Friday, July 2, 2010

Caturday Saturday

It seems that we are down to posting once a is so busy and our mewmie has two jobs--one her day hunting duties at the Cat Hospital, and one--taking care of us, which is another full-time job.

(this is an old photo of mewmie at can tell cuz of the old computer monitor and the fact that she doesn't have as many grey hairs as she does now!)

(this is an old photo of can tell cuz he isn't carrying around 3 & 1/2 extra pounds...this was him at his 'show' weight!)

Recently, her therapist asked her what she would do if she didn't have to work...and she said 'Blog more, and get us Therapy Certified, and volunteer at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary and Tabby's Place'

But, til she can retire, she tries to squeeze in as much as she can and somehow, having blogging time seems way too short! It's been another busy week at Furrydance, some good mews...some bad.

Brighton continues to improve and we are purring about that! He is still on his meds as he seems to make lotsa trips to the box still but he is feeling and acting very perky and that's a good sign. Mewmie doesn't have any trips planned until September and October and she is hoping by then, he is back to normal.

He will be traveling with her anyway as one of the trips is to a Cornish Rex Specialty Cat Show in Wilmington Ohio and the other trip is to New York City, to the big Meet the Breeds Expo, where both dogs and cats will be in attendance (guess that worked out ok last year, though it sounds a big scary to us!). CLICK HERE FOR INFO ON MEET THE BREEDS!. Brighton loves to travel, but she is hoping the stress doesn't bring on another Pee Problem.

Remember last week we told you there were birdies nesting in the pretty birdhouse mewmie bought us (hahameow). Well, there IS the sound of tweets coming from it! Listen and watch this! Sorry, it's kinda dark but you can see and hear the mommybirdie talking to her babies tweets.

Mama Katz and TomTom have been around every night, as well as the possum, a deer and a limping scraggly raccoon (those other critters...not every night than goodness!).

TomTom has a wound behind his right ear and mewmie has tried hiding an antibiotic pill in a treat, in canned food and in a hamburger meatball...but all TomTom wants is DRY food--not stinky goodness! Go figure. So...twice the possum ate the pill! Here's a photo of him NOT eating the pill!

TomTom didn't cooperate and get anywhere near the trap last Tuesday night, so he didn't get to be neutered yet. So mewmie left the trap out (closed, so no other critters get in it) and has been feeding the cats right in front of the door to the trap.

Today she is going to put the food inside but secure the door open, so maybe he will get in and eat and then leave, so he gets used to the idea of eating in it.

She is hoping by the time next Tuesday rolls around, he will get in it and be able to be trapped. She doesn't want to trap the possum or the raccoon...wish her luck! And she hopes his wound won't be too bad by then, either and that she can figure out a way to get some meds into him before then.

There is sad news about Mama Katz' kittens though. Butters, the friendliest kitten who was caught first and who had the pneumonia, got very sick after his first vaccination and had to be helped to the Bridge.

Mewmie was feeling very angry that when the staff found him ill the morning after all the kittens had their shots, that the assistant said he might not have been feeling well the day before, that he was quieter than normal. Then to find out, they didn't even temp them before they gave the vaccine.

Just because they are stray little kittens, doesn't mean they should get substandard care and she wished she had been involved in what was going on at the time, but no one told her they were going to start their vaccinations that day. So she has to take some responsibility for not keeping herself in the loop when it came to medical decisions for these kittens.

We ran some bloodwork on Butters when we saw he was not feeling well, but it all came back normal. He was the runt of the litter and the only one who had been sick before, but we still don't know what was wrong, though we do know some things that weren't wrong.

He didn't have FELV or FIV, he wasn't anemic and didn't have an obvious infection. We did not run tests for Toxoplasmosis or FIP/FCV but both of those are possibilities. We will just have to watch the rest of the kittens closely, and hope they continue to grow and thrive.

Little Tilly's hurt leg is not any better either, and that's sad news. Our vet did talk to a neurologist about her and he explained all the things that might be wrong and in the best case scenario, she will gradually improve within two weeks and get back to normal eventually.

If the damage isn't reversible, there is a surgery that can fuse the joint so that she can at least place it properly and not drag it...but that's real expensive. And then, the other option is amputation, which is actually more expensive than the fusion.

So for right now, we are doing 'physical therapy' on her leg and waiting. As long as she isn't hurting (she isn't) or injuring and scraping it by walking on her 'wrist'...we will wait and watch. She was spoken for by one of the staffs parents, but they are on vacation and don't even know she has been hurt yet.

We aren't sure if they will still want to adopt her and then take care of her medical problems. Their daughter has offered to help pay for any surgery Tilly might need, by skipping a vacation this year. That might help them decide to take and help this little one...

Here's a couple of pix of the two boy kittens still looking for homes, and you can see how sweet they are and how they are thriving, too! We just sent out an email with these photos to some of our clients who recently had a kitty go to the Bridge, in case they are thinking about adopting again.

We hope they find their furrever homes soon...they are 8 weeks old now and ready to make their home more than an exam room at the Cat Hospital, hahameow!

Mewmie has been busy working in the back yard and garden and even got up early this morning instead of sleeping in with us, so she could do some stuff outside before it got too hot. But she ended up working on our blog for us and now it's hot outside! She said she'd come back in and take a nap with us this afternoon...that will make it about our third nap for the day, but who's counting!

Once she gets the yard prettied up, she will take some photos and share them with all of you, since we like walking through your gardens so very much!

Oh, and before she forgets, we got a very thoughtful awardie given to us by the lovely Admiral Hestorb and we want to thank her everso for thinking of us as 'Versatile'!

We weren't sure what that meant, so we had mewmie google it and it means 'having many skills, able to move freely in all directions, competent in many areas and able to turn with ease from one thing to another.' Well, that certainly sounds like us cats and our mewmie tries hard, so one has to give her an 'A' for effort!

Of course, even though us cats don't like rules, there are some that go along with accepting this Award...

Rule #1. Thank the kitty who gave it to you
Thank you Admiral Hestorb! We learned we ARE versatile and we blog about many things! For those of you who haven't met this lovely ladycat yet, who's very nice mewmie calls Ashe, CLICK HERE

Rule #2. Share 9 things about yourself:

We love to drink from faucets (even more than our water fountain)

We get excited when we have visitors and watch them arrive on our porch from a nice window perch

We love our t/d dental diet (which we almost patiently wait for every's the one 'treat' we all love)

Our favorite time of day is naptime (that means we have lots of 'happy' times!)

We all have some annoying habits---Kiki chews on hair, Disco spray marks, Brighton steals plastic bags, Coco puts the bitey on people. Sammy, well, he doesn't get much chance to get into trouble really...

We all love strollering and now we are on Heartworm preventative, mewmie says we can do that more often!

We will sleep on our heating pads even when it's summertime.

Sammy and Disco weren't born in this house, but Coco and Kiki were

It's kind of a breed thing, but we all get yeasty toes and need regular baths and 'spa' pawdicures

and Rule #3. Pass this along to 9 other bloggers...that's easy cuz we currently follow 179 furrends...what's hard is to narrow it down!










Have a Catalicious Saturday...however you spend it!


  1. Me and momma loved the nice long bloggie and this is being answered from momma's bloggie and not mine. How dare she? She should have logged out and logged ME in on my own blog, but did she? Nooooo!

    Momma and I are very VERY sad about Butters. And the precious little one with the hurt leg. Many kisses to that baby and Butters, everyone loved you, sweet baby.

    Brighton, you da man cat! Me and mommy have complete faith in you and your mamma to get allll better.

    Purrs and head bumps.

  2. Oh my, you are so busy. I am glad about Brighton, but so sorry about Tilly and Butters. All the kitties are so darling and I am in love with Tomtom, that face! he looks very pissed off :-).
    Congrats on the award.

  3. Dear TeriSwirly, we love reading your bloggie updates, and we share with you the disappointments this week has thrust upon you- and now us as well. I am sorry that the "staff" at the vet were so stupid to vaccinate a sick kitten. I thought everyone knew to cancel vaccinations when kitties are not feeling 100%
    Butters is at the bridge with Caesar and Prinnie. I am sure of it. They loved being kittens.

    yesyes, you could retire but then what about all of the kitties that would need you at the vetplace? and the vetladies? They would be lost without you.

    I know! You need a part time slave!

    congratulations on this versatile awardie. You can display it proudly and with honor, perhaps get it framed in a teeny golden frame.

    There is nothing annoying about us rex poosies, missie Teriswirlie. How about if I just name a few things that are annoying about hoomans? #1 tiptoeing into the kitchen to get a snack while we are "sleeping" and think we don't know you are sneaking snacks behind our curly backs? I have more, but I will save you the embarrassment and humiliation.

    high paws to Brighton for getting better. Keep taking the meds Mr. Brightercurlypants. See CurlieTeri, you are not allowed to go away!

    I hope you have a coolish-shady evening so you can do some stuff in the gardens and play on your new patio. Mom is going for a walk at 7:30 on the dot --> this one •

    happy day :-)

    ps: cute cute cute olde pictures

  4. We're happy that Brighton is still doing well but we're very sorry about Butters and very sad about Tilly. We hope she gets better soon.

    Concats on your award and it was fun reading more about you!

  5. It is a great blog all about many critters. I really like it. I am still trying to tame a wild mother cat. She comes to me for food when I am outside, but still won't trust me closer that a foot. She is always looking to see if she is safe while she eats. The neighbor girls took her three kittens home to live in their living room, but she has never been tamed. She is probably two years old now. I love those two fuzzy yellow kittens. I live too far away.

  6. I LOVE that commenter calling you TeriSwirly!

    I am Admiral Hestorb's mom, btw. ;-) Please me no end you KNOW what those workplace horribles are like! Oh my word! It's all you can do not to bring an ax with you next time you go in. :-)

  7. Hi....what a nice catch up post. You have been furry busy. We are sorry to hear about the kitteh though. Congrats on your award. Hugs and purrs!

  8. Wow, Ms. Kitty, you and your Teri have a lot going on! I'm impressed that Teri is able to give you a bath. Will you tell her that I left a comment for her over at Oasis? Stay dry...and if you prefer wet food, I hope you get what you want! pat,pat!

  9. Another busy week! We are sorry about Butters, and purring for Tilly.

    Brighton, you just keep on peeing!

    TomTom is a wily guy...good luck with him. Funny, Mommy calls Maui TommyTomTom...especially when he gets a little wild and goes on a spraying spree...*sigh* At least now that he's really a "Tim" it doesn't smell so bad!

    Face it, you'll never retire. You must be like our Mommy, never still and only happy doing something! If it wasn't for the fact we demand laps she might never sit down and relax.

    Happy Independence Day!

  10. Thanks for the update. We're sorry for poor Butters and the hurt kitty. We hope this next week helps with it's injured leg. We can't wait to see pictures of your pretty yard.

  11. Do the cats like baths? Do they get regular baths?


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