Sunday, June 13, 2010

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Which Rescue Group would you like to see get a FREE sponsorship to Pet Expo 2010? ($150 value)

Kristynn and Thomas are the proud servants of two Furrydance Cornish Rex, Teddy and Henry. They live in Summerville South Carolina and their favorite place to shop for their pets is Doolittles. Doolittles is having a contest to vote for a local rescue group to be able to be sponsored at the local Pet Expo 2010.

For any of you who are on facebook too, here is the link to their page and you can vote there.


Kristynn asked me to pass this along to all the CB to vote for OUR LADY OF MERCY'S CATNIP COTTAGE. Here is a link to their website:


Unfortunately, it looks like you can only vote if you are on facebook, not from Dolittle's or The Catnip Cottage's websites--fooey!

And if you need another reason to vote for them...listen to this story:

Kristynn is a Oncology/Palliative Care nurse and last week a young woman in her early 20's who is in hospice care and has not much longer on earth, had one have a cat to snuggle with as she had never had a cat of her own, something she had longed for.

Kristynn contacted The Catnip Cottage as she had adopted one of her kitties from there and asked if they had any cat that might be the one who could grant this young woman's wish, if just for a few hours. Amazingly, they have two Certified Therapy Cats and they brought Franklin to comfort this girl.

Once he had his collar on, he knew he was 'at work' and he spent the next two hours doing his job--comforting a patient...touching her face, curled up next to her, putting his paw in her hand. He is trained not to walk on patients, and to avoid all the medical equipment and IV lines, and to be calm and comforting.

This young woman was in and out of consciousness but for the whole visit with Franklin, she was lucid and even spoke, thanking him for coming to visit and how much it meant to her...and The Catnip Cottage took no money for this service, this labor of love. They said they feel blessed to have such a special cat to help others in need...

For this story alone, because my therapist asked me what I would be doing if I didn't have to work...and one of the things would be to get at least one of my cats Therapy Certified...The Catnip Cottage gets my vote and hope they get yours, too...


  1. We aren't on Facebook so can't vote there. We clicked to go to their website but couldn't see anywhere to vote.

  2. We are not on Facebook, but mom's sister is, so we will pass this on - we know she will appreciate this wonderful story. It made our mom cry! And of course, we love it that the therapy cat is named Franklin.

    Many purrs!

  3. Wow....what a sad, but touching and heart-warming wonderful that animals can be and do so much. Catnip Cottage surely has my vote. I wish I could help in some way, too! Good luck to them and keep up the excellent work. And 'bravo' and thank you to you for telling us about them.

  4. We shall have to go ver there and vote!

  5. That left me with tears. What a blessing all the way around.

    I am back from my trip and trying to catch up.

  6. Good story. Catnip Cottage has my vote

  7. we will go visit and vote too.
    Those therapy kitties and doggies are angels. Oh my, that dear sweet girl, so sad. I am really thankful for Franklin.

    we will go visit and vote now.
    then mom says she is "tired" for some reason. She says she is going to bed in 30 minutes - !! -- I don't know how she is going to do that... Miles and I have so much more running and playing to do around here this evening. Silly mommy.

    bonks curlieswirlie friends

  8. That story made me cry, so beautiful. I am glad brighton is better and that all is well with the foundlings.

  9. We are not on facebook. But what a touching and heart warming story. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  10. That is a great story...they will get my vote too.

  11. We know the bean from the Catnip Cottage! Miss Maureen is a wonderful, wonderful purrson. She has had several diabetic kitties, so that's where we know her from. Owr biggst brofur Jasper was diabetic too. Owr mom has helped her wif some fundraising fings too.

    We're so glad all the Cat Bloggysphere kitties are gonna help. Fank you all!!

    Finny Buddy & jazzy

  12. How is precious Brighton? I am purring for him effury day.

  13. I am so humbled and embarassed! Thank you so very much for such a lovely retelling of the day. Honestly, do not praise us, but praise God, the Creator who answered this prayer so fast. Do not praise the servant, but the master.

    Now Franklin - he IS a masterpiece! I am honored to be chosen to be his companion and mush share such a cat!

    Blessings and Peace,

    Our Lady of Mercy's Catnip Cottage

  14. I have been privileged to get to know and visit with Maureen who runs the Catnip Cottage in Summerville. We have adopted three cats with special needs, and one kitten (totally normal) from her over the past 6 years. Her home is the Catnip cottage and is incredibly cat loving and friendly. Her commitment is unwavering. She is a good christian, a vegetarian and the unadoptable cats and kittens last hope. I wouldn't trade any of my "unadoptable" catbabies for anything. It's an honor to vote for her! Goldie Goodwin

  15. That was a sad but heartwarming story. I'm not on Facebook, so I can't vote. I am glad that Brighton is doing so much better.

  16. Maureen is absolutely right.. Praise God for Maureen and her dedication and unfailing love!

  17. Animals can be so comforting. It's terrific this woman's desire was fulfilled.


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