Sunday, June 27, 2010

Simply Sunday...

We are resting today and Teri is too...We've all been busy around the Furrydance house, and thought our furrends would like an update!

Brighton is improving effurryday, and is now leaving grape-sized clumps in the litterbox (not dime-sized) and he isn't spending a long time squatting anymore, either. Since he seemed to urinate more when he was at the vets and using an empty litterbox, Teri put an empty box in the bathroom in case he wanted to use that, but so far no one has (even Disco, who likes to use empty litterboxes sometimes).

The behaviorists say that sometimes after a cat has had an UTI and had painful urination, that they associate that pain with the litterbox and avoid it. So just in case that was part of Brighton's issue, she used a clear plastic storage box so it didn't remind him of the 'normal' litterpan.

He is still on Valium until he is back to 100% normal, and Teri will maintain him on the 'nutraceuticals' of Cosequin and Duralactin as they are anti-inflammatory. He is loving his canned food and drinking out of the fountain well, and Teri just ordered two 'Sink Drinks', cat dishes that attach to the bathroom faucets, to encourage him to drink more, too.

Here's a link about them:

Teri is still quite worried about Brighton, as from here on out, she will have to keep a really close eye on him, not knowing if and when he could block again, but she is doing what her vet recommends and while one a cat has a urinary blockage, they tend to have recurrences, she has made a 'lifestyle' change for Brighton and hopes that will be enough to keep him purring along without problems!

She had to take some green papers out of savings this month to pay bills, but she is grateful that Brighton's making headway and has not blocked again and that everyone else is staying healthy!

Coco's kittens are all doing great in their new homes, too and Teri is getting regular updates about's a few pix of Miles, Hiro and Bosco with their housemates:

Update on Mama Katz, her kittens and TomTom (the daddy, maybe?):
Mama K didn't come around for her evening meal on Monday or Tuesday and Teri was a bit concerned in case she has a problem with her spay incision or an infection due to not nursing, but she has come by every night since then and looks A-OK.

She was going to try and trap TomTom last Tuesday so he could be neutered on Wednesday but then she had to switch days off with someone who was on vacation, so she is going to try for this Tuesday night. He is very wary (but hungry) and she hasn't been able to snap a photo of him yet, but she hopes he gets in the trap and not a raccoon or a possum...

Speaking of possums...Teri doesn't like to leave the cat food out overnight in case she attracts critters like rats, raccoons, foxes or possums but one night before she locked up for the night, she flipped on the patio light and look what she saw...

She finally remembered to take her camera to work on Friday and snapped a couple of photos of Mama Katz's kittens...

The friendliest one, who got over his pneumonia quickly, is the one closest to the table post, and he is spoken for...his name is Butters.

The little one with the eye defect, who is still looking for a home.

and, the little girl, who is also spoken for and whose name is Tilly.

It's hard to tell in that photo of Tilly, but if you look closely, you will see she is favoring her right front leg. When Teri arrived to work on Thursday morning, she found a bad accident happened overnight.

Someone had left the exam room chairs down (we are supposed to put them up on the table at night anyway but especially important as the room needs to be 'kitten proof' so they don't get into a trouble).

Tilly had gotten her leg caught in the frame of the chair and no knowing how long she had been trapped like that, but she was not able to get free! Her leg was swollen, her pads purple and she has radial nerve damage to the leg, so she is unable to make it do what the leg is supposed to do. Nothing is fractured, and she is on pain meds and an anti-inflammatory and she is getting better each day, but only time will tell if the damage is temporary or permanent.

Poor Tilly! Accidents do happen, but this was due to human error, and that makes it even worse. Sometimes Teri thinks people might think it odd that she keeps kittens in a tent (even though it is a large, dog sized tent) until they are 3-4 weeks old. And then in a large bathroom until they are 8-10 weeks old (of course, they get lots of time out with supervision but when she can't watch them--they are in the bathroom with their mommy).

But it is just for this reason--they can find things that get them into trouble just because they are tiny and don't know about dangers around the house. Even when they are adults...they do things that get them into trouble. Living with cats is like living with children and their environment need to be kitten-proofed and humans need to think "Could they get into trouble if..."

And for a Bebe update... She is doing well in her rehab and enjoys the guest bedroom with it's comfy bed. So far no peeing out of the box, though Disco did spray the bedroom door, just like Teri predicted he would, but only once so far. Good thing, as it's hard to stay mad at him for long...with his cute face!

Here's a photo of the guest bedroom what is Bebe's right now.

She will have the room to herself for a couple of weeks, then Brighton will get to meet her and we'll see if she likes him for a companion and if she is ok sharing her litterbox, but Teri will only leave them together with supervision so she can watch for any behavior that might start Bebes not wanting to use the litterbox, such as grrrs or stares or whapping on either cats part.

Yesterday, our petsitters came over for dinner and we had fun! Disco got to go out strollering! Bebes got lots of attention and brushing with the Zoom Groom, which she loves and everyone said Brighton acted back to his old self again! Bart (Mr Petsitter) helped Teri build a new patio off our basement 'Bird Watching' area. That's a real friend, as it was in the mid-90's and real sweaty work. But now there's room for patio furniture and maybe even a hammock (for human's, not us...).

Teri bought some new plants (a Wisteria and a Honeysuckle) and she said there is even a birdie nesting in one of the 'decorative' birdhouses she bought...soon we may hear tiny tweets?? (Sure, when she finally gets the basement back together and it's 'kitten proof' again!)

Here's an old photo of our 'Cat TV' room aka the basement...which we are patiently waiting to hang out in again:

Well, that's all the mews for this week. Teri is still trying to catch up with visiting our bloggie friends but wants to say thanks to efurryone that has been visiting us and keeping an eye on Brighton, too! She told us we lost some bloggie furrends this week and we are sad to learn that Puff-Kitty and Keiko went to the Bridge, and that sick kitties Neala and Jelly Bean need more purrz and purrz.

Looks like we missed a bunch of Birthday parties, too...but Teri brought us in a bunch of fresh nip from our garden, so we had a party in honor of those Purrthdays we missed!


  1. What a lot of things going on! We had a cat who had a UTI's every now and then and were lucky he didn't block, but so long as you watch it and keep an eye on them, they can go for a very long time without problems. Purrs to Brighton.

  2. That is very good news that Brighton is doing bigger pees.
    Mama Katz kittens are very sweet. We hope the one with the swollen leg gets better. Accidents so easily happen.

  3. So much going on! We're glad that Brighton is doing better! Poor little Tilly broke our heart cause she got hurt but we're sending purrs that her leg gets better soon.

  4. Sooo glad Brightoncurlypants is doing well. I do hope he neffer gets this again. ouchie and sad.
    terrifical news on Bebes. She looks happy on the bed with all the things to wrestle with, erm, I mean snuggle.
    yep, Disckers is handsome fella.

    bonkbonkbonk it is nice to see Hiro and Bosco. They look content.

    Mom puts Miles in his room when they go away and leave us alone. He might get into trouble or even encourage some dangerous mischief.

    this is a great uppiedate from the curlieswirlie residence!

  5. Oh my, Teri, you have been busy! Poor Tilly! I sometimes think I am crazy when I think of all the things my cats can get in troble with, but now I am thinking perhaps I am just wise :-). Prayers for all the kitties and glad that Brighton improves everyday. Good luck with Tomtom.xoxox

  6. Gosh you lot are busy. Glad that Brighton is doing well, and kudos to the psychologist vet! Like the look of that possum. Why don't you want him around? he looks sweet. Like a big furry rat.

  7. "SQUIRREL!" Disco, get 'em!!! heehee.
    Love all the good news on Mr. Brighton!
    All the furrydance kittens in their new homes are quite wonderful to see; even if we have to turn our heads upside down.

    That poor baby kitty! It's horrible that she had to endure the pain & fear she must have felt the whole time she was trapped & alone! How awful!

    Personally, I make sure my 'box mates' get a whapping now and again to remind of who's the Queen. I get yelled at and that woman even goes so far as to point the loaded water bottle at me (you can't you imagine the insubordination I have to tolerate just to be fed!) So I just 'whap' my tail real hard in circles 'till they leave me alone. That woman calls it 'Opening the can of whup- cats"

    xoxo Ms. Stella O'Houligan

  8. NO wonder you rested today. Lots of news but good news so far about Brighton. Heres hoping he keeps getting better.

  9. Thanks for the update. We're glad Brighton is continuing to improve and hope he will continue to do so.

  10. You sound as busy as we are around here. Sure glad that Brighton is on the mend. That poor kitten that got hurt. We are sure glad the leg isn't broken. It sounds like everyone is doing all right for the moment. Have a great week and thanks so much for visiting our blog.

  11. I have just caught up on all going on with you - oh my gosh! So much. You must be exhausted!

    I am so relieved to read about Brighton's continued recovery and am sending love and prayers your way. You're a wonderful mama!

    And poor Tilly! Sigh...

    All the kittens are so precious!

    Here's hoping for some smooth and easy sailing for all of you! You deserve a break!


    Allison (Grover & Piggy's mom)

  12. We're pleased to hear Brighton is peeing a little more. What a shame about Tilly's leg we hope she makes a full recovery. The kittens look so very sweet.

  13. It's great to hear that Brighton is doing better. It's scary when they block. We're sending purrs for Tilly's leg.

  14. wow there is just SOOOOO much to read about at your house... we feels sorreh for Tilly. :(

  15. Poor Tilly baby girl. Oh that poor poor baby. I hope that there is no permanent damage.

    Brighton, you keep getting better and better, thank goodness and I am so happy to hear it. I have thought of you each day.

    Seeing the pictures and updates on everyone was so good to read.

    Purrs and pets, sweet baby.

  16. Wow! We hardly even know where to start... Best thing we can think is that a litter box like the Breeze one but without anything in it for Brighton. Just thinkin mebbe a screen ta pee through might help.

  17. I also wanted to explain that the note from "Ramblingon" is mommy's blog. I have mine, Admiral Hestorb and she has hers and she cares as deeply as I do about your babies and how they are doing. She went from helping me with MY blog to hers and forgot to sign out of hers.

    Hugs and headbumps..we're both purring and purraying for Brighton and whoever else needs us.

  18. Sounds a lot like our house - we always kept the kittens in a msall room for safety too! Our Only had a blockage too and is doing well now with special food. Sending lots of light to you all - Happy 4th!

  19. You have been busy. Glad Brighton is doing better and the kitties are adorable. Good news that some of them have a furever home waiting for them. We wish you a very happy 4th of July weekend.

  20. That wuz a lot of news! Mai am glad Brighton is doing bigger pee balls! Iz rly, rly gud!

    Momma has all of us on wet & dry Prescription Diet C/D foods now because Gandalf was diagnosd with FLUTD just over a year ago. Momma had troubles when only Gandalf wuz eating the Rx food so Dr. Dave told her to give it to all of us, even Gracie! Gracie did not like kitten foods at all! But she loved Gandalf's foods!

    We all like it pretty gud and Gandalf makes regular size pee balls again!

  21. Wow, what a lot of going ons over your end!

    Thankyou for coming by to visit me when I was injured. I am much improved now and almost back to normal, just a little slower.

    Poor Tilly, purrs to her!


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