Sunday, April 26, 2015

ManCat Monday, Brinkley & Percy Style

Listen...Ooh, Ooh, Ooh. Do You Want To Know A Secret...

Of all our extended family out there, we get the most photos from Brinkley and Percy's family and this sweet shot is the most recent one!

When Teri started looking through their photo album, she came across so many cute, funny and comforting photos, that we thought we should share some of them here. You may have seen them in one of our older posts before, but still as sweet the second time around!

Life is good, when we know P & B are loved so! Teri says it's one less worry she has and it makes her smile to know they are much loved and catered to! Although asking for Christmas Dinner may be pushing it, hahameow!


  1. They are very cute :) Just like the 2 of you.

  2. Having pictures of fambly sounds awesome. We don't know where anny of ours are...

  3. It's always awesome to have follow-up pictures of your cats. We can't believe those two didn't have their own table settings for Christmas ;-).


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