Friday, May 5, 2017

Fashion Friday, We're going to #Blogpaws2017

Yes, Curlz and Swirlz is a 'family' blog, all about the cat family! There is a lot of family napping and a lot of family cuddling and a lot of family adventures outside, too...but not idle roaming around, HaHaMeow!

Teri calls our adventures our 'Personal Appearances' and we do get around! Cat shows, visits to Teri's work (aka The Stabby Place) and every once in a while, traveling to something called #BlogPaws! 

Us Man Cats actually got to go to the very first BlogPaws Pet Blogging Conference, back in 2010 in Columbus OH and boy, did we cause a sensation! 

Here's some of our outfits for that very first BlogPaws Conference, as Teri calls it 'Off-The_Rack' wear! 

And we're not sure how we ended up in a Pink Catillac though, cuz now that's Coco's stroller...Thank Cod!

Seems just like with human kids, it's harder to find cute and stylish clothes for Man Cats, too! Seems like Coco, the Couture Cat gets all the attention, and even her mother has an Instagram page...but we don't! 

Teri says she can barely keep up with social media as it is, but she keeps promising to do better, including making us an Instagram page, too! She should cuz Disco recently won a photo contest for Canna-Pet, beating fashionista Coco!! The theme of that photo contest was Canna Pet Dress Up, and if you know us, you know they can and we do!! Here's the winning photo:

We wear mostly casual wear, not the high-fashion couture that Coco wears, and we are OK with that, we like every day to be Casual Friday, HaHaMeow! But we do have a few custom made outfits, from outdoorsy wear to formal wear!

But lately we haven't been having any personal appearances (all these photos are from the archives, sigh) but that is about to change and we are so excited about this news! 

As you might have guessed by the Disclaimer at the beginning of this post, we have been invited to be part of the Cat Lounge Team at this years BlogPaws PetBlogger and Social Media Conference

Our little niche in the Cat Lounge will be "Enhancing the Human-Cat Bond" and will will be talking about and showing you some of our favorite products that build a closer relationship with Teri, including carriers, strollers, foraging feeders, clicker training and yes...Pet Clothes!

While we do have our occasional detractor (aka troll) who leave comments on social media that we aren't kids and shouldn't dress up, those of you who have met us see the relationship that we have with Teri (which includes personal appearances and dressing up, always for a pet-related cause because that is how we roll).

This is going to be the best Cat Lounge yet, and Kate Benjamin has scoured the earth for unique items to fill the Lounge, over 200 items to ooh and aah over, including cat-centric clothing for humans as well as cats! 

And there will be a cat astrologer, a fun selfie booth and the authors of many cat books there to sell and sign their books and more! For additional info, just click on this BlogPaws link to get all the details! 


  1. So bummed I am going to miss you boys at BlogPaws this year! Maybe next time they have it on the East Coast, both you guys and my human and I will be there. (I know that when it is closer to us, it's likely only Coco coming.)

  2. Can't wait to see you!! Purrs from Deb and the Zee/Zoey gang

  3. As we cannot go to BlogPaws, we hope to see many photos of you ! Purrs

  4. The Dad will sure be there to see you!!!

  5. We sure wish we were going to BlogPaws this year. We will miss you boys, and Teri, too!

  6. We were very impressed with your clothing at BlogPaws 2017. It was great to see Teri and all of the kitty gang. We're trying to reconnect with all of our friends since Mom Paula has retired.

    Truffle, Brulee, and Mom Paula

  7. Blogpaws looks to be so much fun to go too. We loved the way you looked all dressed up. The stroller photo is just too much. Thanks for the share. Hope it was a wonderful time. Have a great day.
    World of Animals


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