Sunday, August 22, 2010

Simply (Kitten) Sunday Afternoon...

Not a lot new around the Furrydance household, but I did take some cute pix (click on them to biggify) and silly videos yesterday, so that's reason enough for a post, right?!

The kittens are now 5 weeks old, and are purrfecting their litterbox habits (after finding wee spots on the floor a couple of times and thinking it was water from the water dish), I moved one of the 2 litterboxes to that spot and they've been using it consistently now.

They are starting to eat canned food, with Spottie being more eager than Dottie about eating on her own. But if I 'finger feed' Dottie, she doesn't spit it out, hahameow. So, I have found one kitten poop in the litterbox so far and will take the next one in for testing this week. They are healthy--no eye or tummy issues, yay! Though food transition time can always be stressful in a way for them, I am happy to report they are doing great so far.

They now get time out in my bedroom 2-3 times a day (under supervision) and quickly learned when the bathroom door opens that playtime begins in the 'rumpus room'. They all love the new toys I got at the cat show last week, including Coco and there is lots of prey and pounce going on, as you can tell from these photos and movies...

I am on babywatch this weekend with Kiki, and so far, no sign of imminent labor. So I don't have to wake up every 2 hours during the night to check on her in the birthing tent in my bedroom, I have been sleeping with her and shutting the other cats out of the bedroom so it's just her and me in case she goes into labor. I still wake up and feel her abdomen and check her vulva for any discharge, but I don't have to actually get out of bed, hahameow!

If she hasn't had her baby by tomorrow, then I will take her in to work with me so I can monitor her closely and hope she goes into labor during the day so I can have a restful night. I can always sleep in on the weekend if a kitty keeps me up all night delivering kittens, but have to be up at 4:30am during the week for work but at least this time, once Kiki has delivered her one baby, and it has nursed, I could go back to sleep.

I'm still working on de-cluttering the basement, and next task today is cleaning out 2 more closets so I can put more stuff away, after weeding out what I don't need any longer and setting it aside for a donation pickup. The cats will be happy when they finally get their bird 'n squirrel watching station back, too. Here's some photos of what's on 'Cat TV' in the backyard today!

Brighton spent some time soaking up the 'rays' as it's sunny today and Disco...umm, he's put on 2 more ounces but we won't officially weigh in until tomorrow...

(enlarge this next photo at your own risk..)


  1. Oh look at all those cute little kits!

  2. OMC! The tots are adorable! Sorry we didn't comment this week, Mommy says for some reason your blog didn't come up on our reader! But she thinks she got it better, Mommy!

    Poor Disco. Typical dieter, he gains weight! The play time should help, and it will make his appetite more keen at feeding times.

    We have our paws crossed for Kiki and a smooth delivery. And at a convenient time, too...MOL!

  3. Own! Your babies are so cute!!! And all the catsare beautiful. Love this blog!

  4. My mommy is sitting here with me (directing her) and she has the silliest grin on her face. She loved seeing the babies and hearing the eating too. She also loved seeing Disco and said he looks good to her. He looks good to me, too. And I am a diva lady cat.

    Seeing the babies, learning more about the new baby to come..delights me and mommy.

    We hope she delivers soon and we know it will be successful.

  5. Ah, the little ones sound like they're growing up very well...

  6. Such cute videos, particularly the last one.
    We hope Kiki has an easy delivery.

  7. WOW!!!!!! We just love to see baby kitties :) They are all so cute,heehee
    We are sending purrs to Kiki. Hope all goes well with her :)

    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  8. The kitties are bundles of cuteness. Sending hugs to Disco! xoxo

  9. The babies are sooo precious and fun; they look very happy on the videos!...Good luck with Kiki and her baby; we look forward to her kitten update soon!...Glad Brighton is gaining a little weight back, hope his checkup goes well...Happy week, sweet friends...kisses...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  10. Spottie and Dottie are super-cute. Those ears are huge!

  11. Those little cow Rexies are adorable! Hope the new baby comes at a time that is not too inconvenient for you!

  12. Cuteness overload with all those kittens! We're sending purrs for Kiki that she has a easy delivery.

    You have a pawesome channel on the Birdie Network! We like the guest spot given to the squirrel!

  13. They are such little cuties!

    We've been on holiday for a few days, hence hte lack of comments. Back now though and catching up. Purrs...

  14. oh cutie cutie cutie kittttens they are soo adorable. The frisky one reminds me of Caesar when he was a kitten. I have several wild pics of him from way back.

    bonks to Mr Diskers and Mr. Brightersons.
    I hope Kiki pops out that baby soon. I am excited to see her littel bundle of joy!

    bonks for such alovely garden! How peaceful. Moms garden is looking dry and the finches are having a festival on the zinnia and sunflower seeds.

    I hope this week and a smooth and happy one for every kittie in the curlyswirly domicile, and Missie CurlieTeri, I hope every day is a delightful one for you this week.

    bonks and bronks

    ps: from Miles: Hi mommie Coco. I saw you and heard you too!

  15. The little girls are so sweet!

    WE hope all will go smoothly with Kiki. Please keep us posted!

  16. The kittens are adorable - and we're sending many purrs to Kiki for an easy delivery! (We're also sending purrs to Disco for a good result on his "official" weigh-in, but we suspect he probably doesn't care very much!)

    P.S. Your back yard looks pawsome to us!

  17. Such adorable little faces! We love the tuxie girls!

  18. The babies look so wee next to the toy! They are just adorable.

  19. What precious kittens!

    Any day now....more babies on the way!

  20. Those kittens are so cute - mum is being silly again!! Hope Kiki doesn't keep you pacing the floor for too many nights!! wTW We loved the videos.

  21. Dottie and Spottie are totally adorable!!!

    Poor Disco, nobody likes dieting :-(


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