Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wordless Wednesday!

OK, enuf of Coco! Todays's pix need no words, and please don't salivate on the keyboard or lick the know who we are talkin' to!

Oh, we know we have missed the past couple of Mancat Monday-Disco's Diet updates, but Disco is kinda at a standstill, weighing this week at 14# 6 oz, but some of that may be due to eating heartily while Teri was away (added some Fancy Feast to tempt him and some varieties has wheat gluten in it--carbs).

We will get back on track again and get under 14# real soon, but he is looking slimmer, less cellulite and more active now, so we are happurry about that!

Oh, Don't forget to Hop today, too!


  1. Blue is definitely his color! (this according to the Mommy) XOXO

  2. Yummy Yummy! Disco looks good enough to eat!

  3. Disco, I bet you love it when your human is out of town - you get to chow down!

  4. It was great to meet you at BlogPaws! Thanks for the goodie bag.

  5. AAAAACCCCCKKKKKKKKkk! Mr. D?? Is that really you? Are you in there? Oh how that MeowZa woman has mistreated you! You are but a shadow of your former all-star STUDded self! Oh I'm all fainty now, I must lie down; come here my love and let me drop (fake) chocolate covered grapes into your wanting mouth! I shall endeavor to feed you only healthy (mostly) snacks followed by a lavish desert of ME!

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan


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