Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas at our house 2010

Teri is way behind in evfurrything this year, not only blogging but in decorating for Christmas. But we watched this video tonight of how our house was all festive in 2010 and she says she is going to try and get everything up by next weekend...

It was pretty and would bring some peace and joy to her...she is so sad about all the people who died in Connecticut that she has just been crying a lot and feeling kinda hopeless and we don't know how to help her.

Maybe turning back time to 2010 by making the house all pretty will help...


  1. We think love from furriends and cuddles from kittehz is the best help. We're sure you kittehz are doing your part. ((Hugs))

  2. I think it is especially important to make the house pretty for the holidays this year. Even though this is a sad time for everyone, a little color and shine might help you feel just a little better!

  3. Saw your comment at KJ's and thought I have to pay you a visit.
    How lovely your home was decorated last year. Please do it again . It won't change things but we all could use a little extra light and sparkle these days.
    The weekend was tough I lost a dear friend, got the shocking news of the tragedy in your country a stranded whale's rescue failed here.... My gosh enough to make me depressed. But the Christmas lights and the company of friends and my loved ones and dear animals kept the sparkle in my heart alive.
    Please make your home pretty again, your adorable cats will love to help you!

  4. Awwwwww we love your Christmas 2010! And the clip is wonderful!! Hope your Christmas 2012 will be as sparkly and shiny! Take care

  5. OMG! So cute video.
    Have a wonderful 2013 and beautiful Hollidays!

  6. Hi Coco, Sammy Disco and Brighton...and Miss Teri...what happened in CT left a hole in our universe...but there is still joy in our world, and in our holidays. Your home was fantabulous before, make it so again for yourself, for Coco, Sammy Disco and Brighton and for the families of all those lost. It will help you and it will help heal the hole in our universe, paw hugs, Savannah


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