Thursday, June 28, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Isn't this a cozy scene? This is Sammy, snuggled in a fuzzy cat bed in what Teri calls 'The Library Room' aka the Litter Box Room to us, hahameow!

You will be seeing a lot more of Sammy in the future, and we think he will be THANKFUL for that, because Teri is trying to get him 'integrated' into our house, to see if he can adapt to sharing his space with multiple cats.

Sammy is the cat formerly known as 'Stud' here at Furrydance Cattery (aka Our House) and he got to retired (aka Be Neutered) in March 2011, but because he has lived most of his life in The Stud Room (aka Man Cave/Den) he really doesn't know how to be a real housecat, or how to interact in a friendly way with the other cats.

He really only got to had brief  'dates' with the girl cats, and his companion, Taddy Porter, got to retire a year before Sammy and he found a forever home, so Sammy has been kind of a loner since then.

Sammy isn't sure how to behave around Disco, Brighton and Coco when he is out of his 'comfort zone', and he will hiss and swat if they come too close.

And with Disco's history of spraying when stressed, Teri doesn't want to get him feeling defensive. 

So, while they are outside in their Tent, enjoying the breeze and Cat TV, Sammy puts on his undies (yep, Teri isn't sure he is 100% over spray marking yet, so he has a custom made 'thong' he wears around the house) and he gets to do what normal cats do!

He curls up in cat beds, he lays in the sun, he scopes out the birdies in the back yard...and he is learning to share his space...

It will be a while before Teri will feel comfortable letting him have free run of the house 24/7, so for now he sleeps in his Man Cave at night and kicks back in there when Teri's not home.

Because of severe resorptive disease a couple of years ago, he had to have most of his teeth extracted, so he can't put the bitey on anyone, but he can still intimidate or claw, so until everyone is getting along amicably, slow and steady is the best way to help everyone through this transition.

And if Sammy does adapt well, Teri will consider letting him go to live with a nice lady who just lost her Cornish Rex, Toby...and that would be wonderful for both Sammy and Bobbi to fall in love!

Oh, as a sidenote, Clem and Hero are doing great in their new home and just had their first weekend at the beach house and loved it! They did get a little carsick, but once they got to the cottage, they had a blast and even slept with their family's friends who spent the weekend, hahameow! And so far, no problems with 'Out of Litter Box' experiences!!


  1. Yeah for Clem & Hero...

    Sammy - we know you can do it. Paws crossed for uneventful introductions.

  2. Great news from Clem and Hero! Hopefully Sammy will be another success story!

  3. Thankful Thursday indeed. There does seem to be a touch of the tragic given Sammy was such a stud and now lives as a toothless unic but what we really want to see is his thong!

    Then we can wolf whistle and let him know we LadyCats over here still think he's 'Got It Goin' On!'. We think he would like that.

    Miss Jack

  4. We hope things go well for Sammy now that he is retired!

  5. Good news for Clem and Hero! We hope Sammy adapts well to being with the other cats.

  6. We love the white towel draped over the white bed. Very soothing fer naps!

  7. We are sending lots and lots of good vibes for Sammy. It sounds like he is well on his way!

    The Chans

  8. We're so glad to hear that Clem and Hero are doing so well. We're also sending big purrs to Sammy, and hope he figures out his new life soon.

  9. It looks like Sammy is making a lot of progress! That is good news. Also happy for Clem and Hero. Life looks pretty good over there at your place.

  10. Hi Teri, I just dropped in to see what's up. Good luck to Sammy, I hope all goes well.xoxo


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