Tuesday, June 26, 2012

BlogPaw Memories 'n More!

Teri is so glad she took a couple of extra days off her Day Hunting job, cuz it's enabled her to wind down, unpack (which usually takes a week, hahameow) and catch up with laundry. Brighton and Disco say they're ready for BlogPaws 2013!

She got all the 100+ photos downloaded! If you are one of our Facebook friends, you can see our BlogPaws 2012 photo album there, and she might try and figure out how to do a slideshow she could put on our blog...

And guess what she unpacked for us? There were some goodies in her suitcase! Thanks to Moderncat and The Catification Lounge at BlogPaws, Teri won us some stuff! We got a 'Kitty Speedbump' made by Catpods.com

And we had been asking Teri for one of these 'Foraging Toys' and guess what? We won one of the
Aikiou Stimulo Cat Food Bowl from Moderncat, too! They make one for doggies, too!

Here's a video of Disco learning how to 'retrieve' kibble, hahameow!

Teri is still 'Reelin' From The Feelin' from being at BlogPaws! On Saturday, she got to hear Steve Dale speak about 'How to talk to your Vet' and she got some tears in her eyes when he talked about his Devon Rex, Ricky, who he lost to HCM. Teri knows how that feels and they had a real connection there.

Then she listened to the vet, Dr Mahaney, talk about branding (like Coco's pink wig, hahameow) and how that reflects on one's principles. It was a very interesting subject! Then she took a Facebook class, hoping to learn how to decipher the Timelime, which she hates, but it was mostly on contests and yawn...it wasn't the tips and tricks she was hoping for! She should have taken the session given by a Vet Tech!

Then that evening, the Red Carpet was rolled out and that was very exciting! Coco got to have her photo taken with Flat Brett, hahameow! (Coco in her blue wig...she is "life size').

Teri took a photo of Preston, of Preston Speaks, wearing a Tux, and of some of her Cat Lady friends who were in the running for one of the many Nose-to-Nose Awards and all dressed up, too!

We know all the cat blogs that were in the running, but not all of the doggie blogs, so it was exciting to be there to cheer everyone on, including the winners! They all make a difference in the world and we are purroud to know many of them!

Out of 48 finalists, 12 blogs were honored and without further ado, the envelope please...
Best New Blog: Intrepid Pup
Best Blog Design: Skeezix the Cat
Best Humor Blog: Cat Vs Human
Best Blog Photo: World at my Paws by 
My Brown Newfies
Best Meow Blog: GloGirly
Best Wiggle Blog: Mustelamania
Best Cause Blog: Deaf Dogs Rock
Best Blog Video: Santa’s Little Helper 
by My Favorite Pup, Jasmine
Best Bark Blog: Dogtipper
Best Facebook Design: Blind Cat Rescue and Sanctuary
Best Twitter Design: @cathykeisha of Stunning Keisha
Best Blog Writing: Black & Orange Cat Foundation

They all got a beautiful trophy that looked like an ice sculpture, and Freekibble.com awarded each winner a 5,000 meal donation of Halo's Spot's Stew to the rescue or shelter they picked out!

As you can tell, it was a very inspiring and educational conference and we know it will be part of our annual plans to attend if at all possible! If you would like to get to know these special bloggers, please take time to visit them soon.

Ps: Sometime soon, we will have some BlogPaws swag to give away... so stay tuned to the CurlySwirly channel, hahameow!


  1. Wowwie! Me is so glad yous had such a great time. Me is going to has to gets on Facebook and looks at the pictures! Me has to get Mommy to goes next year!

  2. Hi Coco! We are glad we got to meet you! Mom likes how soft your fur is. And of course the blingy pink cattilac! Super cool!!

    1. Peppr YOU were there too??? MOWZERS *grumble* we never gets to meet ANYone... *glares at Mommy*

  3. That is Pawsome! The Mommy just has to go next year! Glad you're Mom is home safe and sound, waiting on you hand and foot. xoxoxo

  4. My human had a great time at BlogPaws and she loved hanging out with you and Coco! Coco, I heard, was a perfect model and it is hard to take a bad photo of her!

    1. We give the photos four paws up...WAAAY up!

  5. Oh what a great trip!! BlogPaws is such a fun event!! Yay!!!

    So happy to see all these wonderful blogs awarded too!! Take care

  6. what fun....we really want to go next year (OK - mom wants to go, we don't travel). and we were pretty excited to see Black & Orange won a prize since they are a local (to us) rescue group!!

  7. Sounds like you had a great time too!! And came home with some awesome prizes, hurray for winning!

  8. Thanks Teri for putting the list of winners up. It’s the first time I’ve seen it :)

    It sounds like a good time was had by all :0 Now I must nip over to facebook to check out the pics xx

  9. Coco, we hear you were the hit of BlogPaws! We're gonna make our mom go next year for sure!

  10. Looks like a great time was had by all!!! If 2013 is back in the east I might be able to attend :-)

  11. Hi Teri!!!
    We've really enjoyed all of your BlogPaws photos and recaps! It was SO fun to meet you and Coco. And really fun to see all of her wardrobe changes! That little straw hat just might be one of my faves. haha! Flat Katie and I are still pretty tired. I think we need a post BlogPaws vacation. Or at least a spa day.
    xo head bonks to all!
    Katie & Glogirly

  12. We second carolyn's Thank You! We hadn't seen the full list of winners anywhere either! Concats to all!


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