Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thankful Thursday...'n More!

Something about pumpkin orangey kitties and Autumn leaves!

Teri just loves this photo she took last just says 'October' and has a crisp, chill in the air feel, doesn't it?! Teri bought a little 'dog house' and heating pad to put inside but she isn't sure TomTom will use it but she hopes so, cuz it would be cozy! He probably has a burrow someplace, lined with moss and leaves, maybe...

This photo of TomTom was going to be for Mancat Monday but our secreTeri is falling down on the job (except for taking photos, hahameow!) and it's Thursday already!! Brighton hovered round her desk, trying to encourage her to let him blog, but to no avail!

But now Teri has a 'second' job...exercising and taking her vitamins and Calcium EVERY day instead of just when she remembered! Yeppers...her human vet told her that her bone density test said she has osteopenia in her neck and back, and osteoporosis in her legs!

It had been 2 years since she had a test and back then it was just osteopenia and her human vet told her to exercise and take her calcium every day...did she listen?? Not so much!

Even her therapist told her that exercising was the next goal for Teri to work for, and Teri said if her test came back bad...that would be all the incentive she needed. So on Friday, she took Disco out in the stroller (he was handy...the rest of us were napping) and she walked 4 miles.

Then she went out by herself on Sunday and Tuesday and walked the same distance, this time with weights (instead of pushing weighty Disco, hahameow!). She says, soon she hopes she will be fit and trim and that her bones will be helped, too!

Then on Saturday, we had a visitor! Our friend, Carol of Coffee, Cats n' Yarn. She and Teri talked and talked while Teri straightened up the messy kitchen, while we got some extra attention!

Then they went out for Mexican food while we took another nap! Here's a pix of Disco restin' his 'ham' on Carol's cheek--how sweet and tender!

Today, we are home alone, and Teri is taking the train up to Connecticut to visit Simba and Sadie and their humans. They were both born at our house, and Teri hasn't seen them since they left home for their new this will be a good visit! And she won't be so lonely since she will have them to cuddle and play with...

Our regular petsitter is about to have a baby herself, so we will have a new one this time...but she comes highly recommended! She is the vet tech at the cat hospital where Teri works and Teri hired her and we know Teri has good judgement! Well, except when it comes to exercising and taking her vitamins!

We also have a couple of guests at our house too! We haven't seen them yet, but we know they are behind the door to OUR guest bedroom. They were born at our house too, and you might remember them from some pix in past posts.

Their humans are on vacation so they are staying at our B & B for a couple of weeks! Remember Jasper and Clover? They are Coco's kids, from the litter that was all named after flowers. Clover's name stuck, and Teri would have to look in the baby book, but she thinks Jasper used to be called Dandelion, like the weed, hahameow!

They arrived last Sunday and will stay with us until November 12th and Teri promised their humans to take a lot of photos of them during their stay with us...kinda like 'summer vacation' pix!

Well, that's all the news for now. Teri is going to try and get to some more 'blog hopping' in now!


  1. summer camp...what fun!!! We hope the kids have a good time. You guys need to get Teri in line...

  2. TERI!!! Keep up with those weight-bearing exercises, they are the best thing you can do!!! Okay, lecture over, we hope you have a fun time in Connecticut :-)

  3. That Woman say's if she lived near you, both of you would be walkin every day! She LOVES to walk but not so much by herself. And since NONE of us would deign to be in a baby stroller she's on her own.

    Of course, you could send Mr. D here for a visit, but there's NO guarantee that when she wanted to walk he wouldn't be er...previously indisposed... *wink*

    She is jealous of Carol having Mr. D's porkchop up close adn personal!

    I shall attempt to jump start the TARDIS so I can visit my beloved in private. 'When the Cat's away...' right?


    Ms. Stella O'Houligan

  4. Well done Teri for doing all that walking and with weights too!! Yay!!

    Big hello to your gorgeous houseguests too! take care

  5. Sounds like a very busy time!! I love that first photo :)

  6. How sweet to see Disco again and I wish it were I he was sitting on, though I would take any of you, the guests too and TomTom.

    Tell Mom to have a safe journey there and back.

  7. Yoo is in Connecticat? Where are yoo? You close to Wallingford? Oh an fanks for telling us bout moderncat. Speshully since we hafs a mid-century-modern howse. We alreddy saw somefin we liked in moderncats dat we told Mom she should get us.

  8. Osteoporosis runs in my human's family on her mother's side, so she takes calcium (plus D plus magnesium) and exercises nearly every day. She walks 5K (3.1 miles) two or three times a week (she hopes to get under 40 minutes soon, then she will think about running it!), does cardio dance another couple of times a week, and Pilates or weight training the other days! Can you tell she is a little bit on the ambitious side? Or maybe she just really, really does not want osteoporosis!

  9. There's a lot going on at your house this Thursday! We think walking in a stroller sounds like fun but we'd probably be scairt! Good job on Teri walking so much! Hope she has a fun trip to see Sadie and Simba!

  10. Yay fur the Mom takin her supplements and exercisin! Mom is jellus of Disco restin his ham on Carol. She wishes it was her cheek and his ham. MOL!

  11. Love the picture of Disco sitting on Carol. That is too cute.
    We sure hope that Tom tom will use the little house you fixed for him. I bet he will when it gets good and cold.
    I need to do that walking too but it hurts way too much. But walking is really good for you.
    Hope the trip to see the kitties went well. Take care.

  12. Well it sounds as though your plate is full with visitors and visits! Fun!! We are not going to "lecture" you about food and exercise etc.'cause LP sucks at all of it:P
    But do take care of yourself :)

    the critters in The Cottage xo

  13. We certainly do remember Jasper and Clover. How lovely to have them back to stay :)

  14. We bet that iffen Teri got down on the floor an skitterred around playin toytoss with you guys (like ours does), that would be GREAT exercize!

  15. We're exercising too - at least, the humans are and the cats are snoopervising. Keep up the good work!

  16. We also hope Tom Tom will use the house to keep warm. Great that Teri has been walking and Disco got in a great stroll too!


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