Thursday, June 21, 2012

We Made BlogPaws!

I (Coco) was a trooper-8 hours in a carrier with barely a meow...the same could not be said for the crying baby across the aisle from us! And we didn't take off for an hour as they had a problem with ice! Teri said, 'It's 90 degrees out! But they meant ice for beverages, hahameow. We think if they had taken a vote, the humans on board might have said 'Skip the ice and take off!' Two Gin & Tonics dulled the crying baby it for Teri a little, but we were so happy to get to our hotel room and unwind!

Teri went out to dinner with Jodi (who met her at the airport and the took the shuttle in together) of Kolchak Puggle and they got to know each other better, while I fretted a little cuz I wasn't the center of attention! Heck, she could have taken me into the restaurant...there was a doggie there! But he was a service doggie, so I think he got the VIP treatment cuz he was helping his lady.

Teri managed to snap a few pix of me, making sure that she put all my costumes away neatly, and was happy to see she remembered my pink showcat bed!

And of course, those Flats made it here, too...Cute, huh!

And when the unpacking was all done...well, I crawled in a bag (from BlogPaws 2010 sway) for a nap!

There will be more to stay tuned for more BlogPaws Catification!!


  1. My human is arriving late Thursday afternoon - she is looking forward to seeing you, Coco!

  2. Hooorah you all made it ok - with a littel help from G&T!
    :-) Take care

  3. 8 hours with barely a meow?! Wowie! My vet is only 8 minutes away, and I whinged the whole trip!

  4. I know you will be the star! Take care of Teri for me.

  5. glad you got there safe - have a great time!!

  6. You are such a good cat to be quiet during the flight! We hope you and your mommy enjoy your BlogPaws visit. We're anxious for more reports :)

  7. Have a great time! You were an angel to keep so quiet on the journey :)

  8. Deer Missie SwirlyCocoflower, we are so happy that your traveltrip was tolerated and that you arrived happily and safely to the hotel.
    this is so nice that Missie CurlieTari put your outfits away so neatly and you could have a calm rest in your souvenir sleeping bag from the 2010 Blog Paws party.
    MissieCurlieTeri is going to have a great time with her friends boozing it up while you are in the hotel room watching Dog Whisperer, or Bridezilla. Well, get room service!

    We are very sure there is no house trashing party going on back home in Furrginia.


  9. Glad you arrived safe and sound! We wanted to thank you again for the prize and we already used the Mr. Chewy certificate and got some yummy food!

  10. Wow, Coco! That was quite the trip! We can't wait to hear more!!

  11. Me thinks that the peeps should have realized that a CAT was there and hopped to ALL your wishes!

  12. Me and my hairy slobbery sister Bob has dropped by to thanks yous for all your kind words and thoughts! Bobby is feeling much better today.
    Kisses and nose nudges
    Nellie and Bob

  13. Had such fun playing with Coco this morning during lunch .She is so sweet!


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