Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Toysday! Our Review of the Junk Food Flyers...

MeWowZa...One would think testing and reviewing toys would be a slam dunk, enviable job description, wouldn't ya?!

But oh, the pressure!

First of all, some human put some thought into devising a captivating plaything for us.. CatGod luv 'em, they try, but we cats continually frustrate them by choosing to play with Q-Tips instead, hahameow!

We often find very unique and intriguing toys on the cool cat site, ModernCat and when we saw these Junk Food Flyers, we told Teri that they looked like fun, bite sized toys that we could carry around, toss in the air and covet under the bed!

So the lovely lady Kate, from ModernCat offer to send us some to play (or not) with and review! Disco said they sounded Yummy (he has been known to put the bitey on cat food bags) and Coco has a penchant for coveting small toys and burying them under the covers.

And Teri liked the fact that they were recycled trash! So we anxiously awaited their arrival by mail...

Teri took some pictures of them and then handed them out to us...and she waited and frowned when we just sniffed and walked away! Well, she said she was going to have to be 'interactive' and make them FLY...still kind of a bored response from us once they 'landed'.

Then she got the bright idea of sewing a loop on one and attaching it to one of our 'fishing pole' toys! That did the trick! We thought they kind of fluttered like a butterfly and when we 'caught' them, they made a nice crunchy sound!

So we are happy to report we give the Junk Food Flyers our Paw of Approval, we just had to 'customize' them to our own purrsonal taste, that's all!

We want to thank Kate for giving us this oppurrtunity to try them out, too! If you would like some of these 'Green' toys for your very own, you can get 'em at Moderncat's Etsy Shop.

Teri made a little video of us 'interacting' with them on the stick...just to entice you!

Disclaimer: We are happy to be a part of this product review, and we did receive free Junk Food Flyers from Moderncat to use and review, and keep! However, all of the opinions about the product are ours and not dictated in any way by the company.


  1. That was a great idea your person had. I think it looks much more fun when they don't just sit there.

  2. You guys look like you were having fun with them, once they were hung from the stick!

  3. Sumtimes you haf to put your own twist on things! xoxo

    Pee Ess - lookin good Disco!

  4. Wow, they look like pawsome toys to play with. Great review.

  5. We saw those in an email and mom thought they were a great idea. Tim likes to put the bitey on the cat food bag here (though that may just be in an attempt to get the bag open - MOL).

  6. We probably would have done the very same thing, just sat there an looked at them. Wasn't your human smart to hook them up to a wand. That does look like fun.
    Mahoney is better, thank heavens.
    Have a terrific Tuesday.

  7. Hey Teri,
    I noticed your cat have a puzzle box, I was thinking of getting one for my brood, do they play with it?
    Susan (of Susan and Gary and Twiggy and Ruby fame)

  8. Sabrina loves her Junk Food Flyers!


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