, and also to reacquaint them with each other gradually, as it had been 3 months since they nosetapped each other.

I never could get a good photo of Bebes to show everyone her beautiful blue eyes, so Trish sent me one that she took and while it's a couple of years old...Bebe is still just as pretty today!

Brighton continues to feel good, with no sign of his urinary blockage symptoms. I am still quite anxious about him and watch him like a hawk! He's taken up a new habit...sleeping on the last step on the carpeted stairs leading out of the living room to the upper floor of the house. The first time I found him there, it almost looked like he just got tired (or nipped-out) and decided to take a cat nap. He plays a lot on the stairs, batting his favorite toy, a tinsel ball, around. But this nap thing is something new!

It will be fun to take him to the cat show this coming weekend and see some old friends again, though I will miss sleeping in with the cats, as I have a 2 hour drive each way to get to the show hall each day! But he will be happy to have the extra attention from me and his adoring fans!

And Disco...well he is only 2 days into his diet, and somehow I haven't made the time for exercising him! Bad mewmmie! But then, that's why I'm stuck where I am on my diet...not enough exercise!

He is happy he can have Nulo kibble and is always ready and waiting for his 0.2 cups (a scant 1/4 measuring cup) in the morning and evening. He gets canned Nulo, too, 3.6 ounces twice a day, but he's not super excited about it (I think he is holding out for Fancy Feast, but that ain't on the menu anymore), but I will keep offering it and if after a week or so (or if he seems to be losing weight too fast) I will recalculate his feeding and maybe try him on just dry Nulo. The salmon canned isn't to his liking, but the chicken is tasty, he said...licking his lips! He seems satisfied, and we will see what he weighs in at after a week on the new food.

On other foods I have tried, I never could get him to lose weight feeding dry only, even when I portioned it out, but I am hopeful that the Nulo dry will give us better results than previous foods he's been on. Of course, I can always call the people at Nulo and they can help me customize his diet plan, and it's that kind of support that makes Nulo extra special in my eyes! And if Disco does well on it, I might just have to order some for the rest of the Furrydance gang!


  1. Oh it sounds like the kits are doing well. I am so glad that Brighton is okay too!

  2. Great update; the kittens are adorable!...Glad to hear Bebes is doing well back home, she is a real beauty with stunning eyes...it's wonderful Brighton is still doing well=he's very cute sleeping on the stairs!...Have fun at the Cat Show and best of luck to Disco on his diet plan!...kisses...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  3. We, mommy and me, am delighted to learn of Bebes and how she is doing. And she is purely gorgeous with those eyes and that splendid marcelled coat.

    Coco ane her babies is always a joy for mommy and me to see and read about. We both wondered how they are and what their progress is. Almost a pound each! MEOW!

    And Brighton, HOORAYMEOW! My mommy gets a little worried if I nap in a strange place. My goodness, she micromanages me all the time! It's good to shake her up.

    Nosetaps and headbonks to all the Furrydance family.

  4. What wonderful pictures and videos.

    It's so great to get such good news about how everyone is doing.

    Good luck with the weight loss plan Disco!

  5. I loved the videos you posted!

    The babies are cute beyond words, and Coco is such a great mum! It's fun to see her burning off some pent-up energy and playing on the bed:-)

  6. The kittens are so cute! It's great to hear that Brighton is continuing to do well.

  7. Loved seeing Brighton sleeping on the stairs - glas he's doing ok.
    We enjoyed the kitty bath time too.

  8. AWWW - what a great update. I have foster tiny kittens and I think my favorite is when you can catch them sitting down and trying to scratch an itchy ear - it never fails that gravity kicks in and they fall over. :) Good luck to Disco on his new diet and Brighton at the show this weekend!

  9. Wow! We loved the update! The kittens are adorable and Coco seems very happy to be a MamaCat.
    We're happy that Bebe is doing well and Brighton is peeing like a champ. We're interested in how Disco's diet will progress; that Nulo sounds interesting and very nutritional.

  10. Oooo..the babies!!! We love babies (well, Mom loves baby kitties...we think we should like them, too, but we'll pretend!) We like Brighton's new sleeping spot...the best way to get attention!! We are glad, too that he is doing fine. Yeah, our Mom also watches over us like a hawk, so we know how he must feel, but we know that our Mom does it (and so does your Mom) out of love for us so we don't mind. Lots of headbutts and purrs to the whole family, Lautrec and Tiny

  11. Those kittehs are cute. Bebes does have gorgeous blues & lambsie curly furs.

  12. Babies are very beautiful! Congratulations! I had five puppies here at home and there is no scene more beautiful than watching your growth.
    Loved your blog and your kids cats.

  13. Sweet kitties. Glad Brighton is well now.

  14. Oh boy, we are late to the party, look at all of the kitties and beans that come here already!
    Mom says she is busy. Miles and I are behaving ourselves now, mom threatened us, so now we have to behave.

    Spots and Dots are the cutest little girls everrrrrr oh my they are adorable. I am sure they are brilliant because Miles is and I think he is a lot like his mom.

    Disco, you look quite satisfied enough there. Prinnie used to live to eat so we know it is hard to be disciplined and restricted. we are purring for you

    Brighton, have a blast week-end with your curlieswirlie Terimom.

    Bebes is lovely. Her eyes are stunning!

    I always like your reports, they are thorough and you give reasons why you do stuff, mom never does that by the way.

    bonks to the whole kitty household
    Coco, you enjoy that time out on mom's bed flipping the toys around. It feels good doesn't it?

    bonks and hugs and licks and whatever else also to Kiki. I hope she does not pop kittens while you are gone, Missie Swirlie.

    safe travels and watch out for the nuts on the road

  15. Those little kitties are sooooo cute! Love this post.

  16. Love that first video, just brings a huge smile to my face. If anyone saw me from a distance looking at my screen, they'd be wondering what I was grinning about. Little babies.....Good mama.

  17. Our Mom took one look at those babies and said, "Squeeeeeeeee!"

  18. The kits are so cute! We are glad ta see everykitty seems ta be doing well.

  19. Squeeee! Bebes blue eyes! Hate to be a party pooper but having been there with two male cats who suffered from Urinary tract disorder and them having had the most awful surgery to open the tract, I will never feed another cat kibbles, dry cat food, whatever you want to call it, again. They actually ate both dry (from the vet) and wet food so canned food does not give them enough hydration along with feeding dry no matter what brand it is. Do some more research on dry vs wet or raw feeding. We would love you to have the most healthy cats that can be. Having been there, I just don't think dry food in any form is the answer.

    That said, the kitties are sooo cute! And good luck with whatever you choose to feed them. We all have to do what makes us comfortable with what and how we feed us as well as our fur kids.

    ~Purrs, Beau Beau an Angie

  20. I do NOT come to visit as often as I should... what a wonderful and inspiring post! Coco is so beautiful......her kittens are adorable.....as are both videos....

    You have a lovely "Furry Family"....and you are, as I have often said, a fantastic person who does so much for animals.... wow....what else can I say....except I am glad to have met you!

    Hugs to you and the "Furry Ones",

    ♥ Robin ♥

  21. Oh Bebes is adorable.I dont know what it is with me.I love white animals,lol.My westie of course if white and I have a border collie that white and black and a cat almost all white with a bit of grey lol.

    Happy New week Teri!

  22. Great update.Love those sweet kittens so adorable :)


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