Monday, March 28, 2016

ManCat Monday, Nolo Style

Rollo the Cornish Rex kneading

You all remember Nolo, the Cornish Rex kitty Teri has been fostering since springing from the shelter back in September?  Well, he has discovered the joys on makin' biscuits on the sheep wool rug on this cute cat tower Teri got at IKEA a long time ago...

Nolo is going to be leaving us on Friday, going off to his new home to live with another one of our extended family. Her name is now Bianca, but she was Bebe when she was returned to us a couple of years ago...

Bianca the Cream Point Cornish Rex

We hope they will be very happy together, since some of us here tend to pick on sweet Nolo...guess we are kinda jealous cuz he gets a lot of lap and shoulder time with Teri. He helped her recuperate after her emergency appendectomy followed by the flu a couple of weeks ago!

Rollo the Cornish Rex napping with Teri

We hope to get lots of updates and photos of Nolo in his new home, and we will be sure to share them here! Oh, and his new name is going to be Rollo, after a Viking who became the first Duke of Normandy! Fancy and fitting for such a special ManCat!


  1. Nolo/ Rollo sounds like a real sweetheart! I know he will be happy in his new home.

  2. Oh yay! We're so glad he will have a forever family.

  3. That is great that he has a forever home now.

  4. Our happy purrs to no-longer-Nolo for the new Forever home!

  5. I'm so happy he has a forever home!!

  6. Hooray for formerly Nolo finding a forever happily ever after home!

  7. We have that bed here, too! It's a favorite. I have no idea what my crew would do without it.

    Jean from Welcome to the Menagerie


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