Thursday, October 3, 2013

Thankful Thursday

Well, Teri is thankful today because Carlos and Zeuss have found a new forever home! Teri says that with a little trepidation as this year alone she got back 5 kitties from homes she thought would be forever, too...

So she is driving them down to Carolina Beach NC to their new home and they invited her to spend the night (she'll sleep with Carlos and Zeuss to help them acclimate, sweet huh?!). While she is there, she will show them how to bath them and clean their ears and toes.

How to Clean a Cornish Rex Ears.

She made a photo CD of all the good photos she has of them both, from newborn to now, along with photos of their mom (Coco) and their dad (Sammy) since this family didn't see them as kittens, she knows they will enjoy that!

Then she had to pull together their vet records and last thing in the car will be their blankie and bed and food and toys. She is even donating a couple of gently used PTU's, too!

Teri hopes this is the right family for them both and she is very happy that they can stay together, although when they arrived here, Zeuss was kind of a bully to Carlos, but Carlos seemed to shrug it off ok.

In fact, Bebe was kinda mean to Kely when they first got here, too. Cats don't like change but with a calm and slow approach, they can settle into a new home again...

She is also thankful that she has friends who care about her and us kitties, too! A couple of weeks ago, one friend asked if we needed help with anything for us kitties, like litter or food.

Well, Teri told them she was probably going to have to cut down on our stinky goodness and look around for a less expensive food to feed all of us except Disco, since he has to eat novel protein because of his IBD.

This friend asked Teri what we were eating now and she said Life's Abundance dry and canned. And guess what?! They gave us a 40# 'breeder' bag of LA kibble! That was super thoughtful of them and it really helped Teri out financially as that bag costs around $80!

She also recently read that the canned food that Disco eats, Nature's Variety Rabbit canned food is exactly the same formulation in the large size dog version, right down to Taurine at the same level as in the more spendy 6 oz cans, at least that is what the company told this person writing the article (of course, Teri can't recall where she read this!

So on her next order, we are going to the dogs, hahameow but she is going to call the company that makes Nature's Variety herself, too because how they list it on the cat food (0.05%) and the dog food (940mg/kg) is just confusing her!

And there always seems like something to Hop about, so Hop To It! PepiSmartDog wrote a nice memorial about Cokie The Cat who had to be helped to the Bridge yesterday...


  1. All the best to Carlos and Zeuss. I hope this is a very loving, forever home for them. Deb

  2. I don't understand how anyone can give a kitty up, so I really hope this is the real forever home that Carlos and Zeuss have always deserved.

  3. We are crossing our paws that Carlos and Zeuss will settle in well to their new home.

    The Chans

  4. I hope that Carlos and Zeuss will be very happy in their new Forever Home.

  5. Congratulations on Carlos & Zeuss's adoption! I hope they will be very ahppy in their new home!

  6. So glad Carlos and Zeuss found a new home together. It was great of your friend to help you out with some food. We know how much something like that can mean. We posted an interview with Cokie and his mom yesterday. He was quite a grand cat.

  7. How super generous of Mom Teri's friends. Friends are the best! Good luck figuring out the food stuff. Mom says that math makes her head hurt. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Lisbeth Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid and Calista Jo


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