Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tabby Tuesday...

The very talented Ann (with her cats Zoey and Maggy as inspiration)
Ann of Zoolatry gave us this wonderful PopArt picture, and I just had to share!

We have such gloriously talented and generous furrends! And if you are wondering who that amazing kitty is...it's Coco, that wild and wonderful Madame President.

And, yes she is a tabby--a brown patched mackerel tabby and even in this fantastical picture, you can still make out the Tabby "M" on her forehead!


  1. I must say I am breathless over this lovely portrait of Coco....
    Love Miss Peach

  2. Really cool picture! Ann is definitely talented!

  3. This is lovely, Ann is a great artist.


  4. awesome! the ladies at Zoolatry are totally talented aren't they?!?

    i love your fashion friday posts, especially the video. you are some stylin kitties for sure!

  5. We love it! Some people are so talented. What a wonderful gift.


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