Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

This bed actually belongs to 2 labrador retrievers...but we know that cat's rule!

This is Furrydance Jacob, fondly called Chee Bee by the Brown family, who adore him!

He lives real close by in Virginia and there will be more photos of him and his buddy, Elliot!


  1. He's sure showing the dogs who's boss! And yay for the kitties & their milestones ~ eating kitty food & using the litter box! Purrs ~ Jill

  2. Of course cats rule=you go, Jacob!!...That looks like a very cozy spot for long naps...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  3. *wavespaw*
    Hi Jacob Chee Bee. Hey guess what? I live in Furrginia too.
    You have a very big bed, lots of room to stretch out... if you want


    oh wowie, my werd verification is "korni" cool huh?

  4. You Go Jacob! Show them woofies who's boss!

  5. Yes there is no place that a cat can't find to which they can relax.

  6. Good fur you, Chee Bee! You've got those doggies where you want 'em -- and that's definitely not in their bed! You've got to set some boundaries, and this is definitely it! Well done!

  7. That looks like one big, comfy CAT bed!

  8. That bed looks big enough to hold a party on.


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