Sunday, June 20, 2010

...Daddy's Day

Today is the day to tell your Daddy you love him...give him extra nosetaps, and give him your rumbliest purrs.

Some of our bloggie friends know we lost our Daddy in February 2007 and we miss him everyday. He had not been sick, in fact was very healthy and good about going to the doctors. But an unknown aneurysm took him from us without warning...

He used to sit and watch TV and we had lots of laptime with him. He was a big computer gamer, and we often interrupted his games but he never stayed mad for long. And he loved to take naps and we always joined him!

One never knows what life has in store for don't put off telling your Daddies that you love them, efurry day!

If you'd like to get to know our Daddy and why we miss him so much, here's the blog that a friend made for our mewmie..


  1. It sounds like your Dad was very extra-special wonderful. I'm so sorry he had to leave you so soon, but I know he is looking down on you with pride and love.

  2. Mike was a lovely, kind man and I am so sorry you guys lost him quickly and too soon...He is your angel now, Teri, always and forever.

  3. awww I love those pictures of Mike with his babies, how he loved them. We will always miss Mike and his laugh, I still smile when I think of his laugh.

  4. We are purring for all of you on this Father's Day. We are sure he is now your special guardian angel watching over you every day.

  5. I'm so sorry you had to lose your daddy like that. He was a wonderful man, and you all are lucky to have known him.

    A big hug to you kitties and your mommy.


    Reenie & Sherkhan

  6. Your dad was a lovely man and we are very sorry he had to leave all of you too soon. We know he is watching over you.

  7. In your very loving Daddies Memory, we wish him a Happy Father's Day.
    Our brother, Tinker also has pee problems, the Vet wanted him on special food that had products recalled in the past so Mom did some research and found CoQ 10-30mgs 2x's a day prevents inflammation on the cellar level..
    Tinker is on canned wellness, 2x's a day and Mommy opens the oval capsule then squirts the Q10 in his food. He only had a problem when Mommy ran out of his pills and after 3 days he peed on the counter. Needless to say she won't let that happen again!!!=^Y^=

  8. Your daddy sounds like he was a very special daddy who loved you all very much! We're sorry you lost him too soon and we're sending purrs to you today as you remember him!

  9. We are sorry your Dad is not with you.
    He looks like he was super fun to play with!!!!!!!!
    Purrs and Hugs to all of you .
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  10. your daddeh seems wunnerful... so sorreh he is not wif you anymore. he will be there at The Bridge to meet you all though, and guide you in, when the day comes.

  11. So sorry to hear this Terri.God Bless him and he sure is looking down on all of you now.God Bless!

  12. Your Daddy loved you so shows. And you kitties are your mommy and daddy how much you love them every day. I do for my mommy. She tells other beans that if you show and give love to your fur baby, they give all of that love back again.
    Thank you for introducing me to your Daddy.
    Purrs and headbumps

  13. What a nice blog. The cats look like they are all doing great. I am so sorry about your loss.


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