Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Disco's 'New Leash on Life'...

'Does This Rock Make my Butt Look Big?'

Exciting mews! Disco is about to get 'A New Leash on Life'...what? Yep, he is one of 12 pets that are participating in the 90 day campaign of a new, healthy line of food from Nulo (that stands for Nutrition Meets Love).


Disco has dieted before, but always put the pounds (yes, not ounces!) right back on, and Teri has been looking for a healthy yet tasty alternative to what foods she has fed the cats before. She says it's been a little like 'juggling cats' to make sure everyone got the portions that kept them at a proper weight while getting Disco to lose weight!

She always worried that with restriction that maybe they weren't getting all the nutrients they needed either, especially for the momcats. Tuesday night, she got to talk to the CEO of Nulo and then she signed Disco up for the program and Monday the food arrives. And then...by Thanksgiving, Disco should be down to 12# if he meets his goal!

He was 10.5# at his 'competition weight' when he was a show cat. As you can see in the photos above, he was muscular and strong but ummm, not blubbery as in Photo #1 But he gradually 'ballooned' up to 16# this past year. Teri is concerned about his health and joints and quality of life as he is so heavy now.

Notice the 'Love Handles'...

Disco's waistline has vanished!

And if he does well on this food (and of course, an exercise routine along with it) then this may be the 'Food of Choice' for the whole Furrydance family. With all the food recalls and spending hours online searching for a good quality food, Nulo has thoroughly impressed Teri...and that's hard to do!! Her therapist even told her 'the cats are your 'calling' and you see it's difficult for you to find people with the same high standards!

Their website is amazing, chock full of excellent information, fun but thought provoking videos and lots of encouragement along the way in the form of 'social networking' on it's blog, facebook, twitter and youtube, and lots of input from veterinary sources she respects!

And while Disco joined in to lose weight, their nutrition program is called 'Simply Fit' so if your cat is 'Fit' now, their program and food will help it stay fit. Kind of like 'NutriSystem' for pets!

So, here Disco is today--15# 10 ounces...(Biggify photos at your own risk, hahameow)

We will be tracking his progress weekly and if he 'stays the distance' in this campaign...look what we get (besides having a happier, healthier cat!): a $500 Nulo food voucher, $250 donated to a pet-related non-profit organization of our choosing, and we get to be entered in a drawing to have a chance to win $1000 for our favorite organization, after the 90 day campaign.

So, let the 'battle of the bulge' begin!! Let Disco become the cat he was meant to be...Fit and Trim!

Disclosure: Nulo has generously provided free product and other benefits in exchange for our participation in the Nu Campaign to fight pet obesity. We are happy to be a part of this awareness campaign, however, all of the opinions about the product are mine and not dictated in any way by the company.


  1. good luck Disco! we will be rooting for you!

  2. Good luck Disco - we know it is tough to loose weight and keep it off - and our mom knows it too. So we are all rooting for you!!

  3. Go Disco.. its so hard to lose weight..keep us posted. Good luck!

  4. Good luck with the weight loss programme Disco. We're purring for you.

  5. We're sending you lots of purrs, Disco! We know how hard it is to lose weight - please keep us posted.

  6. Good luck to Disco! We need to check out that food for Samson!

  7. Losing weight is hard to do, so we are all wishing Disco the very best of luck!...That new food sounds great=we look forward to updates about how well he likes it and what Teri thinks of it once she's used it awhile...Hope Coco and her babies and pregnant Kiki are all doing well...Kitty kisses sweet friends...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  8. My Darling Mr. D. If I shaved my two housemates they would look just like you! I await anxiously for news on this new food. Currently That Woman feeds us the VanPatten formula Natural Balance. However once again, my housemates eat all food in the dishes before I even come in from playing outside. This forces That Woman to accomidate my dinning in private (which means on top of the dining room table) *don't worry; That Woman and That Gurl don't eat at the table* I feel it's high time I was given my own table away from all the 'rabble' that has invaded our house.

    I can barely nap without that MEOOWWWIE baby boycat in the next rooms! Sheesh! What a crybaby he is! I'm happy tho, That Woman goes in there all the time to pet and drool all over him so she stays away from me!

    Good luck my studly mancat! I still love you fat or thin but am glad you'll be healthier. (all the better to come chase me around!)

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan

  9. Hay Uncle Diskers, We think you look great, really I thought you had HUGE muscles I did not realize you had a case of the chubbs. Seriously I thought you were super buff working out. I don't see chubby anywhere! So now you get special food and I guess you will get buffer huh?

    I am going to hope and bonkbonkbonk that you are the big winner in the end because then you will be my uncle Diskers and also the winner!

    EAT FOOD!!

    bonks from me and the little orange tyke, BronkieMiles

    ps: I know you do not need to work out or anything but wowie wouldn't it be super fun if we could run up and down the stairs and do some wrestling at the same time you are.

    more bonks - Pierro

  10. Darling Disco...please enjoy your new food and exercise. Because when Thanksgiving comes, you will run races around the room and feel 100$% better and be a true ladies man. Ahem. I AM a lady cat after all.

  11. Hey Disco. We think that diets must be really hard but we hope this Nulo stuff is so good that you won't mind eating less! We're rooting for you!

  12. Disco, we wish you the very best with losing weight on the new food. Your love handles are cute but they aren't very healthy for you.

  13. Good luck Disco! I know you can do it. That food sounds very healthy.

  14. Disco is a bit plump to say the least :-). I looked into the food, but could not tell if it is grain free. All my boys are on an all wet, no grain,no by product, natural pet food and all have slimmed down. I believe it is the grain that puts on the weight, just my 2 cents. Good luck to Disco! xoxo

  15. Good luck Disco! Grayce lost weight on a non-kibble diet and she is like a whole new kitty! Disco, you will feel GREAT being slimmer!

    OMC, the kittens are so cute (previous post)and growing like weeds.

    Good for you Teri, getting through the clutter. It really is a load off your mind to get stuff gone or organized.

  16. As a fellow dieter. let me wish Disco the very best in his quest.

    (If it works, do you think I might give it a try? - meorrrwwww )

  17. You are cracking me up. Yes, the rock does make the butt look a little biggish.

  18. I just love that Disco Face... good luck there sweetheart.

  19. I hope this works! Disco is such a handsome kitty when he is at his fighting weight!

  20. Thank you for the ideas on Chey's issues. She's been vaccinated with the standard FVRCPC vaccines, so it's unlikely she could get cali-virus (and so is the kit). The vets know we have a new kitten. Oddly, viral issues are probably not it as she's not spiking a fever at all either (very odd as sick as she is). It's possible she wouldn't spike a fever, but I'd hope that her immune system is better than that!

  21. You go Disco! We'll be following this closer than mom follows "The Biggest Loser"!


    Cory & Co.

  22. Wow! Disco is quite the looker. Very photogenic and happy-looking. Glad to meet ya on our Nulo journey!

  23. Hi, Teri, I'm Imoe from Yogi blog(I am the writer and creator/designer of all Yogi pages/blog). ShanQ very much fur visiting Yogi And Furriends and Daily-Yogi and many comments. I really appreciated. Oh yes, I've visited your blog here to see your Disco. I see he looked like yogi with chubby belly, and successfully lost weight! wow! I had no idea that the topic about diet or health got so much attention from many furriends. I learned a lot today, and ShanQ fur talking to Yogi mom about diet, she said she would like to try the way you did Disco to Yogi.


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