Sunday, June 6, 2010

Brighton Update, and Stray Kitties Update, too...

Brighton has had a stable weekend, not as much improvement in urine flow as I had hoped to see, but he is feeling good, eating well and taking his meds and sq fluids like a good boy.

His culture results at 48 hours show no bacterial growth so that will probably be negative after 72 less worry. He has started sniffling, so I hope that doesn't worsen and hope he didn't pick something up while hospitalized or the stress cause him to have a URI recrudesce. He's already on antibiotics, but I have added Lysine to his food starting today.

CatHerder had asked if he was on a special prescription diet for Urinary Tract disease, and right now, the answer to that is no, since no crystals were found in 3 urine samples. His blockage was due to protein material, not crystals. For right now, he is on an all canned food diet and no dry kibble, to help increase his water consumption, as canned food is 87% water. It is possible stress could have brought on FIC (Feline Interstitial Cystitis) although I have gone away on vacation before with no problems.

I am truly hoping his urine stream improves, which may mean changing or adding medication--anti-inflammatories and/or anxiety meds, and I pray he won't need that 'last resort', a perineal urethrostomy to enable him to urinate normally again, as that surgery is not without it's risks and problems, too.

Here's some links to info on Urinary Tract Disease in cats:

He will go in to work with me tomorrow for a follow-up exam and to express his bladder and look at another urine sample. So keep him in your thoughts and keep the purrs coming...

As for the stray mama and kittens...I captured all of them on Saturday--4! I think 1 girl and 3 boys. They are safe and dry and flea free now and eating canned food. I was hoping that mama would find them in my backyard and not just run off...and when I got up Sunday morning she was next to the cage.

She disappears during the day but is around after dusk. So I am hoping I can trap her Tuesday night and take them all into work with me for mama to have a sedated exam and tests. Another friend is going to post info about them on the rescue network and another organization said we could bring the kittens to adoption fairs after they are 8 weeks old. Still up in the air if we will TNR the mama back to this neighborhood but more than likely so.

Another friend has a colony of cats she cares for at her barn--some feral but most not--most surrendered due to urination and spraying issues but happy as clams as barn cats. They get the best of food, flea control and cat 'apartments' in the barn so not a bad life at all! So that might be an option, too.

Here's a few pix of the kittens and the cage setup on my patio (before I caught the 4th one):


  1. Oh look at those lovely kits. I hope you are able to get the Momma cat. I am very happy to hear about Brighton's update. I am glad he is doing well.

  2. We're sending lots of purrs to Brighton! And thanks, Teri, for doing so much to help these kittens - we hope you are able to catch the mom too.

  3. We're glad that Brighton is home. That alone should make him improve.

  4. You must be a wreck with all of this stress. Glad Brighton is doing better and hope you catch that mummy cat.

  5. We hope the follow up exam goes well for Brighton. We will keep sending him healing purrs.
    The kits are little cuties. Good luck trapping mamacat.

  6. I'm so glad Brighton continues to improve, and that the bebbehs have all been trapped!

  7. So glad that Brighton is doing better and do hope that the sniffling goes away very soon. Those orange babies look so tiny!! Good luck with the family and finding homes for them all...they are so lucky to have you there to de-flea them and give them some proper loving...poor babies...must have been horrible for them before you came along!!

  8. It is a good thing the weather is warm and they can stay outside. I hope you get the mom cat today and can get those cats somewhere else besides the outside of your house which is probably stressful right there for your kitty family.

    Things are looking up for Brighton.
    somecats get stressed - perhaps this played a big part, in that case, hopefully it can be resolved easily. I am still purring that he just gets all better - the end.

    I finished my ponazuril tx but no noticable results. bummer. I have to keep getting the metronidazol and that stuff tastes like poison.
    The ponazuril was sooo yummy mom wonders if they forgot to put the actual meds in the liquid. She even tried a speck of it and thought it tasted like sugary chicken.

    I hope today is a good day for all of you.
    bonks to Brighton- what a brave mancat!
    I hope your day at the vet is a smooth one. Mom says she is going skating this morning, then back to the madness of cleaning.
    Miles and I had a great week-end. I think he is very trainable, so far I am prettysure he knows I am the boss

  9. We're pleased to hear Brighton is a little better - he will feel better at home too. Hoping you catch the kittens Mommy soon.

  10. We continues to purr for poor little Brighton. Hims in our purraers.
    We loves your cage assembly for the kittens. Nice job on trapping them. It's hard with adult ferals, TNR maybe your best alternative. I know you probably already know this, but be careful leaving her at any shelter that is not no-kill. Ferals almost never work in a house, and she gets big credit in my book by risking her own safty to be with her kits. That's one dedicated momma.
    We loves you guys! TK

  11. Glad to hear Brighton is progressing well, albeit a few sniffles. Are the kittens using the litter box you provided? I wonder if my mom might be interested in giving one of those guys a home since her boy has a terminal diagnosis...

  12. Great job on catching the kittens..hope you can get mom soon.

    Glad to hear Brighton is continuing to improve...sending more purrs your way.

  13. Yay! You caught them all! That barn sounds like a wonderful TNR outcome, if there's space or the Mom cat is really feral.

    Now Brighton, think very hard of the letter P


    Whicky Wuudler
    (Evader of the dreaded PU surgery)

  14. We are glad that Brighton is doing ok - but we wish he was doing great. We are sending him tons of purrs and prayers for a good bout of peeing. And we are so glad that you got the kittens and hope you get the mom soon - those are cutie kittens! And that barn sounds like a great luxury hotel for the lucky kitties who get to live there!

  15. We are so pleased to hear the good news about Brighton! Glad he's eating and drinking. We're hoping all results come back ok and he starts feeling 100%. And as for those little cutie~pa~tooties?!? OMC~!!! They are purrecious! That's one kewl cage. Wishing you lots of luck catching mommycat!

  16. Sounds like you have things under control :-).
    Sayinf prayers for Brighton and that you catch that mama kitty.

  17. Good job on the kittens. Hope you can find homes for them. Still purring for Brighton too!

  18. soooo glad brighton is getting better! he has been on my mind lately :)

  19. Those kitties are so precious! That picture of them in the corner is so sweet!

    Get well Brighton!

  20. Purrs to Brighton. Hope his condition clears up on its own. Tiggy had to have a perineal urethrostomy. It was costly and a two week confinement; but it did the more blockages.

  21. HOpe all goes well with Brighton's health and the captured kitties. Sounds like you have your hands full.

  22. Brighton, please get all the way better for momma. We love well and drink a lot.

    Thank you again for taking care of those feral babies and their mama. What a job of love that was ans is. (((HUGS)))

  23. Brighton, I am glad that you are feeling a little better! I'm purring for you!

    The kittens are so cute! Good luck catching the mama! Hopefully, you get her so she can be fixed and not have anymore babies...


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