Sunday, August 8, 2010

World Cat Day 2010

We are not sure when or who came up with the idea for a day to honor us cats (since we expect it every day!) but when we googled it, we saw that someone said it began in Italy and in Europe, they celebrate it on February 17th every year.

But here in the Cat Blogosphere, today is the day we are celebrating World Cat Day and it has been heartwarming and thought provoking to read everyone's posts for today. We have been blogging about 1 & 1/2 years now and one thing we know...the CB is full of compassionate and caring cat lovers, who work together to help all kitties, and maybe today is about humans helping cats...

We join in many fundraisers and are reminded every day of the homeless, abused and cats in need and sometimes it does seem overwhelming, but if you can end your day making a difference in just one cats life, then the day is not wasted, right?! Every dollar, every item donated to a CB auction, every click on The Rescue Site and Free Kibble makes a difference--remember to do that every day and you will have helped 365 times in a year!

Our mewmmie is a vet tech and her calling, her goal is to help a cat (or doggies too) have a better life, and every day she does that. Maybe we should offer her some stinky goodness or fresh nip today? But still, she feels like there is so much more that she could do and often thinks of what it will be like when she retires and can help even more!

We all got baths yesterday so we are smelling sweet for our special day today (and good thing it happened yesterday, so today can be all fun, all day!). We hear we have a special treat awaiting us--freeze dried chicken chunks and fresh nip out of the garden. Mewmmie slept in with us today too--that's a treat in itself! And she is working on the basement so we can get our bird watching station back and she said we can go down there this afternoon--for the first time in almost 2 years!!!

Hooray for World Cat Day---do something special for the cats in your life, plus an extra for one cat in need! We donated a few green papers for this kitty today:
Click here to help Low-Ki


  1. Happy World Cat Day!

    Sometimes it IS overwhelming, so many cats in need, so much abuse and abandonment, high-kill shelters and hopelessness. But you are right, you just need to do one thing for one cat at a time. Donating, participating in rescue, TNR, feeding ferals, adopting from shelters, spaying and neutering your own cats and not letting them roam--these things all make a difference!

    Enjoy your freeze-dried chicken (yum!) and fresh nip and have a wonderful Sunday!

  2. Happy World Cat Day!

    Our mum is planning to donate some monies to a local shelter in honour of today!

  3. Nobody can do everything, but everybody can do one thing :-) Save a cat, make a donation, be a volunteer, there is always some way to help.

    Happy World Cat Day one and all!

  4. Happy World Cat Day! We are all rescues and plain old "show up at the door" Cats, and we are so happy that we ended up at the Lounge.

    We are going to donate toys and beds to our vet, who does treatments for free for needy people's pets.

  5. Happy world Cat Day. Your mewmie has a great job taking care of anipals.

  6. I am still trying to tame my feral cat, mother cat. She waits for me to feed her and I have been as close as six inches but I still don't have her tamed. We do take such special care of our old yellow kitty though. She lets us know everyday that she is so deserving.

  7. Happiest of World Cat Days to you!!

  8. Happy World Cat Day lovely friends...Enjoy your treats!...kisses...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  9. Happy World Cat Day. Me and my mommy did not know about that until now. But we will remember forever more. I'm a rescue and my sisfur was a rescue too. Mommy loves us so much and still is sorrowful my sisfur went to the Bridge.

    But we always donate to the Feral cat society in town to help neuter ad care for them. We celebrate the beauty and specialness of kitties everywhere.

  10. I left a little joke for you on my blog!
    Have a great week.
    I've enjoyed your visit and your kindness.
    A huge kiss

  11. Happy World Cat Day! But baths? Ewww, we HATE baths!

  12. Saturday mom drove up to Waterford (nice drive) and brought towels and food and toys to the shelter kitties.

    um, is there a world dog day too?
    oh, who cares.

    we got some special food and mom had a cookie in honor of the kitties allllll over the world.

    bonks to all of you at the curlyswirly house and gentle bronks to Spots and Dots.

  13. We agrees with the 'overwhelming'. Daddy keeps reminding mommy that 'you can't save them all'. But mommy keeps trying.
    We sure hopes you enjoyed being in the basement!

  14. Oh no, that was two days ago! Story of my life.
    BUT, everyday is cat day in this house.

  15. We hope you all had a great World Cat Day!! (Even though we think every day is world cat day...)

  16. That is a very touching post, and so true!

    Thanks again for the well wishes for Bear, it means alot to us.

    ~Bear's Meowmy~


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