Sunday, June 2, 2013

Simply Sunday Evening

As you can tell from the subject line of this post...It's Sunday evening! Somehow Teri missed getting up a Fashion Friday~BlogPaws Part 2 post.

And she missed a Caturday Saturday post about Carlos and Zeus...

and she almost skipped out on Sunday, too, til we put our paw down!

She was supposed to clean up our Rumpus Room (aka the downstairs den) so it would be ready for Kely and Bebe to move down there...but that didn't happen.

She was supposed to finish unpacking from BlogPaws and well, she only made a dent in that...throwing out some moldy, leftover sardine cookies! We noticed there wasn't any swag for us from BlogPaws, too, but Teri said she donated it to some needy kitties that could enjoy it, since we are all on a special diet cuz of Disco's IBD...

Oh, it cooled off a bit today, so she did do some yard work and well, she is busy taking care of 2 guests at our B and B, one a sweet diabetic kitty named Domino who is staying with us for the first time, while her family is on vacation, and the other kitty, a silly Bengal who has stayed with us numerous times before.

The Beautiful Domino!

So we guess she has been busy, but like she said, some of it is kinda like opening the fridge and looking inside when you are even hungry, but you look around anyway...

We told her that she ought to tell everyone about Kely and Bebe and Carlos and Zeus, so that is what she will do for our Simply Sunday post...

We think we told you all about Al, one of our extended family who came back home to us in March, when his little boy developed allergies to everything, including cats. Al has acclimated back in quite well, considering he was an only cat for 10 of his 12 years.

But Brighton and Al kept coming to fisticuffs (fighting with fists), so Teri started both on anxiety meds and it's helping. For a while, she was having to keep them separated while she wasn't home. Brighton was the baddest boy, ambushing Al when he was sleeping!

Al has a family waiting for him, and they are coming to meet him on June 15th and if the husband doesn't break out in hives (he has allergies) then they will adopt Al! They contacted Teri when they lost their rescue Cornish Rex to intestinal lymphoma. Their kitty was 6 years old when they adopted her and she had been in 3 homes before them. None of them were the right home, but she was happy with them (and they with her) for 6 wonderful years.  

So here they are, wanting to adopt Al, who is 12 years old and we all say that if he can have at least 6 years of happiness with them, then it will be 6 years that will not be wasted...

And then there's Kely and Bebe. Here they are finally snuggling together, so they also have settled in here very well. We haven't met them yet cuz, well they are girls and well, sometimes girls can be divas and hiss a lot. 

They came back to us because of family problems, a new baby and an overwhelmed new mom and allergic in-laws. Teri welcomed them back with open arms and she got a little teary-eyed when she saw them again.

Kely is Coco's mom and Bebe is one of Kely's babies! Kely is 12 years old now and Bebe is 8. They have had all their vet care and their teeth cleaned since they came back to us (their family sent Teri money to cover all that) and pretty soon, Teri is going to let us meet them and see how they do in a 'multi-cat' family. That way she will know the best home to seek for them, too. 

And just when Teri thought our house was full...she got an email asking her if she could board (and rehabilitate) two more of our 'extended family'. That's Carlos and Zeus...

Every cat has it's story about why they do 'inappropriate' behaviors, but poor Carlos and Zeus were sent to live with in-laws who didn't like them to begin with (while their family was having a house built). Besides having to be around humans who didn't like them, there were other cats in the family, too.

So they began spraying and the family didn't call Teri for advice to try and help them. They just wrote Teri said they needed to be out of the house ASAP. As you can imagine, Teri was very sad for them and said she would take them back and see if she could help them.

They have been here for a week and they are making headway, relaxing and wanting to be petted and seeking out attention. At first, they were hissing and swatting if Teri got too close. So Teri put a Feliway Plug In in, and started feeding them Royal Canin Calm  kibble and they are much more relaxed now. 

And they have not shown any of the 'inappropriate' behaviors yet, and are covering their eliminations, something they never did in their previous home. So Teri says they must like the open litter box compared to the (not so) Clever Cat they had before. Teri says she calls those 'Porta-Potties' cuz they are smelly and feel like a trap, too. 

Teri has her 'Rehab Protocol' posted on our Facebook page, if any one is interested in seeing how she works with kitties with inappropriate elimination issues. For those of you not on FB, she would be more than happy to email the info to you.

Carlos and Zeus are brothers, but right now, because they are scared, they aren't cuddling up together, and Zeus is keeping Carlos at arms length. That must make Carlos very sad, but Teri said she doesn't know how there were getting along before, but hopes that soon they will curl up together again.

It took Kely and Bebe a few weeks to do that, and their previous owners said they were very bonded...they were just to anxious to show it at first. Like we say, one paw in front of the other, until it gets easier... 

Well, it's almost Monday, so we told Teri she can end this Sunday post now and we promise to keep you updated on Carlos, Zeus, Kely and Bebe soon!


  1. Wow, we are practically overwhelmed with all the new news! So we can imaginee it is all changin yer daily lives a LOT more. Purrs to you all.

  2. Wow, a breeder's work is never done, even when they stop breeding! It sounds like Carlos and Zeus were really traumatized by their experience with the in-laws and that dumb litter box they were stuck with. I don't think I'd like that thing either.

  3. It sounds like things have been very busy at Curly Swirly Central. It's such a good thing you are there to repair all those stupid mistakes people make...

    The Chans

  4. Wow, Miss Teri sure has her hands full with kitties! We purr that Al will find his new home and all works out with Carlos and Zeus.

  5. You made us tired just reading about all the comings and goings at your house. Our mom is not on Facebook so wanted to ask you to send her the elimination info via e-mail: Our one male, Mauricio, has jealousy issues. He was one of three males at one time and was worse. Those two guys went to the RB a couple of years ago from different types of cancer. Mauricio has improved but still sprays once in a while. We have used the Feliway products with limited success. Mom's hoping Teri's info might help her. All you kitties have a great week. Purrs and hugs from the kitties at The Cat on My Head, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette

  6. Lots of kitties in your house! We love to hear about them :)

  7. It sounds like your human has her hands full--you might offer to help! Glad everyone is coming along!

  8. It looks like your human is really busy! That's so nice to help of these kitties!
    Sending purrs!

  9. Every time I see darling Bebe's face it just kills me. She is just the most delicate little darling! I just adore her.

    That Woman

  10. Wow, Teri! You are just incredible and while it is a shame so many of these cats have had to come back to you, it is heartwarming to know you will do your best to re-home them and help with the behavioral issues. That litter box is just awful and I would not be happy if I were a cat and had to use that either... Purrs from the Zee and Zoey gang

  11. Regarding yer comment at our blog today: We dont get to lick the food cans. There is good stuff left in there, but TBT is convinced we will cut our tongues off! WE think we are missin out on a lot of great "can jelly"...

  12. Your house seems so lively---can I move in? :) Your human kinda sounds like mine--at least yours tries--mine, well...I love your furs!


  13. This was a wonderful update. I have not been by to read much... :-( so sorry
    All of your kittie lodgers and family seem to be doing well. we are thankful for that.

    bonks and bronks


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