Sunday, August 29, 2010

Simply Monday Evening...since we missed Sunday!

We hope all you kitties and dawggies had a nice weekend, and got lots of 'face time' with your 'Tasty Faces', hahameow!

Our mewmmie is lovin' having her 3 day weekends back and we are liking the extra sleep in time with her, too! Not that she was at our beck and call all day, though...since we spend most days napping, at least she wasn't pestering us with the flashy box too much!

On Friday, she scoured all the local nurseries for end of season sales and got a bunch of new plants for 50% off! We should have lots of flutterbys in the garden cuz she got 6 butterfly bushes, as well as some peppermint as the flutterbys and bees like it when it flowers. She got some variegated vinca to hopefully spread around where one of the gutterspouts sometimes washes any bark or soil away.

She got some Coral Bells too, cuz the gardenlady said it's foolproof...does that mean a brown thumbed fool won't be able to kill it? Hopes so, since it's real purrty, some in purples and some in lime green, a variety called Key Lime Pie! And there is a new birdbath in the garden too (the old one was purrty but too hard to clean) and a little turtle too, since our petsitters sons are really into turtles and always look for them in our backyard...

And, just in case you think this is an early 'In the Garden with...' Thursday, there is some kitten news, of course!

Spot and Dot are spending lots of time out in the bedroom and playing up a storm. And perfecting their litterbox skills--sometimes it's hard to decide whether it's a fun playground to dig around in, or the kitty loo!

Mewmmie finally bought us some of those special Casbah Cats toys and they are the perfect size for kittens. The froggies made Teri laugh, the jelly beans got kinda ignored so far, but the ribbon tailed mousies were a hit with everyone!

Baby Fifi is growing like a weed too, and she just started her Early Neurological Stimulation exercises, so she grows up to be sweet and brave, too. These exercises were developed to raise high performance dogs back in the 70's. Teri feels certain our kittens are outgoing, well-adjusted and healthier because of this.

These exercises are designed to stimulate the neurological system at a time when typically kittens are isolated in the nest with their mother and not handled a lot by humans. Starting three days after birth, Teri starts exercising the kittens, and she continues these exercises through the time the kittens are 3 weeks old. It only takes less than a minute to complete the exercises and of course, the mother cat is present and able to see that they aren't being harmed, even though they do squeak, but aren't fearful or in pain.

We talked about these exercises in an earlier post, but here is a link to more info on it. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO

And TomTom and Mama Katz, the outdoor ferals, still show up almost every night about 9pm and occasionally, Teri sees TomTom in the morning if she is up early enough. He is still avoiding being trapped, so Teri is now starting to feed him in a large cat carrier, so far he will eat the food if it's right inside the open door, so gradually she will try moving it a little each week so eventually the bowl will be in the back of the carrier and hopefully she can rig something up to shut the door, hahameow!

Here's a couple of handsome photos of TomTom, being our real garden cat!

And in between doing all of that, she made time to do a mani-pedi on herself after 'treating' us all to pawdicures. Not really a treat for us but she says it's a treat for her! She says it's her routine to clip all our nails every two weeks, but we still don't really think of it as a 'spa treatment' hahameow!

She says everyone needs their monthly bath next weekend, and she's got to get all those plants in the ground too, but she just ran out of time this past weekend...including not being able to fit in visiting all our bloggie furrends!

What's a cat gotta do to get some computer time around here? Sounds like it's time to wake up early and start knocking things off the nightstand...that would make the weekends longer, right?!


  1. My human was fascinated by the kitten exercises! But not in a good way - she looked over at me and said that maybe I'd be less snooty if I'd gone through them. Feh.

    I have a Casbah kitten pig and I love it! Good luck on getting TomTom into the carrier - it's a process, isn't it?

  2. Wow! Look at those kitten exercises... Maybe the Woman should put Ichiro through them...

  3. Kitten exercises? That looks like FUN!

  4. We enjoyed the update; love the fun photos and the kittens are just precious!...So glad everyone is doing well...TomTom is a handsome mancat, best of luck trapping him...Happy week, sweet friends...kisses...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  5. Wow!!! You guys have one busy Momma!! She sure does take good care of each and every one of you...and the garden, too!! I can't complain, our Mom spoils us rotten and we love it!! It is so good to be loved, isn't it? We were thinking that maybe you got your days mixed up doing a gardening post on Tuesday, but you did talk about the babies (oh, so cute!) and we like how your Mom 'exercises' them...very good idea. There is a cat next door that could have used that because she is really nasty and mean to us and to some humans (except her Mom, I guess), I am naturally loving and exercises were needed, but my upkeep (daily doses of loving) is very high. Ah the price of lovin'!! Purrs, Lautrec (and Tiny)

  6. The kittens are all beautiful! And the exercises are very interesting - good on your mom for helping the kittens.

    We like the new plants a lot but our mom says coral bells are NOT foolproof (she knows by experience!) so if your mom loses a few over the winter, do not feel bad. If it's a really cold winter like last year they can get heaved up by the frost, so they need to be pushed back into the ground as soon as it thaws in the spring.

  7. Your mom is very busy!

    All those plants should be wonderful next year; maybe your mom could come and help ours. Goddess knows she needs gardening help!

    Those exercises seem interesting; we followed the link. Obviously our Annie didn't get that kind of neurological stimulation as a kitten!

    Good luck with TomTom; we hope your mom can get him in. Can she borrow a humane trap?

  8. My mom was absolutely fascinated with the kitten exercises and if she ever gets a baby some way some how she will remember that. Socialization is so important. Kiki and her baby or so gorgeous (but I as a Tortie am prejudiced I admit).

  9. As you know, we are big butterfly fans!

    Spot and Dot are the cutest, and Fifi is going to be one special kitten.

  10. Those kitten exercises are interesting.The babies are gorgeous. We used to play in the litterbox too. TomTom is a big handsome ginger man. We hope he can be trapped.


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