Tuesday, October 11, 2011

We have a Winner!

Our purrsonal secreTeri was supposed to announce the lucky cat(s) that had the winning number (according to Random.org) for our giveaway for the PetSmart Martha Stewart Double Feeder and Mat yesterday!

But she was a bit out-of-sorts cuz she had to starve for 24 hours for a human vet visit (for a routine old person colonoscopy...TMI) and all she could think about was eating!

She did find some really good Organic Beef Broth that almost tasted like steak, she said, but she didn't care for the Pina Colada Jello (although she said it would have made good Jello Shooters if she had added Rum, hahameow).

She got back home today (test results all A-OK) and she realized that she hadn't remembered to announce the giveaway winner! So she got on Random.org and let them pick the number, and while we didn't have a lot of comments, we were happy to know that made the odds of winning for some lucky cat(s) even better!

So with many purrs of delight, we are happy to say that the cats from the sweet blog, Critters in the Cottage, will soon be dining in style with their new 'dinnerware'!

We want to thank everyone who visited and left a comment on our post that day, and we look forward to getting to know some of you new visitors better when we get Teri to let us have some computer time again!


  1. Glad to read that Teri is ok! Hope she rests and takes things easy and have plenty of pina coladas!:-)

    Yay for the winner - Critter in the Cottage!!

    Take care

  2. My human's boyfriend had one of those colonoscopies... and he had it done without anesthetic. He is crazy! I hope Teri had more sense. Anyhow, concatulations to the winners.

  3. *Thud!*


    Oh dear...

    Guess the derrier shot was too much for dear ol Stellie! MOL.

    Good one Teri!

    That Woman

  4. Wow Disco, look at that pork chop thigh! That's should have made your human hungry!

    @the FurryDance Human, glad the scope came out OK!

  5. Mommy says that ham needs to be covered in kisses!

  6. Thanks again Teri! We are thrilled to have won and that dinnerware will be very much appreciated by our messy foster cats! :)

    the critters in The Cottage xo


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