Friday, September 25, 2015

Frootbat Friday, Nolo Style

Every time we do a Frootbat Friday, Teri says she remembers the first time she heard that word...from  Kaze and Skeezix and even Dragonheart...

It's a term that just makes her smile, like Furry Dance does...

On this Frooty Friday, we introduce to you a kitty named Nolo! Our friends that follow us on Facebook already know about him, but here's a little back story...

Last Friday, just as Teri was getting off of work and sitting out by Lake Anne with Kely, she got 2 messages from FB friends that there was a Cornish Rex in need at the Fairfax County Animal Shelter.

Teri has been a foster mom to a few mutant cats in need, and well, she couldn't just drive home and not do something! She hadn't ever been to the Fairfax Shelter before but she was impressed with what she saw, including many volunteers who stopped in to take the shelter dogs for a walk... Sweet!

They took her in to meet Nolo, but he was terrified, ears flat back and lunging at the cage door. He even had scratches on his nose from doing that! They told her he was surrendered the day before, his owner had died and a family member took him in, only to find they were allergic and poor Nolo was taken to the shelter!

He was friendly and outgoing on intake, when the staff snapped this photo...

But one scary night there and he turned into 'Unadoptable'... Fortunately the shelter had worked with the Sphynx rescue organization, S.O.A.R. (Sphynx Open Arms Rescue) and they contacted them about Nolo and two friends of mine heard about him and well...Teri's a foster mom again!

She brought Nolo home last Friday and set him up in the 'rehab' cage in the basement and he settled down very quickly and as you can see from this video...before long he had 'Happy Feet'! Like Teri said, that makes her happy, too!


We will keep you updated on Nolo (who has lovely Frootbats) and the search for his new forever home!

Monday, September 21, 2015

ManCat Monday...Strutting the Cat Walk!

Photo by Shonna Okada

As you can see, us ManCats know how to strut our stuff on the Cat Walk, too!

Photo by Shonna Okada
Last weekend was the National Capital Cat Show, and this year for the very first time, there was a feline fashion show!

Of course, we stylin' cats had to participate, as did a number of kitties who had never dressed up a day in their 9 Lives! But our fans know we are experienced models, and not only Coco knows how to rock the Cat Walk!

Photo by Shonna Okada
You'll have to go visit Coco's blog to see her in all her glory...after all, it's ManCat Monday here on our blog!

Photo by Shonna Okada

Monday, September 7, 2015

Monday Mewsings & a Box for Cat Ladies!

You know quip that a cat has never met a box it didn't like...except maybe the one that we call a PTU, hahameow!

Well, our friend, Dorian Wagner, who besides running the best little cat rescue express in the U S of A, The Cute Transport Network, keeps us us informed about All Things Cat, at her Your Daily Cute website.

Her most recent venture is now helping Ladies Who Love Cats (one of whom cares for us) get a nice little surprise each month (no, not that monthly surprise...) if they sign up for her subscription service, Cat Lady Box!

Teri spends quite a bit of time surfing the web, looking at cat related accessories, but for the most part, they just stay on her 'Wish List'. We are sure she isn't the only Cat Lovin' Lady out there that does the same thing, right?

So if you love a lady that loves cats, we know the purrfect way to make her happy! For $34.99 a month, you can rest assured that the carefully curated contents of each monthly box, will make her Squee with delight!

Those monthly Squees happen when said Lady opens the Box and finds two or three fashionably cat-themed presents... hand-picked items chosen with the most fashionable Cat Lady in mind! She might find a bracelet, sensuous purrfume, a silky scarce, even catnip scented lip balm, and more!

AND by seeking out the most special of gifts to fill these purrfectly wonderful boxes, they also support independent artisans and small businesses who they purchase said unique finds from!

And in case you are thinking this might be an extravagance more like splurging, we'll have you know that Cat Lady Box donates 5% of their profits, each and every month, to cat rescue organizations!

And, if you think that the empty box might not be quite enough to make us cats happurry, can bump up your subscription to the next level, The Crazy Cat Lady Box. If you do that...well, we cats will be sure to fall in love with hand picked catnip toys and treats!

The shipping is free, and you can cancel at any time, but we hope that you will find the surprise you or your loved one gets every month makes you as happy as Teri was when she opened her CatLadyBox!

 And as happy as we cats were to sit in the empty box, too!

To get more details on the sur-purr-eyes-ing-lee meow-vah-lous Cat Lady Box, just click on this on the logo below!

Disclaimer: Teri did not get paid for this review, but she did get a free Cat Lady Box! That did not sway or influence her opinion of the fine assortment of feline-themed goodies inside! She told us she only shares info and products that she feels will be useful and relevant to our readers. We think she is the most fun-loving, ethical personal assistant we know! And thanks for the toys, Dorian!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Wordy Weight Loss Wednesday, Disco Style!

Disco's dieting...again! But this time, he is going to get Fit 'n Trim! With the help of our vet, Dr Fern Crist, who expounds on the virtues of the 'mouse or bird in a can'...minimal plant material...canned food diet from Weruva, Disco's Body Score Condition is getting better and better!

If one peruses his personal Battle of the Bulge will notice there hasn't been any entries in quite a while! That's because he's been plateaued at 14 and a half pounds for what seems like forever! 

While he may be embarrassed that Teri found this old photo of him at his fattest (16#) back in December 2011, he was dangerously obese then!

December 2011
Even though he was on a mostly canned food diet, our vet said the plant material in it (carrots, peas and potatoes) was not conducive to him losing weight, especially as he is on a steroid for his Inflammatory Bowel Disease. She was also worried about him developing diabetes, as Teri is.

February 2012
This new diet started May 8th and he had gone from 14# 8 oz to 13# 4 oz, and he looks much slimmer, don't you think? His target weight is 11#, but I think we will start celebrating when he reaches 12#...with more Fishy Flakes!

Sept 2014
So Disco is eating Weruva Paw Lickin' Chicken, one 5.5 oz can a day, with a TBS of Weruva Splash Dance mixed in. Plus (don't tell Disco's vet...)about about 10 kibble pieces of dry food (Nature's Variety LID Rabbit) in an interactive feeder that slows down his snacking, and his treat is now Cat-Man-Doo Dried Bonita Flakes...which all the cats love!

I just tried some of the Primal freeze-dried turkey nuggets I got at the BlogPaws conference and unlike the other raw I have tried before, the cats all loved it! I've tried Rad Cat and Furry Foodie and Nature's Variety and they all turned up their noses at them. I don't care for the veggies in the Primal, so will look into my other choices. 

They didn't care for the Honest Kitchen Grace or Prowl, and they contain too much plant material for my liking anyway, but I like the company and the food...just for dogs though! 

My vet likes Stella & Chewy's, so that's next on my list! Can we just say we love the silly names they come up with for cat foods these days! Splash Dance! Tummy Ticklin' Turkey, hahameow! 

Nom, nom, nom!


Oh, and after snackin', don't forget to exercise and Hop-to-It, too! It's the #BlogPaws Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

#BlogPaws Wordless Wakey Wakey Wednesday

They say that one cannot be tense when gazing upon a sleeping cat. I find the statuesque physique of the Cornish Rex (and slim Sphynx, hahameow) elicit the same relaxing aura in my life. Some of my favorite photos of cats who have graced my life are the ones of cats in windows.

There is something peaceful for both cats and humans about gazing out a window just day dreaming...especially if there is a cat in view!

There is something just restful about cats in windows...why not share some of yours and bring some zen to the world...

Oh, and don't fur-get to Hop...cuz it's #BlogPaws Wordless Wednesday!

Monday, July 27, 2015

ManCat Monday

It's hard work...being a LadyCat's Man!