Saturday, September 5, 2009

What we've been up to, too...

(this isn't one of us, but a kitty at a plantation mewmie visited)

How have 49 days passed since mewmie posted a "Goings On" post?? Last time she went a month without posting an update, people were calling and emailing to make sure she hadn't died. Now, we guess they just assume she

1) Can't get on the computer because we're on it
2) Buried in cat litter
3) Trapped in bed under us cats

Since mid-July, four kittens have grown up and journeyed off to their new homes. That is pleasing to mewmie and she's happy that they are happy, too. Toby has settled in to his new home in Iowa, with no spraying behavior there! And Sunny has been spoken for, but as mewmie just changed his and Disco's anxiety medication, she would like to wait a couple of weeks to see if it's helping so he can go off to his new home with a prescription to ease his transition. We are getting frequent updates on them and photos,'s a couple of Henry Oliver, Jasper & Clover, and Toby:

Mewmie had a mini-vacation thanks to one of the kittens. She flew down to Charleston SC to deliver Buttercup to a couple who have one Furrydance cat already and they have become such good friends, we feel so fortunate to have them in our life. The weather gods smiled on them and it wasn't terribly hot or humid and mewmie was grateful for that. They did a carriage tour of Middleton Place, a plantation, which was both interesting and peaceful. Middleton Place The grounds were lovely and she took lots of photos. Here's a couple of her favorites:

just to give you perspective, the mansion you are seeing is just what is remaining of the place--the main house and left flanking wing were destroyed by fire and then an earthquake!

Saturday, they did their own little walking tour of Charleston, ending up getting thoroughly soaked by a downpour, but it was warm and they dried off before long (thank goodness for gauze shirts and tencel pants). Mewmie did have squishy sandals for a day or so afterwards, though. They went by a new rescue & adoption shelter and were very impressed with the facility and how warm and welcoming it felt. Mewmie didn't take any photos there, but here's a link to them and here's some of the photos she took around Charlestown (that lovely street with the pastel painted houses is called Rainbow Road and as a side note, the shelter had their cat cages made to look just like them!)

The bipeds ate at a wonderful "Low Country" restaurant and mewmie had to have Yellow Grits and Shrimp and it was divine! We think the Shrimps sound divine! Kristynn and Tommy told Teri she had to have Boiled Peanuts, too Goobers and we are not sure what a boiled peanut would taste like...but Teri said it was like any other legume that had been boiled--mushy and bland. We like batting peanuts around on the hardwood floors, though.

That being said, after the third peanut they sort of grew on Teri and as they drove along back to the house, all of them were digging into the paper sack on the console of the truck! Tommy goes to The Citadel College and they drove around the campus and managed to be there right as the afternoon parade began, and then the downpour began and mewmie got the funniest video of the cadets marching in the rain, didn't slow them down one step, as they had to end the review and head back inside--heads up, pace pretty even, uniforms soaked!

They rented movies, ordered Chinese take out, BBq'd steaks one night (and Teri found a new favorite liqueur--a Sweet Tea infused Vodka called Firefly, which made a nice Southern version of a Long Island Iced Tea), had a big breakfast one morning of Tommy's great french toast (remember the video of Disco sampling Tommy's French Toast when they came to visit us?) and Teri got to sleep in and not have the worries of home/work/life in general. We're glad she got away and got to enjoy the company of friends and see new places, and knowing us cats were in the care of our wonderful catsitter, made getting away possible.

Mewmie was disappointed that she didn't get to meet a friend of theirs they have been telling her about for months...a laid back, birkie wearin' Doctor who lost his wife to cancer about the time that we lost our catdad, Mike. They'd corresponded a little and even if they didn't "make each other purr", she was looking forward to seeing if he was as warm and friendly as Kristynn said he was. But after initially saying he'd love to come over for a BBQ, he begged off at the last minute due to... a flea infestation (that's a new one--we say we gotta scoop the litterbox) and then said he was shy around women and could they meet up for coffee (and then never responded to Kristynn's page)...sigh. Must not have had time to read Miss Manners...some purrsonality!

Henry Oliver, the kitten our friends were adopting, settled in amazingly fast, even getting used to their dog and sharing the couch with her after only 4 days. Mewmie thinks he will be quite a different personality than their first kitty from our place and that will be fun for them--he is clingy and a purrbox, where Teddy is more of a restless teenager. Here's a couple of photos of Henry and Teddy:

Work at the Cat Hospital has been frustrating for our mewmie due to ongoing new computer software issues, and she always comes home late, but she says they are making headway and in a couple of weeks, three of them are flying to St. Louis for a 3 day training seminar. She hopes she comes away with lots of shortcuts and new ideas...and can then relay them to those who couldn't attend (that's the hope anyway, that nothing's lost in translation...). We are sure we could help!

And as this is Labor Day weekend, Mewmie also gets an extra day off (she'll need it since she's been on the computer most of the day) and she's invited to a BBQ out in the country and with the weather being fantastic right now--cooler and almost like fall--she says she's going to relax, eat and drink and she's taking along her sleeping bag just in case she has to "sleep over", sharing floor space with Silly, a Furrydance kitty, and Tango in their little abode...


  1. Happy Labor Day! Good to see your post and hear that your kittens found wonderful homes! Hope the computer problems work out and your life is simplified!

  2. I hope you all have a great labor day! What a fun thing for you all. I think it looks like your person had a grand time with all of that travel!

  3. It sounds like Charleston was great!:)

  4. Great update, very interesting. That mini holiday sure sounds nice. Is that a picture of your mom? She looks so nice!

  5. what a woderful post.

    we want to thank you for buying a raffle ticket for Tinny and donating into our ivf fund.
    we are keeping a log of entries at on our other blog

    if you do not want your name or email addy listed, please tell me and i will remove. THANK YOU so very much for your ticket.


  6. Love the update...Your cats are amzing and adorable..Glad your having a wonderful time.

  7. Your mewmie's mini-vacation sounds like it was a wonderful time. The pictures of Charleston are lovely.


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