Friday, May 14, 2010

...Not So Frisky Kitten Friday...

Lots of CurlieSwirlie followers know Pierro, of Pierro's Happy Place,
and were eagerly waiting for tomorrow to arrive, cuz that was the day his new CurlieSwirlie brudder, Miles, was supposed to move out of his birth home here at Furrydance, and begin his new adventure at Pierro's Happy Place!

Well, Miles got a tummy ache and can't leave home yet! Thursday night, our mewmie came home from her day hunting place (you know, that's the vet!) to find someone had been throwing up. She suspected it might be Miles, as he didn't want to each his stinky goodness for dinner and just went upstairs and curled up on mewmie's bed, while all his brothers romped and played.

Then she saw him vomit, 3 times. She took his temperature and it was normal. She palpated his tummy and he didn't wince or complain, but she knew something was wrong. She looked all over the house for anything he could have gotten into (lately they have been nawing holes in socks and chewing up any felt-like cat toys, so she's been trying to keep those things out of reach).

Our carpet is so good at hiding up-chuck that she had to turn off all the lights and look around with the black light, which she uses to look for oops--spray and she didn't find any wet spots anywhere, but she was worried. We don't have any real plants in the house (they are all fake, cuz of us nomming on real ones) and Teri only uses safe cleaners in the house, too.

Miles didn't feel any better Thursday morning, so she bundled him off to the vets with her and they ran some tests on him. The tests all came back fine, so they gave him something for nausea and some fluids under the skin (he hated that and cried and wiggled away!) and Teri was to give him more anti-nausea meds at bedtime and to see if he would eat some tasty food made for sick kitties.

He wasn't interested in eating still, so she fed him with a baby spoon and got about 2 tablespoons into him (and on him, so his real mewmie, Coco, licked him clean--yum, yum she said). But about 4am, Miles woke her up, vomiting all the food he had eaten earlier. She took his temp and it was still normal. No one else in the house was sick, but still she was afraid it might be something contagious...

So this morning, mewmie's day off, she took CurlieSwirlie Miles back to work for more tests and xrays of his tummy, too. He was a pretty patient patient, getting poked for blood samples, getting probed for fecal samples, getting stretched out and "body scanned" like at the airport, hahameow! The nurses at work said Miles was their best patient all day!

All the tests so far are normal-no blockage, no parasites, no bacterial overgrowth, no signs of any contagious viruses...but, this might be TMI, but there was quite a bit of cat grass in his poo, and we think that just could have started his GI distress.

So, Miles stayed at the vets, and since he didn't like fluids under his skin the day before, he had an IV catheter put in and a padded splint to keep his leg straight so the fluids could flow in easily. He has to be on the fluids for 12-24 hours with no food by mouth for 24 hours.

If the vets wasn't where our mewmie worked, she would have been sad to leave him there overnight, but she knows he's in good hands and we live about an hour away, so if she'd brought him home and he had problems with the catheter or anything, it would be a long drive in the middle of the night to get him back there.

Mewmie is relaxing a little, even though we don't know why he got sick, we know a lot of things that he doesn't have wrong now, and that's progress. And he hasn't vomited since 4am this morning and that's good, too. Hopefully, he will be feeling much better tomorrow and can come back home.

Though he will smell like the vet, so we might hiss at him at first--mewmie says it helps to rub something that smells like home all over a kitty coming back from the vets, like a stinky t-shirt or one of our favorite blankies. Then as soon as he's back to feeling 100% again, he can begin his new life with Pierro, and that looks like it's going to be lots of CurlieSwirlie fun!

And now, so you can see what a good patient our brave Miles is being, here's a photo the vet nurse took today!


  1. My pooooor brofurrr.
    The bandage on his leg must feel heavy, he doesn't know how to put his hind leg down heehee, so cute.
    I am so proud of my brave little brofurr.
    Get all better Miles.
    I have all kinds of stuff to show you!
    big brother bonkies~Pierro

  2. awwww! glad he's getting better! had me worrying all day!

  3. Oh you poor little guy! All of that. I hope you feel better.

  4. Oh, poor Miles! He's sure been through a lot. We're glad he's getting better though!

  5. Oh no! That's very scary. We hope he gets well really quickly and can come home tomorrow.

  6. poor baby! how lucky he is to have you to give him suck great attention from you! And the one with the cast is adorable but I agree with Pierro, it has to be so heavy.

  7. Poor lil' Miles! We are purring 12 HUGE purrs for him to get well ASAP.
    Cat grass can do that to a Cat, we can only imagine a kitten's tummy, and if he ate too much...Meowza!

  8. Awh, I hope he is feeling better real soon! It's so frustrating when test results don't give you any definitive results. Get better soon Miles!

  9. we must 'mew up' & give our purrs & thoughts to Miles. Those bandangled things are so annoying and we sure know that! Barfs are no fun either (well, when they are not intentional) and we are sorry he had to have subq fluids. Aint no sunshine when He's gone! We are countin' the days till he gets to be to his new furrevercurlie home with his Frootybat eared brofur Mr. Pierro. We know poor Pierro is putting on a brave front but even a studly curlie Mancat can only take so much!

    Love to the kittens, Mama Coco, Teri, Brighton & of course, Mr. NoFurNo *sigh*

    Ms. Stella

  10. Oh Pee Sss. That woman say's to make sure and check that the eyeball isn't missing. She fears that it just looked too juicy and might have become a midnight snack. *it would have around here I can tell you*

    Ms. Stella

  11. Poor Miles!...We hope that sweet baby feels better soon; he is being such a courageous little guy!...Please keep us updated when he feels better and comes home, Teri; we will be praying and purring for his quick recovery...Kisses to adorable Miles...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  12. Poor baby Miles! An upset tummy is not fun at all. We know only too well. And that big thing on your leg! Yikes! Still, please be a very good boy and get all better quickly. You have a wonderful family waiting for you!

    Yuu-Chan and Bibi-Chan

  13. Poor bebbeh Miles! I am very sorry he has been feeling so poorly, but I hope he is on the mend now.

  14. Poor Miles - to feel so icky and not be able to go to your furever home and be with Pierro like you were looking forward to. Just concentrate on getting better and you can go and live with him and your new Mom and Dad and Blizzie.

  15. Oh my sweet little ginger Miles! Maybe you will be better real quick with all the love and purrrrrrs coming your way.
    I know Pierro will wait for you to get will make great brothers!
    I have been helping mommy redo our bathroom and this evening I finally let her hold me in her lap....she gave me cuddles and rubbed under my neck...there she found a big lump rolling around under the skin. Now she is very worried about me and wants to take me to the vet on Monday...that make me worry. So it seems that we all need lots of purrrrs andlots of bachs rescue Remedy for the mommies.
    All my love, Misses Peach

  16. just catching up with our blog reading and we are thinking of Miles...going to read more updates now. teri, you are such a great mommy!


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