Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Wordy Weight Loss Wednesday, Disco Style!

Disco's dieting...again! But this time, he is going to get Fit 'n Trim! With the help of our vet, Dr Fern Crist, who expounds on the virtues of the 'mouse or bird in a can'...minimal plant material...canned food diet from Weruva, Disco's Body Score Condition is getting better and better!

If one peruses his personal Battle of the Bulge will notice there hasn't been any entries in quite a while! That's because he's been plateaued at 14 and a half pounds for what seems like forever! 

While he may be embarrassed that Teri found this old photo of him at his fattest (16#) back in December 2011, he was dangerously obese then!

December 2011
Even though he was on a mostly canned food diet, our vet said the plant material in it (carrots, peas and potatoes) was not conducive to him losing weight, especially as he is on a steroid for his Inflammatory Bowel Disease. She was also worried about him developing diabetes, as Teri is.

February 2012
This new diet started May 8th and he had gone from 14# 8 oz to 13# 4 oz, and he looks much slimmer, don't you think? His target weight is 11#, but I think we will start celebrating when he reaches 12#...with more Fishy Flakes!

Sept 2014
So Disco is eating Weruva Paw Lickin' Chicken, one 5.5 oz can a day, with a TBS of Weruva Splash Dance mixed in. Plus (don't tell Disco's vet...)about about 10 kibble pieces of dry food (Nature's Variety LID Rabbit) in an interactive feeder that slows down his snacking, and his treat is now Cat-Man-Doo Dried Bonita Flakes...which all the cats love!

I just tried some of the Primal freeze-dried turkey nuggets I got at the BlogPaws conference and unlike the other raw I have tried before, the cats all loved it! I've tried Rad Cat and Furry Foodie and Nature's Variety and they all turned up their noses at them. I don't care for the veggies in the Primal, so will look into my other choices. 

They didn't care for the Honest Kitchen Grace or Prowl, and they contain too much plant material for my liking anyway, but I like the company and the food...just for dogs though! 

My vet likes Stella & Chewy's, so that's next on my list! Can we just say we love the silly names they come up with for cat foods these days! Splash Dance! Tummy Ticklin' Turkey, hahameow! 

Nom, nom, nom!


Oh, and after snackin', don't forget to exercise and Hop-to-It, too! It's the #BlogPaws Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

#BlogPaws Wordless Wakey Wakey Wednesday

They say that one cannot be tense when gazing upon a sleeping cat. I find the statuesque physique of the Cornish Rex (and slim Sphynx, hahameow) elicit the same relaxing aura in my life. Some of my favorite photos of cats who have graced my life are the ones of cats in windows.

There is something peaceful for both cats and humans about gazing out a window just day dreaming...especially if there is a cat in view!

There is something just restful about cats in windows...why not share some of yours and bring some zen to the world...

Oh, and don't fur-get to Hop...cuz it's #BlogPaws Wordless Wednesday!

Monday, July 27, 2015

ManCat Monday

It's hard work...being a LadyCat's Man!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

#BlogPaws Wordless Wednesday - Pet Safety Blog Hop!

Traveling safely can be stylish... Brighton & Disco look like they are ready to go to Key West, don't ya think?!

And as you can see, we are a SleepyPod family! Coco has her signature Pink Pod, safely seat belted in when we are in the car (although, in truth, she should be in the back seat, as the air bag could injure her if it went off!

Even Kely gets strapped in when she's in the car with me...although this carrier isn't crash tested like the SleepyPod is, I know she is safer confined than loose in the car!

Those who know Teri well, know she has a 'Carrier Fetish'...and we kitties get to travel in style, with Disco looking a bit like Indiana Jones in this rugged carrier!

We also are microchipped and wear collars with our name tags on them, too, making ID easy if we ever escape! You see, not everyone is familiar with microchips, and having that secondary backup of a collar and tag makes it easy for someone who finds us to contact Teri, without having to take us to the vet to be scanned for a chip! 

Also, another nice safety perk of having a HomeAgain microchip is that Teri gets free calls to the ASPCA Poison Control Center because of our annual subscription...That saves her $65 anytime she calls!

How to you help keep your pets safe? Why not join in the #BlogPaws Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop and find out how other pet parents keep their furry kids safe!

Friday, July 3, 2015

Froot Bat Friday!

Featuring Xerxes, one of Furrydance's extended family. Very elegant, isn't he?! 

Some Cornish Rex have thick, wavy coats...Some are almost as naked as a Sphynx... 

But they all have the same wonderful 'interactive' personalities...isn't his face full of 'character'?!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Wordless Wednesday...When Will Us ManCats Get to Go to #BlogPaws Again?

Yep, it's been five long weeks since you heard a HaHaMeow from us! That's cuz Teri and some Pink Catillac Diva were getting ready for and then running off to the 2015 BlogPaws Conference in Nashville!

We had to MeowHaHa to ourselves when she got stuck in the airport for 12 hours and well, she could have driven there in that time AND taken us ManCats, too!

We got to stay at a pleasant B & B while they were away though and didn't have to rough it alone! Our super cat sitter is the LVT where Teri works and she gave us lots of attention and even some one-on-one clicker training time...more than Teri's been doing for us lately!

In fact, it took her a month to unpack from the conference and her friend Emmy the Pet Sitter just met up with her yesterday to get her BlogPaws swag to her...we hope we can dig into that this weekend!

You might laff n laff, but Teri took all the stuff to make our signature mini-swag bags and never got around to making packed up the stuff and brought it home...maybe next year!

Teri said she kinda went through the post-BP Blues and just couldn't put pen to paper and compose anything for our more weeks of silence here! But she has a 3 day weekend coming up and wants to organize her thoughts and get a few BlogPaws memories posts out, and of course, the photos of all the fun she and Coco had, too!

You can read all about Teri and Coco's adventures at BlogPaws if you click on these links (and Coco says she'd love it if you followed her as well)

And yes, it's the BlogPaws Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop and this's all about us pussycats!