Saturday, February 20, 2010

Saturday Caturday

I missed posting on Warm Kitten Wednesday...but took photos and a little video this morning, and you will see the difference 10 days makes!

Today was "moving day" for Coco and her kittens! They packed up and moved into their spacious new master bathroom. That is the next step in their growing up!

When they reach about 3 weeks of age, they start to nibble on each other, groom (lick) themselves, bobble about instead of crawl and are able to climb out of the kitten box--but not educated enough to know how to get back in!

That is when they get to move into the bathroom, with a larger, open ended kitten box and toys to play with...but mostly at this age, they play with each other! There are 2 kitten sized litterboxes in there, too, with World's Best Litter in them so it's safe if they nibble on it (and they do at this age).

They haven't started using the boxes yet, but will soon as they start sampling Coco's canned food. They often will pee in the box before they start on solid food, but til then, Coco cleans stimulates them to eliminate by licking them...but she stops that soon as they are eating something besides mama's milk.

They continue to gain weight well and I finally can tell you for sure...Yes, they are all boys! And the two red boys, there is a difference in them too, so I am not confusing them any longer. Cassanova is a true red tabby, as evidenced by his pale white chin and facial markings. The stripes on his legs is also more defined. Valentino is a red, and his striping is "ghost markings" and will fade as he gets older. He does not have the white on his chin and face.

It's harder to tell the difference in the photos, but easy in person. Also, Cassanova has a bit of a wider face, too. They weight almost the same, but their body style is a little different, with Valentino being slightly more racy, if you can call a chubby kitten racy!

Well, here are the latest photos (you can click on them to biggify) and a little "moving day" movie, too...



  1. Ohhh so cute! Their tails look funny without hair.LOL.I love the very first pic.Shes cute!

  2. Oh my. cute cute cute.
    I love the group shot and the individual portraits as well. The movie is sooo adorable. Coco is already laying down the rules.
    I love the new kitten suite. equipped with every comfort necessary

    LOVE the pictures hoo weee
    Love those bulgy kitten cornish type eyes and silly faces

    bonkies and happy Saturday

  3. They are all SO cute! There's nothing like the sound of purring! Happy Saturday ~ Jill

  4. Coco is a gorgeous girl and her babies are just adorable!!...Love the pictures and video=Coco always impresses me as such a sweet and loving Mom...Thanks for sharing!

  5. How sweet! Those kittens are sooooo cute! We loves their photos!

  6. The kittens are just adorable and Coco is such a sweet mommy! They are growing so fast it seems!

  7. They are the cutest bunch. All boys! The master bathroom seems like a cool cat cave. We'll be looking forward to the next adventures.

  8. oh my; such a lovely sight this Sunday morning! All those frooty tiny ears & LOVE the white tips on the torti! Mama makes such lovey churrs; such a good girl!

  9. They are just adorable! I want one!!!!

  10. We want a cheese cat, which we affectionately call your cornish rexies! Seriously, my fiance and I want to add a "cheese cat" to our pack one day!

  11. Nuffin' better than mushroom and potato and "cheese" casserole!


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