Monday, May 16, 2016

ManCat Monday

Cornish Rex cat curled up sleeping

We can always depend on the Campbell family to send us sweet photos of Percy and Brinkley from time-to-time. They are part of our extended family and two very handsome ManCats!

Cornish Rex Cat basking in the sun

For most of their lives, they lived in North Carolina in a lovely home with the most perfect Catio ever! But then they had to relocate for a while in Beverly Hills.

Two Cornish Rex Cats birdwatching through a window

Now that sounds faboo, but they didn't have the room to have kitty races nor did they have a Catio! But they made do, and didn't love their humans any less cuz of the downgrade!

Cornish Rex cat laying on couch in the sun

But, now they are back in NC and Oh-So-Happy to get back to their familiar place, with lots of room to race and lots of time out in the Catio again!



  1. How nice to see Percy and Brinkley - although if they were still in Beverly Hills, I'd be able to come visit!

  2. We have never traveled the least little bit, but we are sure that it is allus best to feel at home...


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