Wednesday, August 12, 2015

#BlogPaws Wordless Wakey Wakey Wednesday

They say that one cannot be tense when gazing upon a sleeping cat. I find the statuesque physique of the Cornish Rex (and slim Sphynx, hahameow) elicit the same relaxing aura in my life. Some of my favorite photos of cats who have graced my life are the ones of cats in windows.

There is something peaceful for both cats and humans about gazing out a window just day dreaming...especially if there is a cat in view!

There is something just restful about cats in windows...why not share some of yours and bring some zen to the world...

Oh, and don't fur-get to Hop...cuz it's #BlogPaws Wordless Wednesday!


  1. We love pics of kitties in windows! The window is one of our favorite places.

  2. Such beauties. I love to look at cats :)


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