Saturday, June 30, 2012

Caturday Saturday

We boycats have been lovin' on Teri (and Coco) ever since they got back from BlogPaws... we missed them big time, even though our petsitter and her kids put the lovin' on us when they watch us.

In fact, Jordan loves Coco so much, Teri made him a little Flat of Coco for him to take home with him, hahameow!

It is going to be very hot here this weekend, like near 100 and really sticky humid, so Teri got up early to let us have some 'Tent Time' before it got too hot.

What's Tent Time? Well, the big 'tent' that used to be used for birthing kittens and where they hung out til they started bobbling about now is our 'Cat Condo' out on our upper deck off our kitchen (yes, OUR kitchen...Teri never eats in there, hahameow).

We love sniffin the air and getting up close and purrsonal with critters like birdies and lizards and squirrels. Not as up close and purrsonal as
Eric and Flynn get, but it's an adventure for us housecats!

Here's a video of us enjoying 'The Great Outdoors'...

We know Coco's been getting a lot of press this week, and we keep forgetting to tell our followers about 2 other articles that bloggers have written about us.

We thought they did a very good job with making strollering look fun and not silly, and with interviewing Teri about pet overpopulation from a breeders viewpoint.

Here are links to both the articles:

My Cats Have Their Own Stroller

The Controversy of Cat Breeders

Teri was supposed to go and see the stage play Xanadu today with some friends, but because we had a big wind storm in the area last night, many places have no power, and the theater is one of those places. She is bummed, but they may be able to go tomorrow! Here's what she's missing:


At least we have power and A/C and the internet, so maybe we can get a little visiting our friends in today! We hope whatever you do this weekend, it's fun and cool, too!

Oh, and don't forget to Hop!


  1. Hello Curly Swirly Poodins. We do not have innernets, but our phone is giving us some sort of innernets so we can comment here but we cannot view the videos right now with the little bit we have.

    It is boiling outside. We are laying in the sun and mom is not making it too cold here in the house.

    All of you look so happy.
    We are glad you are home too.
    When Missie SwirlieTeri called mom, she was not out walking or anything nutty like that... she was moving Blizzpuff into her new apartment. She came home later and Miles and I greeted her and dad because they were gone all day!

    We are so happy we have electricity after all of that last night. The wind was frightening!

    bonks and bronks

  2. We all want to know if celebrity is going to Coco's head! Your outdoor tent looks like a great idea and Teri is a SAINT to get up early to let you out--according to Mommy.

  3. We wouldnt dare go out in this heat. TBT an Grampa get up too late fer the slightly cooler morning weather, so we just stay inside the cool house.

  4. me wishes wes had some heat here! We has had the coldest June on record! And yous guys is roasting! That tent is pawsome!

  5. It ia a relief to know all is well. It is hot where I am too. I haven't met any, but they tell me the pussycats around here come pretty big. Don't want to meet one while on a motorbike.

  6. That's quite the outdoor setup you have. I don't know if my indoor kitties would like that. I do have a mesh travel crate from when Kendall was a puppy. I should try it on a cool day.

  7. Pawsome tent! What a great Mom you have to get up before the "hots" to let you enjoy outdoors. Mommy says give Disco a kiss fur her. XOXO

  8. It's crazy hot here too! Enjoy the tent...that looks like FuN!
    We're going to have to check out Coco's press too!
    Happy Caturday! (what's left of it!)
    xo, Katie & Glogirly

  9. I think my human should get a tent for the WHOLE backyard and let me go out there!

  10. I hope fame hasn't changed Coco at all! That tent looks swell!

  11. Wow, we love your tent! Our mom once took the big cage that we have and put it outside for us so we could enjoy the great outdoors. It was okay...but we still wanted to get out!

    Stay cool!!

  12. Guess what?? My Mr. Chewy fudz came! We will do a post once the Human stops moaning and groaning and screaming from that rock she's got! Ha ha meow!

    The Human says Fank U for the good wishes. She hopes that STONE gets OUT soon!!!

  13. We believe survunts should NEVER leave the house at all, not even for a minute. But your sitters look furry sweet. Did you get good treats when the beans came back?

  14. Hope you had a great weekend!

  15. That is so sweet....a flat Coco for Jordan. I never would have thought of that! We love our tent (although it is the camping in the woods kind). You are awesome in our book because we have never knows cats with their own tent.

  16. Thank you so much for your kind words about our Chevelle.
    The Creek Cats, Maggie May and Mom

  17. How could anyone think that a kitty stroller is silly? MOL


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