Sunday, June 13, 2010

Simply Sunday Afternoon...

With all that has been going on at the Furrydance house, none of us have been able to visit all our bloggie friends in about 2 weeks, except for a comment here and there.

But hopefully we can catch up this week, cuz we miss visiting all of our furrends! You all come up on our Google Reader and we always check the CB, and so we know that there's some kitties needing purrs out there, big time and also an awardie we need to pick up over at Admiral Hestorbs...mewmie needs a Staycation!

Brighton is feeling much better--more chatty, and telling us he has cabin fever by pulling down the towels from the towel bar and getting mewmies bathrobe off the hook on the back of the bathroom door and sleeping on it! He got to come out into the bedroom today, while the rest of us had to say hi underneath the door...just to be safe.

He is still on the valium to help with the urethral spasms and his 'per pee' volume isn't much but he is going multiple times a day and larger amounts, so that's improvement. His cold is pretty much gone--just an occasional sneeze and no stuffiness now.

He will go in to work with mewmie tomorrow to hopefully collect a urine sample for testing and see what his 'flow' is like. He loves his 'medicine' treats and is easy to give his sub q fluids to, thank goodness!

And for a Punky B and kitten update...Lookin' Good there, too! One of our techs took two of the kittens home with her to her moms house this weekend--the one with the wonky eye and the little longhaired boy kitten that has pneumonia, consipation and was losing weight.

Both are doing great, and Butters (as the LH is called now) is gaining weight, playing and eating up a storm--so hump is over for now! And her mom is considering adopting Butters now, too!

The girl kitten and the hissy boy got to spend the weekend together in an exam room at work-so lots of room to play, much better than a cage! Hissy stops hissing after a few minutes of stroking and sweet talk but needs more 'environmental stimulation' to get over his fraidy-cat-ness.

Maybe our techs mom will foster them as she is home full time and can really work with them. I checked on them yesterday and they are doing great--eating and using the box (mostly). One of our clients at the hospital is donating litter and food for them, and one of the techs pitched in and bought them some Royal Canin Baby Cat food, which is just right for them at this age.

Another one of our techs parents came by to visit them yesterday, and they are going to adopt the little girl and call her Matilda! They are home a lot they might be able to foster her and Hissy, and split up the responsibilities a little.

Punky B took a long time to recover from anesthesia, but that's cuz we wanted her to. We wanted her recovery to be smooth and not have her beat herself up in the trap while waking up. But by the time I left work with her, she was sitting up and watching me.

I put her in the big cage I had the kittens in on my patio--but made the mistake of putting a bowl of water in the cage along with food and well, she proceeded to try ever so hard to get out of the cage and in the process, knocked food and water flying everywhere. I felt terrible that she had to spend the night all wet and of course, wouldn't get in the dry storage container where there was soft, absorbent towels.

But by the morning she was calmer and while she was hiding behind the litterbox, I was able to 'sweep' up the floor of the cage and put out more food...I skipped the water! Saturday she took to sitting on top of the storage box and looked comfortable and was eating.

I couldn't really see her incision well or tell if she was engorged with milk until today, when she was grooming herself and licking her belly...all looked ok. So, I decided to let her out of the cage, wishing her fare thee well as she leapt over the side of the cage and off down the hill...

She won't have the responsibility of having to raise kittens again and she's been dewormed, deflea'd and vaccinated, too. If she hangs around, I may look into giving her an oral wormer/flea control product once a month so she can be as healthy as possible out there in the wild!


  1. We are glad to hear that some have found a home and things seem to be going okay! YEAH.

  2. Glad to hear that Brighton is doing better. That is really good news. And it sounds like the kittens are getting better too.
    Have a great day.

  3. That's ALL very good news! Brighton, the kittens, and Never-to-be-a-Mama-again Punky B. We are sooo happy--Tails straight up at attention.
    Our paws are crossed for the urinalysis tomorrow, all 48!

  4. Good morning Teri, I know you didn't do it on purpose but that picture of Brighton (recovering) on his blankie I made is the best bday gift I got today! Thank you!

  5. So glad things are calming down for everyone at your place...It will be great when Brighton is fully recovered and can join his siblings again...Glad all the feral kittens are doing well...Punky has a much better chance for a good life now; it is a big worry to have outdoor animals, but once a routine is established, they usually come around to eat at the same time everyday...Good luck with Brighton's test tomorrow and with Punky=hope she starts hanging around and adopts you=it would be a very wise move on her part!...Happy week sweet friends...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  6. We are glad Brighton is doing so much better and getting back to his normal self. We hope he continues to improve.
    We are glad that the kittens and Spunky B are doing well too. Now, thanks to you, she has the chance of a healthy life with no more kittens.

  7. We're so glad to hear that Brighton is recovering! (We think puling all the towels down means that he is feeling better!) And we're also glad to hear about the kittens and their mom - thanks again for all you have done to help them.

  8. I am SO glad now that mommy has come home and helped me get to my blog, to see Brighton is still improving. I have been purring for him. And for the mama who was so wonderfully taken care purrs get even more strong because if my momma had not found me, that would have been my fate too.

  9. Good news about Brighton and about the kitties.

  10. So happy to hear about Punky's successful surgery! I hope she comes back to visit!

  11. We are so happy to hear that these kittens are finding homes! Continue the great work Teri!


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