Sunday, September 14, 2014

ManCat Monday, SleepyPod Stylin'

You all know we are travelin' cats, but as of late, we ManCats haven't been out like the girly girlcats in the house!

Lately, our biggest adventure has been out on the deck in our kitty cabana. We are happy with that!

And a few outdoor photo shoots have been fun, too!

We have strollers... and we did get to stroll around for the 4th of July...and Brighton went out strolling a few weeks ago, but nothing since!

We even have fancy SleepyPods for traveling safely! We just need to travel!!

Teri entered a contest way back on Valentine's Day from The Pet Travel Experts and she was supposed to post about the Sleepypods she won for us as a Thank You...but even though she took photos, she never wrote a blog post about it!

They say better late than never, but this is embarrassing! But we are saying Thanks now and hope those Experts understand that we meowed thank you right away, but because we don't have thumbs, we couldn't write a thank you note til we swatted Teri into action!

The contest was called 'It's Love' and you had the chance to win any Sleepypod item for yourself and one for your Sweetie! 

Well, we entered and picked the Sleepypod carrier. Coco has a pink one, and Teri thought a Chocolate brown one would be nice for us Disco, as it would blend with his coloration, don't you think?

She named one of our extended family, Lola, as our 'Sweetie' and chose a soft blue Sleepypod for her...just like the one Brighton has!

Pet Travel Experts has a nice Facebook page, too, with lots of good info on traveling with pets and health and safety, too! If you're on FB, be sure to 'Like' them! And of course, 'Like' Sleepypod, too, cuz they are furtastic when it comes to putting pet safety first!


  1. I just got a Sleepypod Atom, and I'll be using it to travel to Barkworld in a month and a half!

  2. very nice. we found a Sleepypod Atom at our rescue's resale shop - Coral won't go anywhere near it and the boys use it for a mancave :)

  3. doodz...we dunno if ewe new skeezix.....but him wood bee mitee proud oh knot only yur fashion senze..... but yur way rockin stroller two !!


  4. Always, better late than never. Mom was really hoping to win that Sleepypod at BlogPaws, but she won zip, zero, nada. Everyone looks very happy in theirs. XO, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  5. We love your Sleepypod, they are so stylish ! They suits you very well ! Purrs

  6. HOW do you all sit together like that first picture? We get along really good here, but sure not like THAT!


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