Sunday, June 20, 2010

Simply Sunday Afternoon...

This is Bette Blu, soaking up some laptime with her Daddy, George. You all remember Bosco, one of Coco's last litter? He flew off to his new home on Friday...and Bette Blu is his new 'sister'! Here he is, inspecting the Pagoda at the top of his new cat tree!

Our mewmie has been very busy (not lazy...leave that to us, hahameow) and has missed visiting our bloggie friends (and thanks them for stopping by to visit and ask about Brighton, too) but in between gardening (more like yard work), she is slowing cat-ching up.

She took some photos and movies yesterday of what's going on in our garden--squirrels, birds, Catnip and just us lounging around the house (TP artwork courtesy of Coco! and Kiki is in heat and wearing her collar so Disco can't bite her neck--yep, even though he is neutered, he attempts to have his way with her!) and the beginnings of a new patio, we thought you'd enjoy seeing the them, too.

For all of you who have been purring for Brighton, he feels great, eating great, and back to his loving personality (mewmie said, who wouldn't be, he's on Valium to relax his urinary tract)...but he still isn't peeing normally! She even got him a new waterfall fountain..which all the cats like!

She took him into work with her last Monday and the vet said his urinalysis was perfect--so that's an improvement for sure. All the infection is gone and their still are no crystals to be seen, so he should be doing the normal 3 urine clumps in the box each day. But he is still going frequently, and only dime to quarter sized clumps.

So, besides continuing the Valium to relax the urethral spasms, they added Metacam for inflammation. Teri has been able to watch him closely all weekend and she thinks it's helping.

The vet was reluctant to sedate Brighton and pass a catheter to check for strictures etc as sometimes just passing a catheter can cause irritation. So we will wait another week and do that if he isn't back to normal by then.

Mama Katz (the cat formerly known as Punky Brewster) is coming around every night at the same time, dusk about 8:30pm, just as one of our bloggie followers who does TNR said she would.

And one of the clients at the vet hospital donated 30# of Evo dry food for Teri to feed her! And she gets to eat all our canned food leftovers, too. Teri said it's like having a doggie, hahameow!

Mama Katz arrives with the probable daddycat to her 4 kittens, and Teri's boss said if she can trap him Tuesday night, she will neuter him Wednesday...that will be good cuz he's been spraying by our front door---Pee U!

The kittens are doing great, too! The one with pneumonia and constipation is all better now, and two of the 4 kittens are spoken for and the lady who donated the cat food for Mama Katz said once they reach 8 weeks old, she can take them to cat shows and 2 rescue groups said they would help her find homes for them.

Teri keeps forgetting to take her camera to work with her to take photos of the kittens, but they are growing fast and while they have to be in a cage during the day, at night they have a big exam room to romp and play in.

And they get lots of attention from the staff at the hospital and maybe the 2 kittens that don't have homes yet will be adopted by one of the hospitals clients...that would be nice!

And finally an update on Bebes, the kitty who is here at Furrydance for 'Rehab' cuz she had been peeing outside her litterbox. You might remember her from this post CLICK HERE and you will be happy to know she is doing quite well here!

Today, Teri got the guest bedroom all ready for her next step in her rehabilitation. She washed all the bedding and vacuumed real well and since Bebes has not once peed outside the box in her time here, she gets to move into our favorite room in the house!

Disco said he might just have to spray on the bedroom door to show his displeasure at being shut out of there!

She is still on anxiety meds (Buspirone) but other than becoming a bit more vocal, she has not exhibited any of the behaviors she did in the home she was in. She is not digging at the carpet by the door, not scratching the door and not peeing inappropriately.

She does do a lot of that 'tail waggling' behavior, sort of a precursor to spraying, but some cats do that when they are happy, so as long at that is all she does, that's 'socially accemptable'. If she behaves herself in the guest room, then she will let Brighton befriend her and then we can see if she is ok sharing a litterbox etc.

As a side note, the other kitty this couple has from me (Coco's mother, Kely) is adjusting to being an only cat, but they also caught her peeing in the basement (the place Bebe's was doing that) so they have closed off the basement for now.

Neither cat ever peed anyplace in the rest of their house they said, so there may be something about the basement--animals seen outside, stress at being separated from their humans, or something in the carpeting or pad that attracts them.

Well, that's all the mews for now!


  1. It was good to catch up! I am glad that Brighton was doing well.

  2. Love the videos! Beebs is quite adorable I wanted to take her wee face in my hands & just kiss that nose! Glad Mr. B is doing well!
    Ms Stella says that she is not surprised that Mr. Hottie goes for the sexie ladies given his considerable sex appeal. rrrooooower!

  3. My! That is a TON of news, and all of it good! We are thrilled that Punky's kittens may already have some homes.

    We feed a feral too...they sure seem to eat more than the indoor cats! Is there a worm medicine you can put in their food?

  4. We are glad Brighton is doing well. We thought that was a real cat sleeping beside the squirrel at first - silly us! That is good news that two of the kittens have homes to go to and we hope the other two soon find homes also.
    Eric often 'twiddles' his tail as if he is going to spray, but has never done so. He does it when he is happy to see us.

  5. So glad Bosco has gone to such a deluxe forever home!
    Happy Brighton is better and I hope he makes a full recovery. Also saying prayers for Bebe and that all those adorable kittens find homes.
    Happy Sunday. xoxo

  6. We are happy that Brighton is doing well! That picture of the toilet paper looks like something that happens occasionally in this house! It used to be Jazzie, now it is Reye!

  7. Wow! So much news and all sounds good! So happy that Brighton is doing better and here's purrs that he does normal pees really soon!! Thanks for posting all the pictures and videos!! We love 'em!! Purrs, Lautrec and Tiny

  8. Thank you for the update on efurryone! We're glad Brighton is doing better!

  9. Isn't Betty Blu so lovely? We especially enjoyed seeing how her lovely fur photographs. An amazing blue angel. Bosco will have a wonderful life with his new parents and elegant sister. Bless his little heart.

  10. Thank you for the big update! Interesting perspectives on pee.....Glad Brighton is doing better.

  11. Love the videos!
    My mom has been busy too. really busy!
    Miles and I help her though so she has a fe times during the day to visit a blog or two.
    This is all good news. We are happy for Bebes, and hope Kely improves.
    so good news about Brighton.

    Mom says Caesar used to wiggle his tail like that when he was happy and proud - a lot!!

    Me and Miles are really roughhousing around here, lots of wrestling and tearing around the house. Mom makes us stop sometimes when she thinks we are going to get hurt. She claps her hands really loud and we forget that we are huge tigers.

    bonks to everyone. Kiki's necklace is beeeeyooootiful!
    Bosco is going to be a very happy boy with such a sweet sister and a lapdaddy too!


  12. Sounds like you have your hands full and plenty to keep you busy :o
    We are happy most of your news is good :)
    We are especially happy to hear Brighton is doing so well ;) His 'happy' drug seems to be working!! heehee
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  13. Great updates, happy news that everyone is doing well; we hope Brighton and Bebes continue to improve...Disco is quite the ladies man!!...kisses x3 beautiful friends...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  14. There was a lot of catching up to do there! And it all sounds good! :)

  15. wow, there is soooooooooooooooo much going on over there! how does you handles it all?!

  16. Wonderful videos.... the squirrel, the singing birds, the lush's gorgeous!

    The kitty videos are also grrreat!
    But, I must say, the photo of the "toilet paper avalanche" is my favourite! It brings back loving memories of my cats.....

    I have to say once again what a remarkable lady you are.... I admire your fortitude, your energy and your true gift of helping animals and making their lives better.

    Many hugs!

    ♥ Robin ♥

  17. Oh I so enjoyed these videos.I loveeeee that water fountain, my youngest kitty would love it.LOL@ toilet paper roll, they get bad sometimes dont they LOL

    Happy Summer Terri!

  18. Great pics..especially love the one of the shredded toilet paper..looks like our house.

    I have the same issues with my Salem and urinary problems....I put him on Cosaquin about 3 weeks ago (glucosamine for cats)...guided by the idea that glucosamine is good for healing cartiledge, which the bladder is actually quite similar. So far so good..he has been peeing steady now, and in the box not around the house....i havent done a multistix on him or a full urine in work yet, i was going to wait the month and then check for struvites again. Good luck to you.

  19. I loved every word. It is so good to get caught up with news of Brighton, and good to know that Bebes has changed her behaviors.

    The videos were each a joy..loved every second of them all. So glad you included them. I am always interested in the cats and who is doing what with whom and why. Inquiring minds. :-)

    Blessings on you, your family and the fur babies.

  20. We're glad to hear so much good news coming from your place. We'll be sending vibes and purrayers for Brighton to keep getting better.

  21. Wow that was a big update. I am glad most cats are doing good!

  22. Thanks for the newsy post. Glad to know Brighton is doing better.


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