Monday, October 13, 2014

ManCat Monday, Billy Idol Style...

Many of you probably haven't heard us talk about Billy Idol, have you?!

We used to have another Sphynx kitty named Billy Idol.

He was handsome in a kind of androgynous way, unlike Disco...who is very ManCatly!

Not long after our CatDad died, and Teri knew she had some tough decisions to make...

A good friend of ours said if Teri needed a loving, furever home for Billy...she would like to be first in line!

Well, Tracy flew out from California and stayed the weekend with us, and she flew back home with Billy Idol (the cat, not the singer)...

That was way back in 2009, and he's doing great, has a lovely family that dotes on him and every once in a while we get some cute pix, too!

Teri misses him dearly, but she knows she isn't the only good CatMom out there and it makes her smile gratefully to know that Billy is happy and king of his domain out in sunny California!


  1. Oh that's so cool to see he's doing so well out in California, and is so very loved, too.

  2. We were so happy to see Billy on your blog. Billy is so incredibly loved. He spends his days in sunny spots, warm laps, and warm hearts.

  3. What a gorgeous man cat--even in pink ;-)

  4. dood...nice ta meet ewe N way kewl ya iz doin sew well...♥


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