Thursday, March 18, 2010

Frolicking Kitten Friday

I think everyone noticed that there was no "Kitten Mews" post last week...I even got a couple of worried emails asking if everything was ok. Oh yes, all is well...I just ran out of time! Two families came to visit the kittens and well, that entailed me cleaning house, and entertaining and educating and I was a bit bushed and thought...Oh, they will send me photos to make up for my lack of them!

Well, Rosemary and Lizzie (of Pierro's Happy Place) came over Saturday to meet me for the first time, and to see the rest of the Furrydance family and, meet the kittens! Rosemary said she had been very enamored with Love Bug in his photos, and that her husband, Rex (isn't that a Hoot!) had mentioned he had always wanted an orange tabby cat...but they were also thinking they wanted to wait for a girl kitten, to fill Princesses glass slipper. So, this visit was really just a "Meet and Greet"...which lasted about 3 hours!

It's hard to pull oneself away from cute kitten antics, and people often ask me how I get anything done when I have kittens small bits and stops and starts, because I am always looking in on them! But they took lots of photos (most of them blurry because the kittens were racing hither and yon) but the cute pix from yesterday was one that Rosemary took. And after getting back home and showing all the family the kitten consensus was arrived at...

If Love Bugs vet visit on Monday shows him to be in excellent health with no congenital problems such as heart, joints etc...then they want to adopt him!! I am so excited to think that soon Pierro will a kitten to "mentor" in mancatliness and someone to curl up and snuggle with...well, I am beside myself with joy! But, until they visit the vet...I am also in ignorant bliss and that is a happy place, too.

Bosco's family-to-be live in New York City, so they have only met him in photos so far, but he will be sharing his home with Bette Blu, a young girl cat they adopted from Furrydance last year. And the two red tabby boys? Well, one of them is going to live with a family close by, who lost their Cornish Rex to liver cancer and they miss the mischievious, unique personality that a Cornish Rex can add to life! I am not sure if they will pick Cassanova or Valentino, but they will be coming back for a visit soon!

Then on Sunday, the young couple who had spoken for Cupid, the little black former runt of the litter, came back for a visit and they said "Why, there isn't a kitten we don't like!" Of course, it made it a bit easier for them to decide as Amore' (now Bosco) was definitely spoken for, and the fact that I had posted some pix recently of Jacob, a handsome black Furrydance they said they were still going with Cupid...unless Love Bug was not chosen by Pierro's family.

So, lots of fun and anticipation growing as the kittens grow up, develop personalities and I get to meet wonderful new friends in addition to all that! They are all doing great, are eating eagerly and now weigh in at 1# 11 oz for Cupid (the smallest still, but by no means a shrinking violet) to 1# 15 oz for Love Bug (the biggest now, but just barely!). Amore' and Valentino are 1# 12 oz and Cassanova 1#14 oz.

Coco continues to be an attentive mommie, often sitting on my bed and watching them cavort around the bedroom, hopping down to break up any "wrestling matches" that get out of hand. This week was their first time they got to have free run of the bedroom while Teri was at was time! They are 7 weeks old now, using the litterbox 100% and at the stage where the bathroom wasn't "stimulating" enough for them! Coco spends quite a bit of time out and about in the house when Teri is home, while the kittens play in their bedroom, but at night, they are all bundled in to the bathroom to sleep (and so Teri can sleep too and the rest of the cats get some "Teri Time").

So without further chit-chat, here's today's photos and movie!


  1. OMC!!! They are the CUTEST little floofers ever! Mom is so liking this breed. She loves the GINORMOUS ears. She wants one so she can call it "Radar". MOL...glad to hear they're all just about adopted out and that is PAWesome news about Pierro!!!

  2. They are still growing and can't stop being so sweet. They are quite a family. It reminds me of the time that our housecat, who raised her kittens in the basement, decided to bring them upstairs for us to raise. She carried each one of them up and placed them under the wingback chair in the living room, and walked away.

  3. Yay, mom told me I can have a brother.
    That means more toys and more fun.

    I think it is a good idea that you put the wild kittens in the small bathroom area. Less trouble, more sleep. Mom still puts me in my own room at night but I like it. It is warmer in there, I have radio and I have tons of safe projects to work on, like playing with all of my toys at the same time.

    The kittens are growing and they look busy!!

    bonkbonk for a sunny week-end

  4. haha they are so cute! Those ears.

  5. They are more adorable every time I see them, just precious!!...We love Pierro's Happy Place and are so glad to hear he will have a brother to hang out with!...I know you and Coco will be happy, but sad when they are adopted; it must be very difficult to let them go...I gave away 2 litters in my life and I didn't realize how sad I would be to see them go; you get very attached in a few months time!

  6. I just can't get over those EARS! Too cute! I could watch kittens play all day!

  7. Oh Teri we are over the moon delighted that Rosemary and Lizzie came to visit Furrydance and fell in love with the ginger boy Love Bug! Yeah that makes us so happy.
    Mommy wants to thank you dear teri for visiting Pixie Pals and giving them your paw of approval. The road has not been with out some stumbling blocks but we hope to be able to bring home a devon kitten before the month is over.
    Your treasure trove of Coco kittens are delightful to say the least and we are thankful they all seem so happy and active!
    Thank you for your Misses Peach and mommy at the cozy cottage
    PS: Diana Nelson sends you greetings!

  8. Lots of fun news and some great photos. They are all so cute! And how exciting that Love Bug may become Pierro's brother!

  9. I am so excited and happy that Pierro is going to have a little sibling!

  10. Oh my those little ones are so cute. And I too love their ears. Love the video. That poor thing that fell off was too cute looking at the tower like, why did you do that to me. Those are such cute pictures and it does sound like you had a busy week.

  11. We tagged you; stop by our blog to check it out!...BTW, we could look at the Coco/baby pile all day=too cute!!...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki


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