Friday, June 22, 2012

BlogPaws, Catification and other creatures...

OMC, Coco says she thinks she MUST be a movie star, cuz all the pawpawrazzi were snappin' pix of her last night at the Catification Lounge!

But that didn't stop her from checking out all the toys and perches and even chilled water, of which she helped herself to...

Teri spent the morning filling the swag bags she brought for our friends.

And then she met her friend Amy (Angelcat Sebastian's mom) for an appointment for tattoos. Yes, Teri said she will be bringing home a new cat from BlogPaws...a Cattoo! We're OK with that!

Then she and Coco went outside to watch some famous doggies perform undoggielike feats like skateboarding and scootering! Coco said she was glad all she has to do is dress up, hahameow!

Then Teri went to Kenn Bells Video Production seminar and learned some great tips and watched a doggie video that Kenn made and she said she got a little sniffly...about a dog! We understand, cuz we know Pit Bulls have a tough life sometimes and the story was all about people who rescued them...

Then the evenings festivities began and Coco got to get snuggly with Skeezix and Chey & Gemini's moms and Teri walked through the sumptuous buffet line more than once!

BlogPaws was having raffles for some cool items, but Teri accidentally gave her raffle ticket to the bartender instead of a drink ticket...and that was before she started drinking! So no prizes for her (or us!)

But, they did get some nice BlogPaws swag, which Coco checked out, and today they'll visit the vendors and see what else they can score, hahameow!

In the course of the evening last night, Coco had 3 fashion changes, and she is going to wear her pink wig to breakfast this morning...Ooh boy, what a Diva!

Well, that's all the mews for now...we hope you are enjoying seeing how much fun BlogPaws is and maybe we will see you there next year! We learned it is going to be in Virginia again in 2013, since Hurricane Irene chased many people away from staying for the conference there in 2011!


  1. Coco, we're so glad you are having such a good time! Watch out for those flat cats!

  2. You don't have to think you are a star Coco, you are a star. Ask Teri if I get to check out the tatoo.

  3. Looks like good fun Teri!!!

  4. It must be so great ta be all famous-like! We are zellous!

  5. That Catification Lounge looks like heaven on earth! Coco, you are SO lucky!

  6. It sounds so exciting! We HIGHLY approve of a "Catification Lounge." They should have them worldwide.

  7. Rock On Teri and Coco! Yous the bestest! And me loves the tattoo!

  8. MOL, who would have guessed there's a world of cat nuts out there? Love this post!

  9. loved seeing all the photos! coco, you are stunning as always.

    i am hoping i can save enough $$$ to be able to attend next year in virginia.

  10. Maxwell: Dude, you guys gotted to meet our friend Sebastian's momma! We think that's pawesome!
    *whispers* Allie's looking enviously at the (pink) wig, but Momma's putting her foot down. MOL!

  11. You made Blogpaws look fun!! Can't wait to read about the swag and great products from the Catification Lounge!!

  12. Coco, we got some great photos of you we'll post soon! Thank your mom again for the mommy treats! They were the BEST!
    Your pal,
    Como Havanese

  13. Nice job sharing news from BlogPaws! Amazing you found the time to report since Coco was such a big star drawing attention everywhere.

    Hope you had a safe trip home!

  14. Thanks for the goody bag. Chester and Gretel enjoyed the treats.

  15. I loved our swag bag. The toys were so pawsome. The spring is my new favorite toy.


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