Wednesday, July 8, 2015

#BlogPaws Wordless Wednesday - Pet Safety Blog Hop!

Traveling safely can be stylish... Brighton & Disco look like they are ready to go to Key West, don't ya think?!

And as you can see, we are a SleepyPod family! Coco has her signature Pink Pod, safely seat belted in when we are in the car (although, in truth, she should be in the back seat, as the air bag could injure her if it went off!

Even Kely gets strapped in when she's in the car with me...although this carrier isn't crash tested like the SleepyPod is, I know she is safer confined than loose in the car!

Those who know Teri well, know she has a 'Carrier Fetish'...and we kitties get to travel in style, with Disco looking a bit like Indiana Jones in this rugged carrier!

We also are microchipped and wear collars with our name tags on them, too, making ID easy if we ever escape! You see, not everyone is familiar with microchips, and having that secondary backup of a collar and tag makes it easy for someone who finds us to contact Teri, without having to take us to the vet to be scanned for a chip! 

Also, another nice safety perk of having a HomeAgain microchip is that Teri gets free calls to the ASPCA Poison Control Center because of our annual subscription...That saves her $65 anytime she calls!

How to you help keep your pets safe? Why not join in the #BlogPaws Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop and find out how other pet parents keep their furry kids safe!


  1. My human didn't know about the free calls to the ASPCA poison control hotline until I ate a plant leaf she wasn't sure was safe for me! She was ready to pay them (I was fine) when they said my microchip made the call free!

  2. You're so elegant in the first picture ! And you've got one... two... THREE Sleepypods ! Lucky you ! Purrs

  3. Cats get microchipped to keep track of them, and humans get tracked by Google and Facebook! We love the Sleepypod at our house!


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